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Treat Yourself to a Natural Spa Day at Home

Treat Yourself to a Natural Spa Day at Home

With all the stresses of our busy modern lifestyles, taking time out for a bit of pampering is more important than ever. Treating yourself to a spa day can help you relax, stay grounded, and feel refreshed. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend money on expensive spa treatments to achieve all these benefits. With our range of natural products, you can create a luxurious retreat right in your own home.

Here is how to create your own boutique spa treatments in the comfort of home.

Set a Spa-like mood

Start by creating a soothing space by burning candles, and incense, or using your aromatherapy diffuser. This will help create a relaxing environment where you can decompress and unwind. Put on your favorite music playlist and start to relax.

Take an Aromatherapy Bath

Next take a long, indulgent bath with a few drops of essential oil added to the water. We recommend Lavender as it has has incredible anti-anxiety properties and can also help release any tension you feel in your muscles. For an easy fix try our liquid soaps which contain pure essential oils.

Care For Your Skin and Hair

After your bath, wrap yourself in a comfortable robe and give yourself a spa-like facial. Start with our Green Leaf Face Scrub to remove the buildup of dead skin cells, oils, and dirt which will help brighten your skin. Next apply our Temu-Temu Face Mask to absorb toxins and replenish your skin naturally.

If you are feeling creative download our free e-guide and learn how to make your own face scrubs and masks by following the easy DIY recipes inside.

While you wait for your face mask to dry, take some time to replenish your hair with our nourishing hair oil. Add a few drops to your scalp and work the oil through to the tops of your hair. Take your time.

Hydrate your skin with our indulgent Body Butters. Each of our Body Butters work as both a skin moisturizer and moisturizing mask, so go ahead and use a thick layer to make sure your skin is healthy and glowing.

Take a Few More Moments

Finally, spa retreats are not just about taking care of your body, they are also about taking care of your mind and spirit. Once you have pampered yourself, take some time out to meditate, do a gentle yoga workout, or simply go for a walk.

Taking time out for yourself with a spa day can help release tension, boost your spirit and improve your mind leaving you feeling renewed and more focused; so don’t feel like your are being lazy or selfish for taking this time out to invest in yourself. The people around you, your work and your hobbies will all benefit from the new you too.

What are your favorite treats and pamper tricks, please share them in the comments below.

Attention: This month (April 2018) we will be giving away 2 Home Spa Kits (worth over $100 each) containing everything you need to enjoy a treat similar to the one above. Each draw is free to enter so make sure you visit our Giveaway page so you don’t miss out.



116 thoughts on “Treat Yourself to a Natural Spa Day at Home”

  • gala
    by gala

    make a playlist (sounds of nature, f.ex.) and enjoy music while care about your body

  • Linda Everson
    by Linda Everson

    Lay quietly and only listen to your breathing.

  • Chase D.
    by Chase D.

    Oddly, I find the best way for me to relax is to first go for a hard run (or form of cardio), then take a shower/bath, and then induldge in a cold smoothie or milkshake while stretched out on the couch. During that moment stretched out I feel completely relaxed and at peace. I love the tips above, I see a few things I could add to my routine.

  • Cassandra D
    by Cassandra D

    I make my own mask for relaxation and I soak in epsom salt.

  • jennifer corrado
    by jennifer corrado

    Light some candles,play some music and take a nice bubble bath!

  • Mil Fenske
    by Mil Fenske

    Sit down in a recliner with a cool drink.

  • Debbie Ballagh
    by Debbie Ballagh

    Soak your feet in oil and relax in your comfy chair.

  • Elizabeth
    by Elizabeth

    What great tips. I love a nice bath, especially when it's cold outside. And lavender is my favorite essential oil to use to relax.

  • Jennifer Raska
    by Jennifer Raska

    Get away and do you!

  • Tonya Flores
    by Tonya Flores

    hot bath with oils.

  • Logan Johnson
    by Logan Johnson

    I love a hot bath when I am stressed.

