How Yoga Mat Spray Can Keep Your Practice Sharp

How Yoga Mat Spray Can Keep Your Practice Sharp

Working up a good sweat during a yoga session can be refreshing, but the yoga mat you’re using may have some uninvited guests on its surface. To be confident that you’re not getting germs on your hands, forehead and other parts of your body while performing each pose, you need a yoga mat spray. At Utama Spice, we understand that the health benefits you get from practicing yoga can be cut short if you end up getting sick from your mat. So, keep your practice sharp and stop germs before they can get you down.

Do you know about yoga germs?

Yoga studios are great places to meet new friends, get fit, and unfortunately, contract germs. Private studios aren’t regulated like gyms to maintain strict sanitary conditions, which means that the floors and equipment you borrow may or may not be cleaned regularly. Whether you use your own mat or borrow one from the studio, germs like to dwell on a mat’s surface and can live long after it’s been rolled up and tucked away.

In fact, viruses can live for longer than you think on a yoga mat if a sick person has come into contact with it. Bacteria and fungi can also thrive on a damp mat that has been rolled up and tucked away between classes. These can cause unpleasant fungal and bacterial skin infections like strep, athlete’s foot, and ringworm if you don’t clean a freshly used community mat. You’ll also be surprised at what kind of microbes you may find on the floor of your yoga studio! The only way to not get sick is to eliminate these germs and keep your mat clean.

How do you stop germs growing on your yoga mat?

Yoga studio germs can be a non-issue if you take a few preventative measures. Here are some things you can do to keep your mat clean to avoid the germs.

  • Get Your Own Mat: Getting your own mat is a great investment that rules out a lot of wild cards in the sickness equation. You have absolute control over who uses it, where it goes, and how often it’s cleaned. Borrowing mats from a studio puts you at risk of contracting something that the previous user left behind.
  • Disinfect Your Mat: Before you and after each use, you need to disinfect your mat. Even the cleanest of mats can get dirty by coming into contact with the floor or airborne viruses. We recommend using one of our yoga mat sprays because they are free of synthetic chemicals or unnatural ingredients. You simply need to spray your mat before and after each yoga session then let it dry out completely at home.  
  • If You Must Borrow a Mat:  Keeps Utama Spice Yoga Mat Sprays on hand so you don’t have to worry about bad smells or lingering bacteria on a borrowed mat. You can even go the extra mile and place a yoga towel over the mat so that you can have an added layer of protection during your session. Be sure to wash your hands completely after your workout and shower, if possible.

Utama Spice Yoga Mat Sprays

All our yoga mat sprays use all-natural ingredients with antimicrobial properties. These sanitizing sprays each have powerful blends of essential oils that fight bacteria and fungus on contact. Not only can these sprays eliminate harmful fungi, bacteria, and viruses, they also make your yoga mat smell great.

Here are the blends we carry at our online store:

  • Energizing Blend: The ultimate pre-session spray, this stimulating blend of Lemon Peel, Bergamot, and Mint also sterilizes your mat. This is the best wake up call you need for your sun salutations.
  • Lavender: Enjoy a relaxing workout by spraying your mat with this intoxicating yet powerful disinfectant spray. It’s blended with pure Lavender Oil without any fillers or synthetic components that could irritate your skin.
  • Supa Dupa: This is a spray that we recommend for every yogi. It contains a powerful mixture of essential oils that are known for their effectiveness against fungus, bacteria, and viruses. Supa Dupa contains traditional herbs and plant extracts including Lemon Peel, Clove and Cinnamon for an authentic aroma.

The best Yoga Mat Spray

The best yoga mat spray is going to not just smell great, but will disinfect your mat as well. Thankfully, at Utama Spice, we have great sprays that do both to keep your yoga practice going strong. Check out our selection of yoga mat sprays and if you need help selecting a product ask in the comments below or contact us for recommendations.


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