Utama Spice offers a range of aromatherapy diffusers from traditional Ceramic Diffusers that can freshen any room or workspace for weeks at a time using natural evaporation, to the highest-quality Nebulizing Diffusers and premium Ultrasonic Diffusers that unlock the full heath and mindfulness benefits of Utama Spice Diffuser Oils and 100% Pure Essential Oils.

Sonoma by Utama Spice

Sonoma by Utama Spice Ultrasonic DiffuserSonoma by Utama Spice Ultrasonic Diffusers use water vapor and undetectable sound vibrations to disperse essential oils in a fragrant hydrating mist. Redolent of the moments after a summer rain shower when the moisture laden air carries and enhances the Earth’s natural aromas, ultrasonic vapor optimizes the delivery of your essential oils allowing you to get rapid benefit out of every drop.

Luxury, effortless

Starting with natural materials such as wood and ceramics, Sonoma by Utama Spice Diffusers are crafted to exceptional standards of quality. Pure, harmonious designs allow each diffuser to effortlessly compliment the decor of any room, spa or salon.

Simple, Versatile

Sonoma by Utama Spice Diffusers will often offer added features and benefits such as programable settings, night/mood light, or meditation timer that help maximize your enjoyment, while remaining elegant and easy to use.

Key benefits

  • Ultrasonic vapor, rapid benefit, less waste
  • Luxurious natural materials, stylish designs
  • Enhanced features, elegant and easy to use

Danau by Utama Spice

Danau by Utama Spice Nebulizing Diffuser

Nebulizing Diffusers create an ultra-fine essential oils mist that has not been heated, mixed or diluted for a powerful, 100% natural effect.

Purity, intensity

At the heart of every Danau by Utama Spice Nebulizing Diffuser is a set of precision-crafted glass microtubes. The essential oils make contact only with the glass and the air meaning there is nothing to react-with or contaminate the oils ensuring the greatest therapeutic benefit, and a concentrated fragrance.

Instant, adjustable

Danau by Utama Spice Diffusers are powered by a high-efficiency air-pump that begins to create an aromatic mist instantly, and can be effortlessly adjusted to deliver the oils at the intensity and concentration you require.

Key benefits

  • 100% pure essential oils mist for maximum therapeutic benefit, intense aroma
  • Air power, works instantly, effortlessly adjustable
  • No heat or water, oils are not diluted or chemically altered

Utama Spice Ceramic Diffusers

Utama Spice Ceramic Diffuser

Utama Spice Ceramic Diffusers are a simple, traditional way to experience the benefits of essential oils in almost any setting. Utama Spice Diffuser Oils are a blend of 100% essential oils specially selected to slowly evaporate from the beautiful ceramic pot over a number of weeks, delivering a constant, subtle fragrance.

Natural, easy

No electronics. Utama Spice Ceramic Diffusers can be enjoyed in almost any room or workspace. Simply place the pot in a safe place and remember to refill the oils every few weeks. It’s that easy!

Clean, safe

Unlike typical burner style ceramic diffusers which use heat (usually from a candle) to make the essential oils evaporate, Utama Spice Diffuser Oils are designed to evaporate at room temperatures. This means they are safer to use, do not burn or waste any oil, and leave no residue.

Key Benefits

  • 100% natural, ideal for any room or workspace
  • Almost-maintenance free
  • Selection of amazing diffuser oil blends