7 Ways To Use Essential Oils In The Shower

7 ways to use essential oils in the shower
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Usually, when people take a shower, they do it in a hurry and they do it simply to clean their body. Rarely do people take showers for leisure—that’s what baths are for. But if you don’t have a bath, you can still enjoy a relaxing routine while you clean yourself if you know how to use essential oils in the shower.

You can enrich your shower experience beyond the usual with our limited time aromatherapy package.

Ingenius Ways To Use Essential Oils In The Shower

  1. Shower Melt

Shower melts are a popular product for people without bathtubs. Shower melts are similar to bath bombs in that they are both made with baking soda and cornstarch. However, shower melts contain a higher dose of essential oils, which saturates your shower as it is released as steam while you shower.

To use shower melts, simply place it on the opposite end of your shower, where the water will barely reach it. The small splashes of water and the steam from your shower will then slowly dissolve the shower melt and release the aroma of essential oils. Aromatherapy will make your shower feel as relaxing as a day at the spa.

To make shower melts, simply mix together 1 cup of cornstarch or arrowroot powder, ½ cup baking soda, and 10 to 15 drops of your essential oil. Spray water little by little as you mix the ingredients. When the mixture is moist enough to hold shape, press them into a mold and refrigerate for at least 3 hours.

woman enjoying a bath

For shower melts, we recommend the Deep Calming essential oil blend if you want a relaxing bath, the Clearing essential oil blend if you are battling a cold and want to clear up your nose, or a choice between orange, lemon, or rosemary essential oils for a boost of energy.

  • Add To Shampoo

Essential oils can have good effects on your hair and scalp. If you don’t have the time to deep condition or use a hair oil, adding essential oils to your shampoo will do the trick. We recommend adding a drop of your choice of essential oil into a dollop of shampoo first to check for allergic reactions. Once you’re sure that it’s safe to use the essential oil, you may add 15 to 20 drops into your shampoo bottle depending on its size. Make sure to mix the shampoo thoroughly to distribute the essential oil well.

Here are the best essential oils for scalp and hair health:

Lavender – for thick, shiny hair; promotes hair growth; balances sebum production

Tea tree – fights dandruff; moisturizes hair

Cedarwood – fights dandruff caused by fungal infection; helps with scalp acne and eczema

Clary Sage – balances sebum production (both excessive and insufficient); stimulates hair growth

  • Body Wash Enhancer

Essential oils offer a lot of benefits for your skin as well. They can help moisturize dry skin, alleviate inflammation, lighten the appearance of scars, as well as make you feel and smell great. Adding a few drops essential oil to your favorite body wash is a quick way to achieve radiant skin. Enhance the scent and moisturizing effects of our liquid soaps or your own recipe of body wash. In addition, you will benefit from the aromatherapy of the essential oils.

applying essential oil tincture to skin during shower routine

Your best choices:

Frankincense – has anti-inflammatory properties; anti-aging benefits; and helps lighten scars

Rose Geranium – has anti-inflammatory properties; anti-aging benefits; has calming effects

Ylang Ylang – moisturizes the skin; anti-aging benefits; boosts energy

Cananga – moisturizes the skin; heals irritation, burns, and sunburn; uplifts the mood

  • Essential Oil-Infused Body Scrub

Instead of buying an expensive scrub, you could exfoliate with a DIY scrub using Epsom salt, sugar, or coffee and essential oils. You can make these for a fraction of the price, and you will be able to customize the aroma. Body scrubs help remove dirt and dead skin cells. Essential oils can help moisturize your skin right after. If you’re going to make your own scrub, we suggest these essential oils:

Mint – anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory; rejuvenating

Frankincense – has anti-aging properties; helps lighten scars

Other essential oils we mentioned for your body wash may also be used for your body scrub to create a complementing scent that will make you smell great all day long.

It’s easy to make an essential oil-infused body scrub. Mix Epsom salt, sugar, or ground coffee with virgin coconut oil or argan oil, and essential oils.

  • Dry Evaporation

You can get the same benefits of essential oils while you shower simply through dry evaporation. To do this, drop a few drops of essential oil into a dry washcloth and place it in your shower caddy or somewhere it will not get wet. The aroma of essential oils will spread while you shower. Alternatively, you could diffuse essential oil in your bathroom with our Danau Dua personal diffuser.

  • Essential Oil Shower Spray

You can turn your shower into a sauna with a shower spray. Mix about 10 drops of essential oil with ½ cup of water and transfer into a spray bottle. Before you shower, spray the essential oil mixture on the walls of your shower, then crank up the heat of the water. Let the water run for a while until steam forms. Then, you can have a relaxing shower.

