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5 Unique Uses for Natural Lip Balm

5 Unique Uses for Natural Lip Balm

Lip balm is a staple in purses and pockets everywhere. Natural lip balm helps to soothe, comfort and replenish the delicate skin of the lips, skin that we rely on so often throughout the day and often give little thought to until we’re facing damage.

But did you know that there are plenty more uses for your favorite tubes of lip balm? Here are 5 novel uses:

Give dull skin some shine

If your skin is feeling dull and lifeless after a long day, you may have the fix right in your purse already. Dabbing a little bit of lip balm along the cheekbones works similarly to a highlighter, but it provides you with a natural dewy glow that is built to last.

Minimize fine lines around the eye

As long as you’re not using a minty balm, which can irritate the eyes, you can dab a little bit of lip balm around the eye to minimize fine lines and provide protection and moisture all in one simple step.

Relief during a cold

When you have a cold, and you’re repeatedly blowing your nose, you may find that the skin under your nose and on the sides takes a real beating. This dry and chapped area can be uncomfortable and painful, and your best defense could be your favorite tube of lip balm. With clean hands, use your fingertips to apply the product in small dabs on the dry and irritated area.

Cuticle moisturizer

Your favorite natural lip balm can also help to give your manicure some serious staying power. Before bed, take a natural lip balm and apply to the cuticle areas around the nail. When you wake in the morning, you’ll be left with refreshed and healthy cuticles.

Tame eyebrows

Left your favorite eyebrow gel at home? Your lip balm will work just fine! With a clean finger, apply the lip balm in the direction of hair growth to each eyebrow, and pass over with a spoolie brush to finish off the look.

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  • Kim
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    • Roxanne M
      by Roxanne M

      I never knew you could do all those things with lip balm, very interesting

    • Candy R Skaggs
      by Candy R Skaggs

      I love the variety

  • susan smoaks
    by susan smoaks

    i never would have thought to use this as cuticle moisturizer. it sounds awesome.

    • Cynthia Gray
      by Cynthia Gray

      Like you I didn't know this stuff could help my cuticles look nice.

      by OVETA O PERRY

      great products

  • Sarah L
    by Sarah L

    I use my lip balm a lot when I have a cold that is hard on my nose.

  • rochelle haynes
    by rochelle haynes

    I love my lip balm keeps my lips smooth

  • MD Kennedy
    by MD Kennedy

    I have a lip balm that I use on my lips AND CUTICLES every night!

  • Margaret
    by Margaret

    Good information

  • Amanda
    by Amanda

    These idea are must knows! Love using lip balm especially because of it’s many uses.

  • Lynne B
    by Lynne B

    I always have a lip balm with me. I wouldn't use it on my face because I have oily skin.

  • Kelly Freeman
    by Kelly Freeman

    Great tips!

  • Fawn Bowden
    by Fawn Bowden

    The tame eyebrows one was new to me!

  • Renee
    by Renee

    I like the tip to use lip balm to tame eybrows.

  • Colleen
    by Colleen

    I've used lip balm on my nose during sickness when it is chapped. Love it!

  • Czarina Alicea
    by Czarina Alicea

    Ok these tips blee my mind!!! Awesome!! Thanks for the info!!

  • Daniel Mihaliak
    by Daniel Mihaliak

    Natural lip balms are the way to go


    Awesome tips thanks! I

  • Debra Oehlberg
    by Debra Oehlberg

    My favorite way to use lip balm (and I buy a separate one for this), is to put it on my heels when my new shoes are a little tight. It prevents friction and from heels from having bloody blisters, not pretty!

  • Trish F
    by Trish F

    Never would have thought of some of those places, but it makes sense!

  • Jean
    by Jean

    The nose relief is a godsend during allergy season :D

  • Jean
    by Jean

    The nose relief is a godsend during allergy season :D

  • Azeem Isaahaque
    by Azeem Isaahaque

    Very interesting! And also amazing

  • Collette SR
    by Collette SR

    Thank you did not even think to use lip balm as anything but lip balm!

  • Cheryl Pollard
    by Cheryl Pollard

    Who knew that lip balm is the "bomb." So many uses for such a small item. I am going to try it as cuticle moisturizer.

  • Mary Murphy
    by Mary Murphy

    A number of commercial lip balms actually dry the skin out, which causes people to use more of it!

  • Becky
    by Becky

    Thanks for the great ideas.

  • Michelle Fiorelli
    by Michelle Fiorelli

    My lips need constant care- especially in cols winters.