    • Amy
      by Amy

      That is what I love to do, take a hot bath and listen to the radio.



  • Patti DelValle
    by Patti DelValle

    I go for walks when I want to relax...nature does it!

  • Kristy Wolfgang
    by Kristy Wolfgang

    A hot moisturizing bath with instrumental music is a go to for me to relax.

  • Debbie Yoder
    by Debbie Yoder

    Candles and a nice bath!

  • Kari
    by Kari

    Hot bath with lavender, quiet classical music, cold glass of basil lemonade

  • Sally
    by Sally

    I like a nice long soak in the tub!!

  • Sally
    by Sally

    Thanks so much for the downloaded book, it is very informative, I really like it!



  • Clare O'Brien
    by Clare O'Brien

    I always like to put on a face mask when I'm having a self-care night.

  • Kim
    by Kim

    Reading a book but must have classical music on and drinking my red wine.

  • Alex S.
    by Alex S.

    To relax, I like to take a hot bath and play soothing music.

  • Sharon C
    by Sharon C

    Trust that God is taking care of you.

  • Emily Steiner
    by Emily Steiner

    Use a electric foot massager.

  • Kristy
    by Kristy

    I like to take a long, hot bath to relax.

  • Ann K
    by Ann K

    I use salt lamps in my bedroom to bring a calm and soothing ambiance to my night time routine and as a way to transition from all the blue light I’m exposed to during the day.

  • Leanne
    by Leanne

    My relaxation tip is a glass of wine and a good book .

  • Surinder gurm
    by Surinder gurm

    Cuddling with the dog

  • Karen C.
    by Karen C.

    take a long, indulgent bath

  • Kimberley Hamilton
    by Kimberley Hamilton

    before i even start to pamper myself, i put a hot, damp cloth on my face for a good five minutes to open up the pores

  • marissa anderson
    by marissa anderson

    listen to relaxing music, close your eyes, breath

  • Heather Swanson
    by Heather Swanson

    write in a journal every day

  • Alice
    by Alice

    Have a picnic with a close friend, charcuterie and some wine.

  • sherry mcelroy
    by sherry mcelroy

    I love to spray a little lavender oil on my pillow at night. It helps me to sleep like a baby. :)


    This is nice loving the tips

  • melissa mc
    by melissa mc

    I enjoy using my diffuser along with a variety of essential oils that fit my mood at the moment :)

  • Yalanda Woods
    by Yalanda Woods

    Wine, a book in a locked room with some soothing music

  • Karen Forsyth
    by Karen Forsyth

    I relax in a hot bathtub filled with my favourite bubble bath, a good book and a glass of wine


    I spray lavender on my pillow case, shortly before bedtime. I find it a very relaxing scent and I usually have nice dreams.

  • Kelly Wilson
    by Kelly Wilson

    I feel more relaxed when I do yoga

  • carol clark
    by carol clark

    i listen to music and relax with some candles

    by DAWN SNOW

    Something I do that relaxes me everyday is I put lavender oil on the drying balls in the clothes dryer so that my clothes, towels, and blankets smell like lavender everyday.

  • Heather Ritz
    by Heather Ritz

    I use a butter after every shower

  • JoAnne Hudy
    by JoAnne Hudy

    My best way to relax is to sit outside in the shade, with a nice warm breeze blowing, while reading a great book.

  • Shai
    by Shai

    Epsom salts in a bath with Netflix

  • ellen beck
    by ellen beck

    One thing I do is spend some time outdoors no matter what the weather. It usually involves walking or playing with the dog. He is a bling senior, and spending time with him lets me see the joy in life. Afterwards, I come in and will relax in the winter months oftentimes it involves a warm bath to warm up. I like adding a bathbomb if I have one, and if not, I will add epsom salts to ease the day even further.

