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The Best Essential Oils You Can Use Without a Diffuser

The Best Essential Oils You Can Use Without a Diffuser

Did you know that you don’t always need a diffuser to get the awesome benefits of essential oils? Another popular way to use essential oils is by applying them topically to the skin or clothing. Doing so could provide a host of health benefits, allowing you to take advantage of the natural healing powers of essential oils.

How To Apply Oils Topically

Before you begin rubbing essential oils into your skin, there are a few things that you should know first. We recommend researching the types of oil that you wish to use, as not all essential oils are safe for topical application. You’ll also want to make sure that you apply the oils to the correct place on your body. The location where you would apply the oils can vary depending on what type of oil you’re using. The most common places to apply oils are:

  • Your chest
  • The bottom of your feet
  • Your temples
  • The pulse points
  • •Trigger points

We recommend that you start by diluting two to three drops of the oil you want to use with a little water. You are not likely to need more than this each time, as essential oils are quite potent.

Another option is to mix the essential oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil and apply the mixture to the appropriate area.

Below, we’ve detailed the best essential oils for topical application and the health benefits you could receive by doing so.

Lavender essential oil

If you’re looking to use essential oils topically, we believe that lavender is one of the first purchases that you should make. This oil is an excellent all-in-one option that you’ll find gentle and calming.

Many people find that lavender helps their skin heal by reducing scars and blemishes while instilling a youthful glow. Lavender is also known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. If you have a bad sunburn, this oil can help your skin heal.

Lavender is one essential oil that is useful in helping muscles heal. If you’re suffering from bruises, muscle spasms, or poor circulation, try applying a few drops of lavender to the affected area.

This essential oil is also used to help relieve stress and anxiety. Apply a drop or two to your temples before going to bed at night to help you relax and aid sleep. Lavender is also known to make an excellent massage oil because of its relaxing properties.

Mint essential oil

Have you ever used a product like IcyHot to help relieve muscle pain? If so, you’ll want to try mint essential oil as a natural (and much cheaper) alternative. Mint is known to help relieve muscular aches, tension, joint pain, fatigue, and stress. Other studies show that mint essential oil could also help heal pruritus, which is a condition that causes itchy skin.

Many have found that mint helps to relieve symptoms associated with motion sickness and tension headaches. If you notice a headache starting to come on, try applying a drop or two of mint oil to your temples. Or if you know that you are going to be traveling and are fearful of motion sickness, apply the oil before getting in the vehicle. For some, mint serves as a suitable alternative to Dramamine.

Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary is another essential oil that you should add to your collection due to its numerous benefits. Many people believe that rosemary can help encourage blood circulation. If you know that you have to study or have an important work presentation coming up, rub rosemary onto your temples the morning. Not only will rosemary help improve your concentration, memory, and mental alertness, but it could also help you fight the common effects of stress, such as headaches and migraines.

If you need a pick-me-up in the middle of the day, rosemary could prove to be very useful as it’s an excellent energizer.

Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass is an astringent oil, which means it can be useful in reducing wrinkles and making you appear younger by tightening the skin. This has been confirmed by researchers in this study.

The oil has natural anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, which help heal minor skin wounds. Try applying a drop or two of lemongrass oil to a scrape or cut for a natural healing solution. The antibacterial properties in lemongrass can help alleviate a wide range of symptoms such as reducing muscle pain, menstrual cramps, toothaches, stomachaches, and headaches.

Another helpful use for lemongrass oil is to apply it as a bug repellent. If you’re wary of bug sprays that contain DEET, try lemongrass oil, you’ll discover that mosquitoes and other bugs won’t bite nearly as much.

Orange Oil

Orange essential oil is one of the most refreshing and uplifting options available. Try applying a few drops to your temple in the morning to help you wake up and start your day.

If you work around a lot of children then we recommend using orange oil daily. Orange can help you stay healthy by reducing the symptoms of colds and other respiratory ailments.

Essential oil blends

Once you have list of essential oils for every occasion, you can increase the benefits by looking into essential oil blends. For instance, a combination of mint and lavender could serve as the ultimate relaxation tool before bed. Just remember that if you plan to use the blend directly on the skin to make sure each oil is safe for topical use.


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