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11 Unusual But Effective Ways to Use Essential Oils

11 Unusual But Effective Ways to Use Essential Oils

There are countless uses of essential oils. To many people, these oils are transformative to health and wellness. To others, essential oils remain a fad. With all the uncertainties, it is important to remain educated about the scientific research about the oils. To fully grasp the uses and efficacy of essential oils, it is important to understand what they are and how they work. With the right information, you will be able to see how these oils impact your body and overall health.

Essential oils – What are they?

Every plant comes with a unique essence or flavor. This property can be extracted from individual plants using various methods. Unique scents and flavors extracted from plants are therefore called essential oils. Every plant is unique and to this end, every essential oil will have individual characteristics. There are several methods used to extract the oils. The best ones include cold pressing and steam distillation. There are other methods of extraction that involve the use of chemicals, but the oils obtained this way can not be considered pure. Choosing pure, preferably cold pressed or steam distilled oils is better if your are concerned about the substances you are putting on and into your body.

How essential oils work

The most notable use of essential oils is aromatherapy. This is where the oils are inhaled either directly or as part of another treatment such as a massage or while bathing.

People who swear by aromatherapy say that their whole health outlook is improved, with the practice helping to enhance mood or behavior. Some people find that certain oils can stimulate memory, while other use them to help control heart rate and breathing as part of a mindfulness routine.

Most common essential oils to find and their uses

Before looking at the 11 most unusual uses of these oils, it is good to know some of the most popular options to find in the market.


Lemon is great for people who have headaches or need an energy and mood boost. It is also a great option for tackling digestive issues.


Rose is an instant mood booster and can reduce tension. If you are always moody and anxious, you may want to consider this essential oil.


Lavender has been found to be excellent for those dealing with stressful situations or stress in general.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an excellent antimicrobial and is often used to keep infections at bay.


Jasmine has been observed to reduce depression while improving libido.


If you battle with skin conditions like eczema, bergamot could be your you. You can also consider coconut oil for quick wound healing and skin moisturizing benefits.

Unusual but effective ways to use essential oils

The list of essential oils and their uses is endless, here are some of the weirdest uses of these oils that are effective.

Curb cravings for dessert effectively

unusual essential oil uses curb cravingsIf you are like most people, you adore and cherish your dessert. However, the love for sweet delicious treats can put you in hot water. Many people are not able to overcome their cravings and end up overeating the wrong things. This has certainly created or contributed to the weight problem in society. It is possible to use essential oils to deal with your cravings for dessert or sweet treats.

The key lies in tricking your brain effectively. Whenever the craving kicks in, consider some frankincense or ginger essential oil. Diffuse them in your space and enjoy the sweet aroma. For this to be more effective, look for a healthy drink or snack and consume it while enjoying the sweet aromas. At the end, you will have tricked your brain and done your body a favor. This is an easy challenge for anyone to try. This unusual use of essential oils is highly effective if you persist.

Tackle a variety of pest problems

From fleas to mites, mice and flies, your home is prone to a wide array of pests. If you have been using commercial pest solutions without an end to your problem, it is time to consider essential oils for pest control. This option is not as toxic as the alternative and it works naturally to eradicate pests. For those with houseplants, pests such as mites and aphids are common. By diffusing some peppermint or mint essential oil near the plants, you will drive away the unwanted visitors.

You can make an essential oil spray using water and lemongrass essential oil to drive away fruit flies. You should spray around the affected areas including cracks and crevices where the pests can hide. Keep your pantry free from pests by placing some cotton balls soaked in peppermint essential oil. If you have not tried this approach, give it a go and see how well it works.

Essential oils for your dishes and fruits

After buying your fruits and vegetables, it is important to clean them effectively. One great way to do it is using grapefruit essential oil. This oil can remove the wax and even chemicals on the fruit’s surface. This way, you will be consuming clean, healthy fruits. For dull dishes, add some lemon essential oil to your dishwashing soap and enjoy shiny and striking dishes. This method will also keep streaking at bay. Also, this essential oil can help rejuvenate your dish sponge. It cleans it completely and two drops are enough before tossing it onto the dishwasher.