  • Mark
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    Amazing, thanks!

  • Kim Naumann
    by Kim Naumann

    Trying this on my cuticles tonight!

  • Marianna
    by Marianna

    Great ideas, I never thought of these, but I am an addicted to lip balm

  • Brigitte Walsh
    by Brigitte Walsh

    So much better than the lip balm available in stores, which actually makes chapped lips worse!

  • Alvina Head
    by Alvina Head

    Great tips!

  • Carol Brown
    by Carol Brown

    I always use a lip balm.

  • Logan Johnson
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  • Kassandra Bustos
    by Kassandra Bustos

    I never would have thought to use it on my cuticles!

  • Mia
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    Very cool!

  • kayla sheehan
    by kayla sheehan

    taming eyebrows is a great idea that i wouldn't have thought of!

  • Kim Scobie
    by Kim Scobie

    Nice ideas.

  • candy
    by candy

    wow awesome ideas!

  • Gail
    by Gail

    Who knew! A little mint lip balm helps wrinkles under the eye.

  • Natasha Kalyniuk
    by Natasha Kalyniuk

    Great info

  • Lindsay Williams
    by Lindsay Williams

    I never thought of using lip balm as eyebrow tamer. That’s perfect!

  • Lorna Webster
    by Lorna Webster

    Wow, love the eyebrow tip!

  • Tiffany Jones
    by Tiffany Jones

    Nice stuff

  • Sandy Klocinski
    by Sandy Klocinski

    Awesome! Sounds good. Thanks for sharing

  • JoKing
    by JoKing

    WOW can minimize fine lines? Mind Blown!

  • Candace Bond
    by Candace Bond

    cool, I would like to hide my wrinkles around the eyes

  • Jan R
    by Jan R

    I would love to try the lip balm

  • Megan Wilson
    by Megan Wilson

    Love lip balm and these are great tips, thank you!

  • Amy
    by Amy

    i love multi use products. great tips ! will give them a try.

  • Paul Gardner
    by Paul Gardner

    When you have alot of lips, lip balm is your best friend!

  • Janet OBrien
    by Janet OBrien

    Love the tips about the lip balm

  • Dessa Mitchell
    by Dessa Mitchell

    Good read. Nice tips

  • Carol LuBien
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  • B.J. Bernal
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  • Clarice Skanes
    by Clarice Skanes

    very interesting about lip balm's many uses

  • Angela Bulbeck
    by Angela Bulbeck

    great ideas! i make my own, it is so easy and only a couple ingredients, so i know it is safe for these uses.

  • Belinda Hughes
    by Belinda Hughes

    Thanks for sharing. I will be sure to try all 5 uses.

  • Lisa G.
    by Lisa G.

    What a great idea for the fine lines around the eyes! I am starting to get them now and would like them to not be so noticeable.

  • Jeanne Coulombe
    by Jeanne Coulombe

    Would have never thought of using it on my cuticles or eyes great tips thanks for sharing.

  • Tracey L
    by Tracey L

    I love multi-purpose products! The less I need the better. Thanks for the great ideas!

  • Kristine Paull
    by Kristine Paull

    amazing stuff, i have lip balm every where. my bedroom, purse, desk at work and home. gee and i only thought it was for lips :)

  • Susan Hughes
    by Susan Hughes

    Amazing. natural dewy glow would be great!

  • Ellen King
    by Ellen King

    Very interesting.

  • Jamie Johnson
    by Jamie Johnson

    Cool! Who knew the answer to so many beauty problems was in my pocket! I really love the idea of this as a highlighter option. I like a more dewy look, instead of a holographic, 80s video glam look. I prefer a more natural look. I will also try this on my cuticles AND my eyebrows! Awesome! Thx!

  • Sandra J letter
    by Sandra J letter

    Have to try this next time I have a cold.

  • Doreen
    by Doreen

    Lip balm on fine lines? That is interesting! :)

  • Christopher Sidor
    by Christopher Sidor

    A couple of useful tips even for us guys !

  • arlene
    by arlene

    i have a new best friend #lip balm,i never new its benefits

  • Patricia Hoffmeister
    by Patricia Hoffmeister

    Didn’t realize there were so many ways to use lip balm.

  • Marilyn Holt
    by Marilyn Holt

    I actually don't use Lip Balm and now I am changing my mind and picking some up! I had no idea it can be used in so many ways.