Great options for an essential oil shower spray are:

Lavender – relaxing; promotes sleep

Ginger – helps clear nose; helps relieve anxiety

Vetivert – improves cognitive function and alertness; rejuvenating

Mint – clears nasal passages; relaxing; rejuvenating; energizing

  • Essential Oil Vaporization

In this simple method, all you have to do is add a few drops of diluted essential oil (with a carrier oil) onto a washcloth. When you shower, place the washcloth on your chest. You will inhale the aroma of the essential oils directly as they vaporize in the water. You will experience the benefits of your favorite essential oil without exerting too much effort.

There are endless ways to enjoy essential oils in your life. Even the simple addition of essential oils into your bath routine, such as into a shampoo, can make the experience much better. Which method will you try first?

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  1. David M says:

    Some great tips. I have tried lavender essential oils in shampoo before, great after a stressful day. Hot shower, the steam & lavender is very relaxing.

  2. Kat Nett says:

    Some great ideas ! I am a domestic violence survivor, extreme anxiety & CPTSD are the result of that. I have tried lavender essential oils in my shampoos before, always love that scent, helps me to calm down while standing in the shower with the hot water pounding on my back. The hot shower, steam & lavender is very relaxing for me.

  3. Laurie Nykaza says:

    I love using oils they smell so good. Essential Oil Shower Spray is the one I’m going to make and use.

  4. Gretchen Walker says:

    I’m new to Aromatherapy…I do use “Tea Tree Oil” shampoo, my mother gave me. I use it as an overall shower cleanser…I like the overall invigorating feel… maybe I’ll add a woodsy oil to it…?? Patchouli or Sandalwood??
    I do like this site!!

  5. Deborah T says:

    Great ideas but one word of caution: remember to exercise caution using oil in and around the bath, use towels on the floor so you won’t slip.

  6. Phil I says:

    Very interesting and informative article. So many choices but I have always used the lavender essential oils when bathing as it helps me relax and helps me sleep well.

  7. Jennifer C. says:

    Great article! I like the idea of a body wash enhancer. Using Rose Geranium (which has anti-inflammatory properties; anti-aging benefits; has calming effects) sounds great!

  8. Lisa M says:

    Such wonderful ideas here. A pure sensory sensation! I particularly like the shower “bomb” idea. A relaxing shower sounds good about now.

  9. Sandy Weinstein says:

    i love using essential oils. i have used them on my dogs in the past as well as myself. thanks for the tips.

  10. Nathan Muir says:

    I’d never considered adding oil to my shower routine, but after reading these tips I’m certainly going to be considering!

  11. Margaret Caudill says:

    Some great tips on using essential oils in the shower I definitely want to try some of these especially the lavender oil in shampoo

  12. Laura Norcop says:

    Love the shower melts idea! I need a way to have a bit of me time but the kids insist on getting in if I ever run a bath! This is genius

  13. Paula S. says:

    Wow, I had no idea! I am definitely going to try the shower melts. They sound so easy to make. I also like the idea of adding lavender to my shampoo! My hair is dry and often looks dull. And I love the smell of lavender, so it’s a win-win. Thanks for the great info!

  14. Jo B. says:

    I love scrubs and body washes and the scent is the most important thing to me for show and bath products. This was informative and I learned about the different oils and their uses. I think Frankincense would be most interesting as I have never tried that before.

  15. Cara Washington says:

    I never knew or thought about using aromatherapy in the bath or shower like this! Great information and will definitely try based on this blog!

  16. Jordan L says:

    This is pretty awesome, I never thought about doing this before. Nice to know I have options despite not having a tub.

  17. Kelly M. says:

    I’ve used lavender bath bombs before and the scent is very calming. I’ll have to try using a lavender spray in the shower, too.

  18. xjanelx78 says:

    This has been really informative with lots of great tips – the one about adding essential oil to my shampoo is a great one!

  19. Julie Barrett says:

    This is so cool! I’ve never heard about this before. I’m definitely adding essential oils to my shampoo and body wash now! Thanks for the tips!

  20. Charlotte Geo says:

    I love the smell of lavender! Haven’t tried to do an Essential Oil Shower Spray yet but it’s a really good idea 🙂

  21. BRIAN E. says:

    We have been adding Tea tree oil to shampoo base (available online) for several years, really helps with scalp & dandruff problems…thanks for mentioning. We will be trying the Cedarwood oil as you suggested !

  22. Jill Myrick says:

    I loved reading the list of uses for essential oils in the shower. I will be adding it to my shampoo as anything that helps my hair to grow longer is a plus. I also love the idea of a shower spray as I can see it helping me to breathe in the winter when my nose is stuffy or when I am sick. Thank you so much for the great article.

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