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Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils

Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils

You may have read about some of the benefits of essential oils or have friends who swear by their powers but have never tried them for yourself? If you are curious about how to begin incorporating essential oils into your life, here is a brief overview of what essential oils are good for and how you can use them.

Essential oils and uses

Natural essential oils have a variety of uses depending on the type of oil. There are a wide range of benefits of essential oils from supporting your physical health, improving your mood, and practical uses around your home. Some of our favorite essential oil uses include:


Aromatherapy is using essential oils as an inhalant, typically via a diffuser. Depending on which oil you choose you can improve breathing and circulation or boost your mood.

Body care

Many essential oils have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties which can help support healthy, youthful skin. This is why all of our beauty products contain natural essential oils.


Essential oils are a great natural alternative to chemical cleaners. With DIY essential oil recipes for cleaners you can get the same results without exposing your family to toxins.

Meditative practices

From yoga or deep breathing exercises to just sitting quietly, essential oils can enhance the experience by creating a meditative space and delivering calming benefits.

Popular essential oils

If you are looking for a good starting point to essential oils and their uses, these are the basic oils we recommend everyone has on hand due to their variety of uses:

Lavender Essential Oil: Great for fighting anxiety, depression, and stress. It also helps with a number of illness by supporting healthy breathing, circulation, and digestion. Can also be used to sterilize minor cuts and burns.

Tea Tree Essential Oil: A powerful anti-microbial, can be used diluted as an all purpose household cleaner.

Lemongrass Essential Oil: An incredibly versatile oil. Great essential oil for relaxation, and supporting your overall health. Also makes effective household cleaners. Can be used in a spray to deodorize rooms and ward off pests.

At Utama Spice, we also carry a variety of rare essential oils from Indonesia. If you are looking for something truly different, check out our clove, cananga, and cajeput oils.

Why you should choose Utama Spice essential oils

Not all essential oils are the same. Many essential oil manufacturers are simply selling perfume oils or oils diluted with a carrier oil. Unless your essential oil is 100% pure, you are paying for less. Another way some vendors are able to offer cheap oils is to use rapid distillation methods using heat or solvents which often yield less potent oils because they are potentially “damaged” by the process. Utama Spice oils are distilled via methods such as  cold pressing to ensure maximum quality.

Do you have any questions about essential oils? Post them in the comments below and we will answer them.



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    How do you guarantee that the essential oil isn't diluted or a perfumed oil?

    • Utama Spice
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      We work closely with all our suppliers to maintain quality. We have been in this business for almost 20 years, we would never risk our brand and reputation with inferior products.

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    • Utama Spice
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      Hi. Yes you can mix our essential oils to a carrier oil such as coconut oil to make your own lotions and creams. Check out our e-guide for some easy to make recipes to get you started.

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