  • stephanie pollock
    by stephanie pollock

    Sitting in a nice warm bath with some epson salt and candles lit light music is just heaven

  • carole harris
    by carole harris

    I sit in a nice very warm/hot bath with my phone, and do sweeps or read

  • crystle tellerday
    by crystle tellerday

    relax by praying and listening to worship music

  • billie beal
    by billie beal

    Take time to enjoy the day , while you can listen to the sounds outside and enjoy

  • Marthe Levac
    by Marthe Levac

    Apply cream at nightime for a most comfortable sleep .

  • Amy Orvin
    by Amy Orvin

    A relaxation tip is using epsom salts in a hot bath to loosen muscles.


    I listen to Marco Polo (Loreena McKennitt) - it is the one song that helps me relax.

  • dina brown
    by dina brown

    Epson salt and apple vinegar bath, soothing and relaxing and leaves your skin so soft

  • wen budro
    by wen budro

    A warm bath with candlelight and a glass of wine is my relaxation go-to.

  • Rebecca Weiss
    by Rebecca Weiss

    I always feel so relaxed after a long hot bath!

  • Samantha Tedesco
    by Samantha Tedesco

    Hot water in my Jacuzzi, scented candles and a beauty mask.. chill out music

  • Jessica Matheson
    by Jessica Matheson

    I like to add lavender oils to my baths

  • Crystal Charbonneau
    by Crystal Charbonneau

    Use Rose water in your daily skin routine!

  • Mackenzy Barry
    by Mackenzy Barry

    wash your bed sheets and blankets regularly, sleep with the window open

  • Natasha
    by Natasha

    I love spraying lavender spray on my pillow to relax at bedtime.

  • Margaret Rice
    by Margaret Rice

    This is good to relax your eyes as well as do this just prior to removing eye makeup ... I take a sock (clean of course, lol) fill partway with rice, tie know in end. Please in microwave (I do about 20 seconds and my microwave is 1100 watts), check for how hot it is, if nice and warm --- lay down and place rice sock over your eyes. The rice retains moisture and heat , very relaxing.

    • Utama Spice
      by Utama Spice

      We do this to treat tight muscles and other injuries. Rice in a sock makes an excellent, reusable heat-pad. You can also put in it the refrigerator to work as a cold-pad too!

  • Margaret Knoll
    by Margaret Knoll

    I love a darkened bedroom, door closed, with my favorite essential oil in the diffuser.

  • katie k
    by katie k

    Chill out in the hot tub or a hot bath

  • Valerie Chacon
    by Valerie Chacon

    Some simple yoga stretches before bedtime always help me relax so I can sleep better.

  • Nalane S.
    by Nalane S.

    Make a playlist with relaxation songs ahead of time

  • Angelica Dimeo
    by Angelica Dimeo

    I like listening to music to relax

  • S. Daisy
    by S. Daisy

    My favorite spa time: a nice aromatherapy facial steam, a nice hot shower, and a nice hot cup of herbal tea. It's all very relaxing and unstressful.

  • Jennifer H.
    by Jennifer H.

    I relax by stretching.

  • Karrie
    by Karrie

    taking a hot bath with candles

  • Saniyah Maaz
    by Saniyah Maaz

    Listen to music or talking to a close friend !

  • Melanie
    by Melanie

    I like to spray essential oils onto my bed and pillow and listen to calming music.

  • JasD
    by JasD

    Keep a list of things you are grateful for and look at the list when you are under stress. (You might have a hard time starting from scratch when under duress)

  • Sab Edwards
    by Sab Edwards

    I toss a facecloth over my face, have a candle on and make sure the lights/fan is off (mines so loud)

  • Sarah L
    by Sarah L

    Get a massage.

  • Beth Carr
    by Beth Carr

    Shut off or turn down lights-Sit down-close your eyes-and just clear your mind

  • vickie doles
    by vickie doles

    i use scented bath bombs, lavender is my favorite and take a nice relaxing bath

  • Mary Anne Johnson
    by Mary Anne Johnson

    Make a cup of chamomile tea

  • B.J. Bernal
    by B.J. Bernal

    I like to take hot baths in Epsom salt to relax.

