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High Quality Natural Skin Care Products Under $20!

High Quality Natural Skin Care Products Under $20!

You cannot talk about beauty without mentioning skin care. In fact, the state of your skin determines beauty overall. More people are coming to terms with the fact that natural skin care is the best. This involves using products derived from nature; products made without synthetic additives or ingredients, such as those developed by Utama Spice.

The largest organ in your body needs special care for it to glow. Indeed, natural skin care has been proven effective in giving lasting results that resound raw beauty. If you have no idea where to find the best natural skin care products online, this article will guide you accordingly. First though, let us look at the top benefits of switching to natural skin care products.

Top benefits of natural skin care products  

Keep irritation at bay

When you use natural skin care products, there is likely to be no irritation. This is because additives in conventional skin care products have toxins and allergens that can lead to irritation. As if this is not enough, people will react to different things from fillers and preservatives to artificial colors and fragrances.

Natural skin care products work to boost skin health without additives. It is important to look for high quality natural skin care products as well. A good brand is one that does not add any colors, preservative and fragrances to products. Utama Spice is a good example of a natural skin care brand with products made from the purest ingredients from nature.

Avoid serious side effects

Generally, high-quality natural skin care products have few to no side effects. Many people will not see any bad effects when using natural skin care products. This is mainly because there are no harsh chemicals used; especially preservatives. Common synthetic skin care preservatives like parabens are known to alter hormonal function. This is because parabens mimic natural hormones in your body, and because of this the ill effects are not even fully understood.

With natural skin care however, natural preservatives like grapefruit seed extract are used without any bad effects to your body.

Promote a greener earth

When you choose natural skin care products, you will be saying yes to a greener earth. This is because these products are mainly produced organically and sustainably. They leave the earth much better compared to skin care products which in many cases cause many harmful chemicals to be released to the environment. The synthetic beauty industry relies heavily on the petrochemical industry because many synthetic ingredients are derived for oil. Going green is indeed the best thing to do for a more habitable world.

Sustainable skin care

Natural skin care products will leave your skin healthier over a long period of time. However, it is hard to say the same for conventional skin care products, because prolonged use can cause a build up of the chemical load over time. Synthetic skin care ingredients may actually end up doing more harm to your skin than good. However, for sustained skin health, going natural is the best way to go. Keep in mind that synthetic ingredients can give great results in the beginning but prove very harmful in the long term.  

Enjoy natural aromatherapy

Synthetic or artificial fragrances do not give you the accurate scent of a product. However, natural skin care products give out their natural scents. In many cases, these products are enriched with essential oils which are natural fragrances. You enjoy the authentic scents of nature. Aromatherapy is therapeutic and using artificial fragrances is not the same. As a natural aromatherapy brand, Utama Spice skin care products come with natural scents that invigorate your senses.

On a budget? Discover quality natural skin care products under $20

Before ordering the cheapest natural skin care lotion or body butter, make sure that the company sells high-quality products. Their products should be made using 100% pure natural ingredients. The best natural products are made by hand to preserve the natural goodness while giving the product all the attention it deserves. Utama Spice delivers on all the above. The company sources its ingredients ethically and sustainably. With knowledge and dedication, the products are made to impact your beauty and health positively. You will also be happy to know that Utama Spice is a natural aromatherapy brand for all budgets. Most products are under $20. The list below will reveal some great options to consider.

Coconut Lotion Island Spice

This is an intensely hydrating lotion made of several ingredients including coconut oil, soybean oil, patchouli oil, frankincense oil, rose geranium oil and cananga oil. The natural coconut oil will lock in moisture and give you a non-greasy feel. The added oils enrich the scent to give you an amazing aroma to last you throughout the day. This refreshing lotion will care for your skin naturally with cell rejuvenating benefits. If you have been looking for a brilliant natural moisturizer, try this lotion. The unmistaken island spice scent will lift your spirits and help you tackle anxiety. This lotion is priced just under $15, along with several other amazing scents.

Aphrodisia Body Oil

This inviting oil blend is everything you need for a massage. It is blended with a host of ingredients including coconut oil, cananga oil, orange, patchouli oil, ginger oil, cubeb oil, clove oil, vetiver, citronella oil, nutmeg and more.

The awesome oil is also great for after shower moisturizing. If you have been in the sun, this is your go-to after sun skin care oil. The numerous essential oils used in the product work to heal and protect your skin accordingly. Of course, you also get the aphrodisiac benefits as your senses are stimulated to relieve any tension. Patchouli essential oil is responsible for stimulating hormones in both males and females for increased libido. This soothing body oil is available to you for just $12.99.

Cocoa Love Body Butter

This delicious cocoa blend delivers the goodness of cocoa seed butter, virgin coconut oil, cinnamon bark and vanilla. Spoil your body and senses with this silky butter and enjoy the merits. Because of the deep moisture delivered, sun damaged skin will be soothed and repaired. This luxurious body butter will keep your skin well hydrated throughout the day. The best part is that you enjoy this product for only $19.99.  

Lavender Hair Oil

For optimal skin care, your scalp and hair must be looked after effectively. Thankfully, this special hair oil is all you need. It is made of virgin coconut oil and pure lavender essential oil. If your hair is suffering with poor hydration, this is your best option. Also, the oil will repair damaged hair and restore great health and shine. Virgin coconut oil will feed the scalp and hair properly and even protect your hair from the ills of heat styling. This oil also has a relaxing scent thanks to lavender. As you know, coconut will hydrate deeply and lock moisture in your skin and hair. This hair oil is only $9.99 for a 100ml bottle.  

Tangerine Liquid Soap

This is a refreshing natural liquid soap made from rich ingredients that include spring water, coconut oil, soybean oil and tangerine peel oil. This zesty soap has all the citrusy properties to get you refreshed. This soothing soap is gentle enough to be used by children and will leave you feeling warm and fresh. With no parabens or SLS, this liquid soap is indeed suitable for all skin types.

It is hydrating to the skin owing to coconut oil. It also promotes cell rejuvenation for anti aging benefits. Also, tangerine essential oil is known for its antimicrobial benefits and this means getting rid of harmful germs while brightening your skin naturally. With a natural citrus aroma, this liquid soap will uplift you for a fruitful day or restful night. You can get this liquid soap or other fragrance in the range for only $14.99.

100% Natural Face Serum

A natural face serum like this one is important for your daily skin care regimen. This Utama Spice face serum is enriched with a host of essential oils, cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil and organic argan oil. This serum has anti aging properties that will help promote tight healthy skin naturally.

The array of essential oils play a major role in keeping the skin hydrated. Your skin will also be protected and healed if there is any damage. Also, enjoy skin cell rejuvenating benefits of the face serum. If you want to tap into that glowing youthful skin, this sis the right product for you. As mentioned, there are many essential oils used in this product including lavender, patchouli and rose geranium oils. The face serum costs only $14.99.

Senja Body Mist

To keep your senses alert and revitalized all day, this body mist is ideal. It is blended using cananga flower oil, patchouli oil and lavender oil. Enriched with seaweed, this body mist will supply some good vitamins and minerals to your skin. Tap into the healing properties of lavender oil as well. Overall, the mist will hydrate your body while giving you a rich tropical scent. For only $7.99, Utama Spice body mists are truly affordable.


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