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10 Natural Beauty Hacks

10 Natural Beauty Hacks

A lot has been said about natural beauty and skin care. In fact, the amount of information available about this topic can be overwhelming. It is therefore important to ignore myths and embrace proven facts. Not all natural ingredients will work wonders for your skin; there are other factors that will come into play. Therefore, correct information about natural skin care is your best bet. Always ask questions and try to fully understand how natural ingredients work for your skin care. You will then discover a host of natural skincare products and elements that work best for you.

This article is offers ten natural beauty hacks that every woman and man should know, to help eliminate most skin problems naturally to boost radiance and overall beauty. The good news is that may natural ingredients work, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to tap into natural beauty. The natural beauty secrets below should be eye-opening to say the least.

1. Green tea makes a great natural toner

A facial or skin toner plays a pivotal role in enhancing beauty. It removes excess dirt from your skin; reinforcing the work of a cleanser. By so doing, a toner will help promote an even skin tone that is radiant. You do not have to look too far to find a natural skin toner. Green tea is excellent. It comes with anti-inflammatory properties that help even out and brighten the skin. In addition, it is hydrating to the skin as well. You can use both white and green teas as natural toners. Topical application using a cotton pad or even as a facial spray is fine. Just steep the tea for about five minutes and let it cool before applying to your face twice a day.

2. Hyaluronic acid deeply moisturizes your skin naturally

We all know the value of a good moisturizer. In fact, without it, achieving beautiful skin would be impossible. There are many natural ingredients that deliver moisture to the skin cells. However, some ingredients are better than others. You want a moisturizer that really works to retain moisture while providing you with soft and supple skin. The good thing is that hyaluronic acid, also known as sodium hyaluronate, is an excellent skin moisturizer. It has hydrophilic properties that allow for superior binding with water; delivering that radiant soft skin. This acid can be found naturally in skin and throughout the body. It has a nourishing effect to support both collagen and elastin. There are many natural skin care products that have this ingredient.

3. Green algae for natural sun protection

If you have been studying natural skin care routines, you must know that sun protection is at the heart of everything. Damaging rays from the sun can wreak havoc in your skin. UV rays will not only give you uneven skin tone, but can cause premature aging, sun burns and even heightened risk of developing cancer. A good sunscreen is therefore pivotal. Thankfully, you have several natural options in this regard. Consider chlorella vulgaris extract or green algae for sun protection. It provides an effective shield from harmful sun rays owing to its high chlorophyll levels.

4. Enhance your complexion with ylang ylang flower essential oil

natural beauty hacks ylang ylang flowerIt is not a secret that essential oils can transform your beauty naturally. However, knowing the right oil for the job is critical. Ylang ylang oil is known to work on your complexion to enhance it. This means that your sebum production will be balanced to keep at bay blemishes and outbreaks. It works for both dry and oily skin types. With a good balance of oil on your skin, your complexion improves naturally. This oil will also smoothen and soothe your skin. Many people also enjoy the aromatherapy that come with it. Enjoy the awesome aroma of ylang ylang and rejuvenate your body and mind. Use a few drops in your favorite carrier oil and see the difference.

5. Revitalize your lips with natural oils

Your skincare regimen must take your lips into account. Many people often forget to give their lips the special care they deserve. Overall, you want soft, full and attractive lips. Therefore, using natural oils to make lip gel, salve or lip balm is key. The best oils for this purpose include shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil. With these ingredients, you can forget about chapped lifeless lips. Every time you feel your lips drying out, reach for your oils and moisturize.

6. Discover the natural exfoliating benefits of organic papaya

Exfoliating your skin once or twice a week ensures deep cleansing. The beauty market is full of all manner of exfoliants and most of them contain harsh or abrasive ingredients. Therefore, choosing a natural exfoliant that contains enzymes is the best way to go. An enzymatic exfoliant will work by dissolving dead skin cells and debris to cleanse the skin. Organic papaya is one of the best exfoliants to choose. Papain in papaya is an enzyme that goes deep into the skin to remove the dirt. For a double action, you can mix papaya with pineapple. Pineapple is commonly known for the enzyme bromelain for effective exfoliation.

If you want a more potent exfoliation, choose greener papayas. Ripe papayas contain less papain. If you have sensitive skin, ripe papaya will be mild enough to suit your skin. Using this power blend is easy; just mix a quarter cup of raw and organic papaya with a tablespoon of fresh pineapple, then mash. Apply the smooth paste to dry skin and leave for about fifteen minutes. Rinse with cool water to reveal the clean refreshed skin. You might want to try or test the paste on a small patch of your skin. This will help you avoid any allergic reaction on your face.