Keep your shoes and laundry smelling fresh

unusual essential oil uses deodorize shoesWe all agree that the odor emitted by dirty shoes is disgusting. Some people have a chronic shoe odor problem because they do not address the problem effectively. If you have this issue, washing your shoes is not enough, you have to target the bacteria and fungi that are responsible for the foul smell by disinfecting your shoes with tea tree essential oil. Use a cotton ball infused with two drops of the oil and rub the inside of your smelly shoes. In addition to killing microbes, this action will also deodorize the shoes. This is certainly a natural and easy method to deal with the problem. You can also add your favorite oils to laundry. Just place a few drops in the dryer and you will be good to go. The freshening effect of the oils is certainly commendable.

Soothe your piercings and tattoos

Ear piercings or other kinds of piercings need special care so that they can heal properly. Finding a natural method to care for them is best. The good news is that some diluted tea tree oil works like a charm. Using a carrier oil such as coconut, apply the oil around the piercings and enjoy the difference. You will keep infection and inflammation at bay.

If you have gotten a new tattoo, you can speed up the healing by using these oils as well. A combination of tea tree oil and coconut oil is ideal. Apart from the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory merits mentioned above, the oils will also keep the skin well moisturized and this will also speed up the healing process. If you are planning to get a pedicure, using some tea tree oil beforehand will help kill any germs encountered at your local beauty joint.

Curb nausea naturally

There are many causes of nausea including stomach problems, pregnancy, or even bad odors. When this feeling hits you, you can reach for some peppermint essential oil to inhale. This scent is able to cancel nausea and provide some good relief no matter where you are. Another great essential oil that works wonders for nausea is lavender oil. Compare the two and see what works for you best. If you want a longer acting effect, put some oil on your chest or neck. If you are pregnant, consult your healthcare provider for guidance on how to use these oils.

Polish leather

Keeping your leather surfaces looking sharp is critical. You can use lemon essential oil to get the right effect. This oil works to maintain the leather while preventing splitting. All you need is a cloth soaked in the oil to wipe your leather regularly. You will be amazed at how shiny the results are. Lemon oil can also be used for your stainless steel items for amazing results.

Deodorize your rooms while your vacuum

unusual essential oil uses deodorize roomsAlluring scents of fresh essential oils are magical to say the least. You can deodorize your rooms every time you vacuum using your favorite oil scent. All you have to do is soak your preferred oil into some cotton balls, then add them to your vacuum cleaner bag. When you vacuum, you will be delighted to leave an excellent signature of your chosen scent.

DIY fabric softener

Softening your fabrics at home does not have to be an expensive affair. You can make your own softener using some essential oil. You can do this by adding a few drops of tea tree oil to a cup of white vinegar. This simple recipe will give you a great fabric softener that will not harm your fabrics.

Make a healthy homemade shampoo

Often times, using shampoo can be a double-edged sword. Many products have harsh chemicals that weaken your hair. Thankfully, you have an option to create a shampoo at home using essential oils. This way, you can say goodbye to the harmful side effects of commercial shampoos. There are several ingredients you will need including rosemary oil, lavender oil, coconut milk and aloe vera gel. A combination of all the above makes an excellent shampoo that will not damage your hair.

Whiten your teeth naturally

Many people essential oils for teeth whitening. This option will not erode teeth enamel in the long term unlike commercial options. In fact, in addition to having a brighter smile, your dental health is safeguarded thanks to the antibacterial properties of oils like coconut. You can make a natural but effective toothpaste from bicarbonate of soda and a few drops of mint. Make a mouthwash from a mixture of a few drops of lemon or mint essential oil and coconut oil.

Remember, the quality of oil you choose to buy matters greatly, Utama Spice is a leading natural aromatherapy brand and we offer only 100% pure essential oils.


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