  • Sherri S.
    by Sherri S.

    Always turn down the large overhead lights, and have softer lights. Preferrably candles.

  • Angie S
    by Angie S

    I like to sit in the morning before everyone starts stirring. No tv, no laptop, no phone. Just sitting with my own thoughts.

  • Milly Voskanyan
    by Milly Voskanyan

    I enjoy a nice hot bath when I'm stressed.

  • Toni Sprouse
    by Toni Sprouse

    A special blend of oils in the diffuser (clary sage, pink grapefruit, lemon, and bergamot) along with a relaxation playlist loaded on youtube contribute greatly to a sense of relaxation!

  • Kristen H.
    by Kristen H.

    A relaxation tip I have is to take a long, hot bath if you find yourself extremely stressed. I typically feel a lot more relaxed after taking a long, hot bath, especially if I was very stressed beforehand.

  • Donna porter
    by Donna porter

    Take a long hot bath, read a good book is the way I relax.

  • Frances
    by Frances

    I need a spa night

  • D H
    by D H

    Like to use lavender and read a book

  • Jennifer Barr
    by Jennifer Barr

    Never been to a spa before. Maybe some day i'll get there. For now I like to relax in my hot tub.

  • Daniel Escamilla
    by Daniel Escamilla

    I loved all this information.

  • Deb E
    by Deb E

    Great tips on earth day, especially getting the chemicals out of our lives and using natural products that are safer for the environment.

  • Sara
    by Sara

    Candles and a hot bath is how I relax

  • Christina Almond
    by Christina Almond

    That sounds wonderful! I need to create an evening like this for myself!

  • Sara S
    by Sara S

    Great ideas!

    by ANNA NGO

    I like the meditation part. We do really need few more minutes for ourselves ! Thank you

  • Nicole F
    by Nicole F

    Thanks, this can help me relax at home while the children are at school or after they are in bed for the night.

  • cristina Arnold
    by cristina Arnold

    AMAZING IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Calvin
    by Calvin

    Spa day at home, sounds soothing already

  • Lynne B
    by Lynne B

    I'd add a foot bath and massage to your spa day!

  • Kelly Hanley
    by Kelly Hanley

    I need to pamper myself for sure!

  • Katarina
    by Katarina

    The one thing I would definitely include in a spa day is foot care. My feet took a beating with my 3 pregnancies and now I have a job where I am on my feet.

  • Diana M
    by Diana M

    I try to treat myself to a home spa day at least once a week.

  • Lynn Tereba
    by Lynn Tereba

    I will put lavender oil in my next bath and would love to try one of your body butters.

  • Avis Baker
    by Avis Baker

    Take is easy with a nice soothing bath.

  • Logan Johnson
    by Logan Johnson

    I need to do this today!

  • Irena
    by Irena

    I need a spa day!

  • Irena Matković
    by Irena Matković

    I need a spa day!

  • Rachel Browning
    by Rachel Browning

    This is awesome, great prize ...Thank you

  • beauty house chicago il
    by beauty house chicago il

    Thank you for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your next write ups thanks once again.

  • Donna Clifford
    by Donna Clifford

    I read when I want to relax. Nothing like a good book, with essential oils around to take you away to another world.

  • Kerry Paul
    by Kerry Paul

    This should be scheduled to prevent putting it off. Cell phones should be turned off! I often diffuse oil to create a pleasant atmosphere even while I'm doing chores. I'm realizing how important it is to take care of myself, so today I scheduled a float in a salt water, sensory deprivation tank. It will relax me and I will come home to my lavender scented house.

  • Deb E
    by Deb E

    Setting this up for a busy parent would be such a nice gift. Doing it at home saves a bundle and they don't have to travel to enjoy.

  • Sharon
    by Sharon

    I long for that day where I can go to the spa. It at least melts away the stress.

  • heated vibrator
    by heated vibrator

    Awesome blog post.Thanks Again.

  • Jobs
    by Jobs

    I value the post.Really thank you! Much obliged.

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