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Get the Most Out of Bath-time

Get the Most Out of Bath-time

Nothing feels quite as good as a hot bath after a long, stressful day. For centuries, hot baths have been known to calm the nerves, soothe muscles and joints, and give the bather a general sense of well-being.

Present-day research shows that soaking in a hot bath can help a person sleep deeper and more soundly at night.

Creating the Perfect Bath

A beneficial bath takes some time, so prepare in advance. All you really need is a bathtub, but by including a few special items, such as candles and natural incense, you can enjoy all of the benefits of a relaxing bath at home.

Keep lighting low

When the lights are low, it’s easier to find your center of peace. Light a few candles and place them around the bathroom and tub. Just be sure to set them far enough away to avoid burns and keep them away from flammable objects.

Listen to music

Find music that relaxes you the most, whether its smooth jazz or Justin Timberlake, whatever helps you relax is best. Keep electronics far from the tub for safety and keep the volume at a low level.

Keep it quiet

If you live alone, leave your devices in another room to avoid distractions. If there are others in your home, let them know that you are out of commission for a while and should only be bothered in a real emergency. You might consider putting a do-not-disturb sign on your door as well.

Light natural incense

Natural incense is the perfect way to bring a relaxing scent into the bath that can calm the nerves and soothe the soul. Look for those that include pure essential oils and use natural herbs and spices, such as Moonflower Incense Sticks.

Have a drink

Although you are surrounded by water, baths can be dehydrating. Bring something to drink such as ice water with a slice of lemon or cucumber.

Support your back and neck

Once you’re in the bathtub, you’ll want to lean back and chill for a while. The back of the tub can be hard on the head, so use a rolled-up towel behind you for comfort. Or, invest in a good bath pillow.

Butter your body

After your bath has ended and you’re all dried off, smooth on a luxurious body butter to moisturize your skin and add a hint of fragrance. Lavender or rose body butter can help relax and encourage sweet dreams, while lemongrass can boost energy levels for the rest of the day. The bath may be gone, but the effects will linger.

A bath can be as relaxing as you want it to be.  By incorporating a few of these ideas, you are sure to come out clean and rejuvenated.

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  • Valerie C.
    by Valerie C.

    Ahhh... if only I could!

      by OVETA O PERRY

      I can relax more in a bath, than shower

    • paul calus
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  • Blaire
    by Blaire

    I love baths so much more than showers!

    • moon tam
      by moon tam

      me too

      • Nicole Lawson
        by Nicole Lawson

        Me too

    • Linda Selevan
      by Linda Selevan


  • Pamela Rehm
    by Pamela Rehm

    I adore baths and find they help me relax better than anything else. I really love the tips here and plan to try them all.

  • Terrie-Ann Wright
    by Terrie-Ann Wright

    I love a nice relaxing bath, I also have to wet my hair to relax though as otherwise I get hot and itchy.

  • Anna
    by Anna

    love these bath tips! Wish I had a bigger tub haha

  • Lynn Tereba
    by Lynn Tereba

    I take baths a lot and as soon as I get out after using Lush bath bombs i love to put body lotion on all over.

  • Donna Clifford
    by Donna Clifford

    I dont do it often, but I do like taking baths.

  • Joyce Hill
    by Joyce Hill

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  • Logan Johnson
    by Logan Johnson

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  • Jessica Trapani
    by Jessica Trapani

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  • Karen Kane
    by Karen Kane

    I love baths, I often feel like I'm leaving the days stress behind, Lemongrass ginger body butter is my fave.

  • Pamela Rehm
    by Pamela Rehm

    Music helps me relax so much while bathing. I love long baths with soft music and candles

  • Frances Carty
    by Frances Carty

    I love a bath, to soak in hot water

  • Sandra lebeau
    by Sandra lebeau

    It's an escape to go soak in the bath

  • Margaret
    by Margaret

    Good information.

  • JoKing
    by JoKing

    All fabulous ideas. I do not indulge myself as much as I should.