  • Sandra J Lebeau
    by Sandra J Lebeau

    Also great for stuck zippers

  • alice morris
    by alice morris

    i agree

  • Sandra Watts
    by Sandra Watts

    I use it for a lot of things other than lips. Works great for dry or rough patches of skin.

  • Sandra J Lebeau
    by Sandra J Lebeau

    Great tips

  • Ramona Rawlings
    by Ramona Rawlings

    Thank you for posting all of the great ways to use lip balm!! I'm going to start trying every one out, starting right now!!

  • Jasmine Stanford
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    The brow tip is super helpful :)

  • Joyce
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    Have used it many times to relieve the raw skin around my nose when I have a cold, works great!

  • Taiyyab Jamali
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    useful info

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    And here I thought it was only for chapped-lips prevention.

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    Great information

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    Never realized all the uses of lip balm going to put some around my eyes.

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    I always keep one in my purse but didn't think of a lot of these ways to use it. Thanks for the great tips!

  • Robyn Bellefleur
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    I didn't know that you can dab a little bit of lip balm around the eye to minimize fine lines.

  • Sandra J Lebeau
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  • Ellen B
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    Very informative

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    Sure are lots of things you can do with lip balm-I never knew.

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    great info

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  • this post
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    I really appreciate this post. I¡¦ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thank you again

  • Karen Kane
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    Love this, didn't know any of these uses.

  • MD Kennedy
    by MD Kennedy

    Years ago my brother and I were attending a wedding and his shoes were super-scuffed. He didn't know what to do but all I did was pull out my natural (colorless) lip balm, told him to buff some on, and voila!

  • Pamela Rehm
    by Pamela Rehm

    Lip balm is great in the summer to keep your lips from getting chapped in heavy winds and protects against sunburn(as long as it has a good SPF value)

  • Pamela Rehm
    by Pamela Rehm

    I like the Cuticle moisturizer idea. I work in the dirt daily and it really dries out my hands, especially around my nails. I will try this!

  • Taiyyab Jamali
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    awesome sharing

  • Richard Hicks
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    Will try some of these new uses!

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    Great tips!

  • kaykatz
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    Great tips, which I will be sure to use!

  • Sarah L
    by Sarah L

    You can also use lip balm when you are at the pool and forget your lotion. (it does take a lot of lip balm, but better than no lotion after swimming. (personal experience....)

  • sam
    by sam

    very interesting

  • Laura
    by Laura

    I've used it for all those dry or unruly spot for a long time. It also works on helping hair stay in place, just use some on the fingertips.

  • alicia brown
    by alicia brown

    Very useful article!

  • Tabitha
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    I love the idea to tame eye brows, I never thought of that! Thank you!

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    Very Interesting! Lip balm on eyebrows. I'll have to give that a try.

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    i get this nose chap when i have a cold excellent idea

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    i had no idea you could do all that with lip balm, thats amazing, and i always have some on me

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    Very informative. Thanks for the information.

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    Great Ideas!

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    I was aware of some of these uses but learned some new ones, too. Thank you!

  • Lynn Tereba
    by Lynn Tereba

    For the last six months I discovered the lip balm that I use to put a dab on my eyelids to keep them moisturize and it does not irritate my eyes.

  • Desiree Jenifer Hernandez
    by Desiree Jenifer Hernandez

    I seriously cannot live without my lip balm.

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    i thought i was poor use when i was using my lip balm for my cuticules hahaha serious there are a lot of uses great article

  • Calvin
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    Very useful, didn't know they could be used in these places

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    I love those ideas for lip balm use, especially for your cuticles. I never thought of that!

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    so natural

  • Maureen Blatz
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    I love anything that helps my nail

  • Philip Lawrence
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    Lip balm in the wintertime is a great relief from pain when my lips are chapped.

  • Glenna Walker
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    Would love to try out the lip balm. Nothing seems to work for my chapped lips.

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    Very cool tips! Thanks for sharing.

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    Love lip care tips

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    I love the idea of using it as a cuticle cream

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    This sounds super helpful. Had a hard time with chapped and dry lips. Thanks for the tips.


    I never thought here was this kind of differenc

  • Shira
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    I had a favorite stick lip balm melt and deform, I mixed it with a favorite lip color and put it in a contact case and not only saved it but got to appreciate it even more.

    • Utama Spice
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      Great idea!

  • Deb E
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    I've used it around my nose and eyes but didn't think about on the cuticles. I don't use any balm with petroleum any more so I know my balm is safe to use anywhere on my body.

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