Nothing feels quite as good as a hot bath after a long, stressful day. For centuries, hot baths have been known to calm the nerves, soothe muscles and joints, and give the bather a general sense of well-being. Present-day research shows that soaking in a hot bath can help a person sleep deeper and more soundly at night. Continue reading Get the Most Out of Bath-time

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There is a reason why argan oil is also known as ‘liquid gold’, and it has little to do with the color of the oil. Argan oil has been used in a variety of cosmetic ways for thousands of years, and it’s an ingredient that we reach for regularly in our natural body products. Continue reading 5 Beauty Benefits of Argan Oil

You wash your face, you may even apply serums or moisturizers, so is a face mask really necessary? Face masks bring something extra into your skincare routine, and allow you to nourish your skin with deep treatments for cleansing, anti-aging, moisture, and so much more. Continue reading 4 Reasons to Make Face Masks a Regular Part of Your Beauty Routine

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Yoga is an amazing way to workout. We love it because it not only takes care of your body, but it promotes mindfulness and helps you relax and renew. However, because it is a workout, our yoga mats can get pretty beat up. Between picking up dirt and dust off the floor Continue reading How to Clean and Care for Your Yoga Mat