What Is Body Butter and Why Do I Need It?

What Is Body Butter and Why Do I Need It?

Body butter – it’s just like lotion, right?

Wrong! While lotions and balms can do great things for dry skin, for intense moisture and hydration, body butter is what your skin needs. Body butter can be thought of as a lotion but amplified. Utama Spice natural body butter is filled with natural ingredients that the skin wants to absorb.

The first difference you’ll notice with body butter, when compared to lotions and balms, is that it’s quite a bit thicker. This is due to its base of natural virgin coconut oil, the main ingredient responsible for transporting moisture deep into your skin.

The thickness and intensity of body butter also helps to lock in moisture, so you worry less about reapplying your moisturizer throughout the day.

When to use body butter

The best way to apply body butter is right after your daily shower or bath while your skin is still damp. Leaving a little bit of moisture on the skin, rather than wiping it away with a towel, will provide additional moisture for the treatment to work with and seal into your skin.

When applying body butter, place a dollop at a time onto your skin and rub in using firm broad strokes until the product has fully  absorbed.

For hands and feet, which often see the most stress from everyday use, body butter can provide deep moisture to calm and soothe your skin overnight. If your hands or feet are exceptionally dry, use a liberal amount of body butter before bed, and cover the area with gloves or socks over night. When you wake, you’ll have supple, healthy skin that’s ready to show off.

Do you use body butter to help keep your skin moisturized? Please share your experience in the comments below. Questions? Post them below and we’ll be happy to help.



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  • Sarah AlTahan
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    Ohhh i luv how they explained the diff between body butter and lotions! Quite interesting!

    • Shawn Wheeler
      by Shawn Wheeler

      I'm happy to know the difference between lotion and body butter. I will definitely be buying more body butter and less lotion. I love for my skin to feel soft and touchable. Information that is now available to consumers like me is great. What is portrayed by companies is obviously not always the truth. As a consumer, I am grateful for the honesty of companies like you.

  • Suzanne Stewart
    by Suzanne Stewart

    I just recently tried body butter, and it makes a world of differene compared to lotion.

    • Lisa Ramsey
      by Lisa Ramsey

      I love body butter!

  • allison stephenson
    by allison stephenson

    I have very dry skin when fall starts. Body butter keeps my hands from cracking!

  • Deb E
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    Body butter works so much better for my feet since they need extra moisturizing. Lotion just doesn't seem to last as long as the butter.

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  • Michele McDonnell
    by Michele McDonnell

    I have extremely dry skin and need something to help I'm glad I came across this article. Instead of Gold Bond Diabetic Lotion I'm going to try some Body Butter. Sounds like it will work better then the other's I have tried. Thank you so much for this article.

  • veronica sandberg
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    Coconut oil is great for lots of uses.

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