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5 Best Essential Oils For Relaxation

5 Best Essential Oils For Relaxation

Taking time out to just relax and stay centered is an important part of living a healthy, natural life-style. One of the best ways to promote relaxation no matter where you are is with essential oils. Essential oils can do wonders for reducing anxiety and stress, promoting calm, and helping you stay grounded and focused.

Here are the five best essential oils for promoting relaxation:

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is probably the best essential oil for helping promote a feeling of relaxation. It is a natural anti-anxiety that helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Lavender also helps induce sleep and helps insomnia. Also, lavender can help fight against the physical symptoms of stress like muscle pain and migraines.

Cajeput Essential Oil

Cajeput oil is a warming camphorous oil made from the twigs and leaves of the cajeput tree. It has been used in Indonesia for centuries for its many health benefits. Cajeput oil is great for helping deal with the physical symptoms of stress by acting as a natural muscle relaxer and pain reliever. Cajeput is perfect on its own or as a blend to help ease tension and encourage deep breathing.

Orange Essential Oil

Bright and fresh, orange essential oil is a natural anti-depressant. The clean citrus smell of orange essential oil can help you relax, clear your mind, and focus on the important things in your life. It’s a great mood booster and perfect for when you need to relax but also uplift.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass has a soft citrus scent that is a mood enhancer and has many anti-anxiety properties. Lemongrass helps regulate the nervous system to keep you calm and at ease. It also helps boost self-esteem and ward against negative thoughts.

Cananga Essential Oil

Cananga essential oil has a sweet, slightly woody smell. This Indonesia plant has incredible anti-anxiety properties and helps reduce nervous tension and stress. It can also support healthy blood pressure.

The Best Way To Practice Aromatherapy for Relaxation

To get the full benefits of aromatherapy first you need the highest quality essential oils. Many of the oils on the market are already diluted with carrier oils, meaning you are paying for less of the effective ingredients. Utama Spice essential oils are 100% pure and made with only natural ingredients.

Essential oils can be used a number of ways, but to get long-lasting relaxation benefits we recommended an aromatherapy diffuser to disperse the oils throughout the room while you do some other activity. However, for a quick boost, you can rub 1-2 drops between your palms, place your hands over your nose and mouth, and take slow, deep breaths.

These are the oils we recommend to get started off using aromatherapy for relaxation, but the great appeal of essential oils is that there is an endless variety of oils and effects to choose from. Everyone has their own favorite oils, and the great thrill is knowing there are always new scents and combinations to discover.

Which oils are most effective at helping you to relax? Do you mix oils to make a unique blend that works best for you? Please share in the comments below.

5 best essential oils for relaxation infographic


38 thoughts on “5 Best Essential Oils For Relaxation”

  • vickie doles
    by vickie doles

    great article, wasn't aware of some of these.

  • Belinda Hughes
    by Belinda Hughes

    Lemongrass is the best.

  • francisca moyano
    by francisca moyano

    I love essencial oils, but why are so expensive???? Es frustrating i will love to have a bottle of any aroma in the market! Great blog!

    • Joseph Ellerbee Jr
      by Joseph Ellerbee Jr

      Its a great product

  • Diana Moore
    by Diana Moore

    I love natural scents. Especially citrus.

  • Deb E
    by Deb E

    I love the woody scents so will have to try the cananga essential oil. I have never heard of it but good to know it has anti-anxiety properties for stress reduction.

  • Brigitte Bauman
    by Brigitte Bauman

    I enjoyed reading your blog. Lavender is my favorite scent so I was so happy to see it made your list.

  • Safah
    by Safah

    I wasn't aware orange essential oil is an antidepressant .these were really interesting

  • Christina Almond
    by Christina Almond

    Awesome! I use lavender oil for this purpose sometimes but I'll have to try some of the others as well!

  • Anna
    by Anna

    Lavender is my must have essential oil. I adore it.

  • Chris Hesson
    by Chris Hesson

    love all the products

  • Theresa C.
    by Theresa C.

    I've never heard of cajeput or cananga - thanks for giving me alternative to lavender!

  • Amy
    by Amy

    Good article, love to get some orange oil.

  • Amy
    by Amy

    I would love to try the lemongrass oils.

  • Sarah L
    by Sarah L

    Cajeput Essential Oil is an oil I'm not familiar with.

  • Eileen Boyce
    by Eileen Boyce

    I love reading about the essential oils.

  • Malsawmkimi
    by Malsawmkimi

    Omg!! Needed these.. Thank you

  • Amanda Nichols
    by Amanda Nichols

    I was not aware the benefits of some of these oils. I can't wait to try some of these.

  • rich washington
    by rich washington

    Oils have helped me sleep!

  • tina duguay
    by tina duguay

    i really think i should buy myself one i love those smells

  • Kevin Linkie
    by Kevin Linkie

    Absolutely love essential oils, I suffer from a lot of Anxiety most days.

  • Lynne B
    by Lynne B

    I like that this offers a non-prescription way of handling anxiety.

  • T. Binga
    by T. Binga

    Lemongrass is amazing for Thyroid health. Been using it for almost 4 years now.

  • Lynn Tereba
    by Lynn Tereba

    Never heard of Cananga and Cajeput oils and would like to try both of them.

  • PabloA
    by PabloA

    Essential Oils ... Relaxation!!!

  • Lynn Tereba
    by Lynn Tereba

    Just mixed eucalyptus and lemon love the smell.

  • Tera Culverwell
    by Tera Culverwell

    Definitely need done relaxation.

  • Trish F
    by Trish F

    Thanks for this article, I'm definitely looking for healthy ways to de-stress and love my essential oils. You mention 2 in this article that I am not familiar with, but would love to try. The Cajeput and the Cananga I have never heard of before, I love learning about new oils and will definitely check them out.

    • Trish F
      by Trish F

      After some research I see that the Cajeput is a type of tea tree and the Cananga is otherwise known at Ylang Ylang. I have definately heard of them and have them in my collection and yes Ylang Ylang is great for relaxation.

  • Tandi Cortez
    by Tandi Cortez

    Good to know! Thank you for sharing this! :)

  • Linda Everson
    by Linda Everson

    I love essential oils. Thanks for the information in your article.

  • pamela bailey
    by pamela bailey

    I enjoyed this article, I use essential oils daily and learn new information about them all the time.

  • Tony T
    by Tony T

    I learned a lot from reading on this site.

  • nickie
    by nickie

    oils help me relax

  • sherry butcher
    by sherry butcher

    i'd love to try the OCEAN BREEZE BODY MIST to see if It would help me. Thanks for sharing.

  • Michelle Evangelista
    by Michelle Evangelista

    Nothing better than top quality oils, EXPECIALLY while soaking you're stress, and aches in a warm tub with you're favorite sents to invigorate your senses relax your muscles and come out smelling absolutely amazing. And you're skin will love you for it.

  • Derek
    by Derek

    Yes! I need these.

  • Deb E
    by Deb E

    I recently found some blends of essential oils that were relaxing to me so I'm going to experiment and not be afraid of mixing them.

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