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4 Reasons to Make Face Masks a Regular Part of Your Beauty Routine

4 Reasons to Make Face Masks a Regular Part of Your Beauty Routine

You wash your face, you may even apply serums or moisturizers, so is a face mask really necessary? Face masks bring something extra into your skincare routine, and allow you to nourish your skin with deep treatments for cleansing, anti-aging, moisture, and so much more.

Not only this, but applying a face mask is a relaxing experience that really brings a new layer to your self-care.

Here a 4 reasons to make face masks a regular part of your beauty routine are:

They’re therapeutic

Face masks not only nourish your skin, they also help to you to relax and unwind. With aromatherapy and essential oils included, you can sit back, relax, and ease the stress from your day while allowing the mask do its valuable work on your skin.

Deep cleansing

Even if you wash your face thoroughly with a natural cleanser twice a day, you still might not be getting all of the impurities nestled deep within the pores. Regular face masks ensure that these impurities are drawn out and cleared away before they build up causing blemishes and imperfections

They help to make your skin glow

A good natural face mask will encourage blood circulation in all your skin’s layers, which helps to provide that coveted natural glow. Before going out for an evening, try applying a face mask for a glow that comes from within, and you may find that you require less makeup during your getting ready routine.

Face masks help your regimen to work better

If you want your cleanser, moisturizers, toners, or serums to work to their full potential, regular face mask use can help. Because these masks draw out deep impurities and leave skin with a more thorough clean, your everyday products are able to reach deeper into the pores to provide their respective benefits.

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53 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Make Face Masks a Regular Part of Your Beauty Routine”

  • Lisa Ogle
    by Lisa Ogle

    I try to use a face mask at least once a week, but honestly I did not know they helped my other products work better. It makes tol sense though, thanks.

    • Brenda
      by Brenda

      Just reminded me, I’m long due for a facial ❤️

    • SA Corprew
      by SA Corprew

      I have not purchased any of the products yet, but look forward to trying them. Thank you

  • Lynne B
    by Lynne B

    My daughter loves to do a bentonite clay mask with tea tree oil.

  • Customwrittenessays
    by Customwrittenessays

    Thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  • Rus Mara
    by Rus Mara

    love to do face masks with honey and turmeric

  • MD Kennedy
    by MD Kennedy

    I just wish I had the time to do a mask!

  • Irena Matković
    by Irena Matković

    My favorite face mask is poppy petals and lemon juice.


    Thanks for your tips

  • deanna marzolf
    by deanna marzolf

    I like the idea of using a face mask but I am still traumatized from childhood when my older sister put one on me and I could not get it off

  • julie nish
    by julie nish

    wonderful article and informative. I use skincare sunday evenings as part of my evening skincare. I am in the habit of masking at least 2xs a month. My skin is in great shape and it really makes me slow it down for a few minutes

  • Lynne B
    by Lynne B

    I like that you can customize face masks with essential oils.

  • Rajee Pandi
    by Rajee Pandi

    We love to try it

  • Paula Pennachio
    by Paula Pennachio

    I'm glad I read this there is a lot I didn't know, thank you

  • MD Kennedy
    by MD Kennedy

    I think the best benefit of a mask is the relaxation. And have it smell good and even more so!

  • Colleen
    by Colleen

    I love face masks. I try to do at least 2 per week, but I haven't done any in about 3 weeks! I need to get back on the wagon!

  • Karen Green
    by Karen Green

    I use a clay mask but this article helped me to do it right.

  • Czarina Alicea
    by Czarina Alicea

    Who in here have tried the charcoal face mask that feels like it just ripped off a layer of your skin?? Boy that was a killer!!! But days later i must admit, my face felt nice and soft.... im on the fence if I want to try it again tho.

  • Sarah L
    by Sarah L

    I haven't found a mask that I like. May have to try again.

  • Dana
    by Dana

    Wish they'd offer a discount on a group of masks

  • alicia brown
    by alicia brown

    Facemasks are my way to unwind and relax! Perfect while reading a book!

  • Elaine Douglas
    by Elaine Douglas

    great article!

  • Robyn Wiggins
    by Robyn Wiggins

    I love a good face mask.

  • Amanda
    by Amanda

    I love face masks! I try to use them at least weekly but would like to up that. this gives me motivation! Great article

  • Cassandra D
    by Cassandra D

    I like to use face masks and create my own face masks, as well.

  • Michelle Fiorelli
    by Michelle Fiorelli

    I love taking the time to use a face mask.

  • Cheryl Pollard
    by Cheryl Pollard

    I didn't realize how vital facial masks were to my beauty regimen. Will definitely incorporate into my cleansing routine.

  • Victoria Ross
    by Victoria Ross

    I'd like to try this mask. I need it.

  • Anita Jude
    by Anita Jude

    Oh wow I did not that they do all that I try to do one once a month but now that I know this I should be doing them once a week (that they help my other products )

  • Sandra Watts
    by Sandra Watts

    They are very relaxing. I enjoy doing them.

  • MD Kennedy
    by MD Kennedy

    I finally did a face mask - gave my husband a good laugh but it felt soooo good!

  • Melody J
    by Melody J

    I need to go back to using face mask on a weekly basis.

  • Joyce
    by Joyce

    Facials feel so nice, look forward to my weekly pampering.

  • Taiyyab Jamali
    by Taiyyab Jamali

    Very Informative

  • Lynn Tereba
    by Lynn Tereba

    I noticed after using face masks that my makeup actually goes on better and I love trying different ones.

  • Lisa
    by Lisa

    Those are all really good reasons to use a face mask and I know I should. Problem for me is that I feel like I never have enough time.

  • Sandy Klocinski
    by Sandy Klocinski

    I have never tried a face mask. Thank you for sharing. Keep it coming

  • Joyce
    by Joyce

    Part of my weekend routine, try to keep the skin looking fresh.

  • Pamela Rehm
    by Pamela Rehm

    I do facial mask at least once per week. It makes my face so soft and feels so fresh and clean

  • Taiyyab Jamali
    by Taiyyab Jamali

    worth reading article

  • tammy
    by tammy

    Thanks for the tips

  • Calvin
    by Calvin

    been a while since I had a face mask, definitely could do it more often

  • Rebecca Hobratschk
    by Rebecca Hobratschk

    Can you recommend some good face masks?

  • Lynn Tereba
    by Lynn Tereba

    I found after using a face mask your make up does go on nicer, so many face masks out there, just have to find ones that fit your skin type.

  • tammy
    by tammy

    I should definitely use the mask more, thanks for the tips

  • Brianna Sprague
    by Brianna Sprague

    I love the idea of making your own face masks! Now I just need recipes :)

  • Tammy
    by Tammy

    I love a good face mask so this is great

  • Christel Elliott
    by Christel Elliott

    I love doing face masks. I do them a few times a week.

  • Adaria Johnson
    by Adaria Johnson

    Stupendouly Awesome

  • Donna Clifford
    by Donna Clifford

    I don't do mud masks often, but think I will start after reading this info.

  • Angela MacRae
    by Angela MacRae

    I like cucumber masks they are such a feel good kind of mask

  • Rachel Mertz
    by Rachel Mertz

    Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration!

  • Deb E
    by Deb E

    I use a lot of serums so it's good to know face masks help these products work better.

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