7. Tap into youthful skin radiance by eliminating sugar from your diet

Cutting out sugar completely from your diet could be a bit too much to ask for many people. However, studies have shown that sugar is a potent inflammatory agent in the body. The results of too much sugar in the body include dry itchy skin, acne and even premature aging. Therefore, what if you reduce the sugar you consume? Experiment for about twenty-one days and see how a sugar-free diet affects your skin. If you fully want to enjoy natural beauty, eliminating sugar can prove to be a small price to pay in the end. Start by reducing all added sugar including sweet drinks, cookies, sweets and so on. Your body will adapt naturally, and you might be able to get rid of all processed sugars from your diet eventually. If you have a sweet tooth, enjoy fruits as a snack to get the same kick.

8. Consider coconut oil for quick cleansing

There are many natural oils that have a great cleansing action on the skin. One of the best options is coconut oil. After a long day at work, using coconut oil with some cotton as a skin cleanser is highly effective. Remove all your makeup effectively without drying out your skin. In fact, coconut is a great moisturizer. It removes dirt from your skin and leaves you feeling smooth. Gentle round circles will do the trick when using coconut oil. Also make sure to use a pure and organic oil for best results.

9. Stay hydrated throughout the day

natural beauty hacks waterTo achieve natural beauty, staying hydrated is absolutely important. Clean water rich in minerals is advised. You can also consider sipping some coconut water every morning. The good thing with hydration is that other liquids you consume will help. Just make sure that sweet drinks are kept to a minimum. Alcohol is a culprit when it comes to dehydrating the skin. What you eat also matters and this is discussed later in this article.

10. Reduce your stress levels

Skin problems can be caused and worsened by stress. Excessive stress that becomes chronic will certainly have a bad effect on your skin. Therefore, try to get better quality sleep every night. Consider working out and engage in relaxing tasks such as yoga and meditation. Aromatherapy using essential oils also works well. Get a refreshing massage often and improve the quality of your life by reducing stress.

Best foods for beautiful healthy skin

As hinted to above, a natural skincare regimen is never enough without the right diet. In fact, natural beauty must first radiate from within. Therefore, the following section looks at the best foods to eat for beautiful healthy skin. Most of us know what to avoid. Knowing what your options are will help you create healthy habits that will show on your skin.

1. Sweet potatoes

This fiber-rich root is delicious to say the least. Nutritionally, it is loaded with beta-carotene. This nutrient can be converted into vitamin A in the body. Beta-carotene will provide you with sun protection benefits. Your skin is protected from within and this is awesome. Problems like sunburn, wrinkles and even death of skin cells are greatly reduced. Your skin will also develop a natural attractive glow. Half a cup of sweet potatoes is a sufficient daily serving. Other great sources of beta-carotene include spinach, carrots and oranges.

2. Avocadoes

natural beauty hacks avocadoHealthy fats are now becoming a staple in modern diets. This is because they come with many health benefits. Avocados are rich in healthy fats that work wonders for your skin. Studies have shown that these fats hydrate the skin from within to give supple and smooth skin that is not prone to premature aging. Avocados are also rich in vitamin E; which helps prevent oxidative stress in the body. There are also sun protection benefits to enjoy. The fatty fruits also contain a good amount of vitamin C that works very well with vitamin E.

3. Fatty fish

There are endless praises for fatty fish. They are mainly rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They also contain vitamins and minerals such as zinc. When you consume enough fatty fish, your skin will be supple and more protected from the harmful effects of the sun. Inflammatory conditions such as acne can also be reduced significantly. People suffering with eczema, psoriasis and even lupus could benefit from fatty fish. Salmon and mackerel are good sources.

Other excellent foods to eat for healthy skin naturally

All manner of vegetables come with their own benefits. The most notable ones for skin health and beauty are bell peppers, broccoli and tomatoes. Most of these contain excellent carotenoids that will help protect your skin from sun damage, premature wrinkling and dry skin problems. Both red and yellow bell peppers will give you strong skin from inside out. They boost the production of collagen owing to their high level of vitamin C.

Walnuts, sunflower seeds and soy are other great foods to consider for natural skin beauty. Chocolate lovers will be pleased to learn that dark chocolate is great for skin. The cocoa is rich in antioxidants. If you are looking for a natural skincare line that you can trust, Utama Spice is certainly the brand for you. Discover a world of essential oils and blends that will transform your skin naturally.


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