Do These 3 Stress Reducing Massage Techniques Every Day

Do These 3 Stress Reducing Massage Techniques Every Day

A lot of stress we feel in our bodies could be caused by tried, overworked muscles. Especially in the neck, back and arms. For instance, bad posture, sitting at a desk all day, and repetitive moments such as typing can all make certain muscles work overtime. This can all lead to muscle tension, which will manifest itself as stress – that general feeling of being tired or lacking energy.

That’s right! Even if you aren’t feeling sore or experiencing pain in a particular muscle, this doesn’t mean your muscles aren’t strained and overworked. Stress or general fatigue are your body’s early warning signs that you need to slow down, and work out where the issue is in your body.

This is why many people will say a professional full-body massage is pure bliss that leaves them rejuvenated and reinvigorated. It’s because the masseuse has released built up muscle tension that the receiver probably never even realized was there!

But don’t worry, you don’t need to splurge big bucks at a top salon. In fact, you can get most of the stress-releasing effects of a professional massage with these 3 easy techniques that focus on the major stress-holding muscle groups. Take 5-10 minutes each day to try these techniques. You will feel the difference they make to your mood and energy levels. For best results, especially if most of you day involves sitting at a desk or driving, make them a part of your regular screen breaks.

Start with a body oil for the perfect glide

Aphrodisia Body OilDon’t even think of massaging yourself or anyone else without applying a body oil first! You want the massage to feel silky and smooth, not rough and harsh.

You can make your own DIY massage oil from coconut oil and a few drops of essential oil, or we have 3 beautiful body oils to choose from, formulated with skin nourishing oils and infused with all natural, gorgeous essential oils to relax, uplift and transform your mood.

Exercise 1: Release neck muscles to relieve pain and stiffness

Often neck pain is a result of clenching your jaw. In fact, take notice of your jaw right now, it may very well be tensed up!

Being more mindful of your jaw throughout the day will help to prevent neck pain and stiffness. But for a quick fix, try this relaxing massage technique:

Find the bone that juts out right behind the ear and apply gentle pressure to it. Follow the muscle all the way down your neck to your shoulder. Apply pressure and slide your hand down, or gently massage in circular motions. If you are having trouble following the muscle, try turning your head and you will feel it flex under your fingers. Repeat on the other side and do as many times as necessary.

Exercise 2: Loosen up your shoulder muscles

We all know the struggle of tight, tense shoulders. This is often a result of bad posture or hunching up in front of a computer screen all day.

To help relax your upper shoulders, take your right hand, place it on your left shoulder. You hand will fall naturally onto your trapezius muscle, one of the major muscles of the back, and which connects your shoulder, neck and spine. Grasp the muscle firmly with your fingers and slowly roll the muscle over, gently towards your collar bone. Move your elbow in various directions to expose different fibers of the trapezius to your fingers. Repeat on the other side.

Exercise 3: Massage tight forearm muscles

stress reducing massage armForearms are one body part that are often overlooked. But it’s important to give attention to these muscles due to all the work they do every day. Every time you use your hands, you are using muscles in your forearms. With overuse they can quickly become quite painful.

Rest your arm on a table, palm up. Wrap your opposite hand around your forearm with your thumb on the inner part of your arm. Use your thumb to massage your inner forearm in gentle, circular motions, and moving up and down the forearm. Repeat on the other arm.

Practice these are three simple massage techniques daily as many times as you can. Add in a few simple yoga stretches at the start of the day and and just notice the difference!


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