Upwork reports that the number of Americans working from home today has increased by 87% since the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is poised to increase in the next five years. After seeing the numerous benefits of allowing employees to work from home, more companies are considering making flexible working arrangements permanent.

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A baby’s skin is thin and delicate. It is prone to infections and irritation if not taken care of properly. However, there is not much talk of skin care for babies. This is probably due to the fact that “less is more” is the prevailing attitude among parents—as it should be.

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A day at the spa is a staple for people with busy lives. It helps relieve stress, but it also keeps the body and skin in excellent condition. With Utama Spice’s daily essential oil routine, you can pamper yourself daily without having to go to a spa.

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Everyone wants beautiful, healthy skin. However, in the kind of world we live in today, that is quite a feat. Indeed, the road to natural glowing skin requires a lot of effort and a bit of trial and error to find a routine that works for you. If you want to have radiant skin, keep reading.

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It’s the holiday season once again—a time for family, good food, and merry celebrations. Let us bring back happy memories and ease into the holiday spirit with these essential oil holiday recipes.

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Winter is a wonderful time of the year; however, the lack of sunlight during this time of the year can trigger seasonal depression in a lot of people. Today, we will be going through some self-care tips you can use to help combat these negative feelings.

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Meditation has been around for centuries. It encourages inward movement to increase awareness, concentration, and calmness. Many people meditate to train their mind to be strong and disciplined, have a positive outlook, sleep better, and improve mental health.

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Cajeput essential oil originated from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia. It is not as popular as other essential oils like tea tree and lavender, but it just as versatile and useful as our favorites. What is it exactly, and how can you unlock its power? Read on to find out.

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Argan oil originates from Morocco where it is used for cooking as well as medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

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In the western world, turmeric is best known as a deep yellow-orange spice. It makes for great recipes and is credited with a number of healing properties. In Southeast Asia where turmeric is native, people have used this spice for natural skin care and beauty for many years.

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