Month: March 2019

There are countless uses of essential oils. To many people, these oils are transformative to health and wellness. To others, essential oils remain a fad. With all the uncertainties, it is important to remain educated about the scientific research about the oils. To fully grasp the uses and efficacy of essential oils, it is important to understand what they are and how they work. With the right information, you will be able to see how these oils impact your body and overall health. Continue reading 11 Unusual But Effective Ways to Use Essential Oils

10 Natural Beauty Hacks

A lot has been said about natural beauty and skin care. In fact, the amount of information available about this topic can be overwhelming. It is therefore important to ignore myths and embrace proven facts. Not all natural ingredients will work wonders for your skin; there are other factors that will come into play. Therefore, correct information about natural skin care is your best bet. Continue reading 10 Natural Beauty Hacks

Anxiety is a feeling characterized by fear and worry. It is normal to experience anxiety from time to time, especially when faced with tough or unknown situations. For example, most of us feel anxious before speaking to a crowd, and big changes such as moving to a new town or starting a new job can certainly be stressful. There are many interventions to handle or manage anxiety, this article explores the ways many people have used essential oils to help manage this condition. Continue reading 5 Excellent Essential Oils to Help Tackle Anxiety