Yoga Mat Spray Energizing


This is how you energize your practice, a few simple sprays refreshes and sterilizes your mat with essential oils that will help invigorate you.

Ethanol, Aqua, Essential Oil Lemon, Essential Oil Bergamot, Essential Oil Mint

Size: 100ml

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Product Description

Utama Spice Energizing Yoga Mat spay enhances your practice with a unique blend of essential oils designed to refresh and awaken. A few simple sprays at the end of each session helps to stop the spread of germs and odors.


All Utama Spice products are handmade from ethically sourced and sustainably produced materials in Bail, Indonesia.

Ingredients: Ethanol, Aqua, Lemon Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, Mint Essential Oil.
Size: 100ml

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