  • Sandy Klocinski
    by Sandy Klocinski

    Awesome! Great tips.

  • Rikki marsala
    by Rikki marsala

    the perfect bath sounds divine especially at 8 months pregnant. will defo be bringing in some ice water with lemon next time.

  • Katrina Sepulveda
    by Katrina Sepulveda

    I love baths this is great!

  • Pamela Rehm
    by Pamela Rehm

    I am headed now to get my time out. a little candle light, a little lavender scent and a glass of wine.

  • Stephanie
    by Stephanie

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  • Sandra
    by Sandra

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  • MD Kennedy
    by MD Kennedy

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  • Lisa Gavin
    by Lisa Gavin

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  • Jill H
    by Jill H

    I use lavender essential oil and Epsom salts.

  • sj
    by sj

    Love escaping to the bath

  • Debra Oehlberg
    by Debra Oehlberg

    We finally got the tub fixed where I can take a nice sit down bath. Thank you for all of the suggestions!

  • Irena
    by Irena

    Wish I had a bath in my home.

  • Traci Baez
    by Traci Baez

    Love taking baths! Very relaxing. I take one everyday!

  • Pamela Rehm
    by Pamela Rehm

    buttering my body is always so relaxing.

  • amanda w
    by amanda w

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  • Taiyyab Jamali
    by Taiyyab Jamali

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  • Logan Johnson
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  • Pamela Rehm
    by Pamela Rehm

    I like adding flower petals especially roses to give my soaking bath a nice scent.

  • Amy Donahue
    by Amy Donahue

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  • Taiyyab Jamali
    by Taiyyab Jamali

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  • Emily
    by Emily

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  • Logan J
    by Logan J

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  • James Lee
    by James Lee

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  • mojo
    by mojo

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  • Debra Oehlberg
    by Debra Oehlberg

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  • Margaret King
    by Margaret King

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  • Michael DeFren
    by Michael DeFren

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  • Audrey
    by Audrey

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  • mfs
    by mfs

    Nothing beats a Bali bath, but the next best thing is having the Utama Spice incense and the cocoa butter to transport me quickly back to the peace and tranquility of Bali. Great tips here

  • Buddy Garrett
    by Buddy Garrett

    It sounds wonderful. I know I would have a relaxing sleep after a bath like this.

  • Jessica Tecce
    by Jessica Tecce

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  • Sarah L
    by Sarah L

    I like body butters. I don't like incense so I just add some EOs to my bath.

  • Rajee Pandi
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  • Adam2
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  • virginia veal
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  • Denise Osborn
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  • Ashley Castleberry
    by Ashley Castleberry

    I don't understand why it matters that the ultrasonic oil diffuser is diluted in water (I'm a disabled chemist with a brain injury so may be over thinking it but am also an air head with very little real world knowledge

    • Utama Spice
      by Utama Spice

      Some people feel the oil is less potent or strong if it has been diluted. Also if you are already in a humid environment you may want to avoid adding more moisture into the air. In these cases a nebulizing diffuser that only sprays the essential oils is better.

  • Mary H
    by Mary H

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  • Shonna L.
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  • Lisa
    by Lisa

    Bubble bath so soothing for the soul....

  • Angela Bulbeck
    by Angela Bulbeck

    I miss relaxing baths. Our tub is so uncomfortable, and cold in winter, so I don't linger long. Insense is awful though, might as well just suggest lighting up a cigar to puff on, or a joint to relax.

  • Christina Jose
    by Christina Jose

    I love hot baths with sea salts with essential oils!

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    by Brianna Sprague

    As a mom of 4 a relaxing bath is always amazing. Love this post.

  • Rosanne
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    by jberry

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  • Deb E
    by Deb E

    I'm trying the music idea my next bath time, as it sounds more relaxing. Body butter afterwards is a must when your skin is dry like mine. I try to keep the water tepid and not too hot that it dries out my skin.

  • Christel Elliott
    by Christel Elliott

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  • Christel Elliott
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