Temple Spice Incense 12 long sticks

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Utama Spice’s natural incense sticks are handcrafted in handcrafted rolls using locally sourced spices and ornaments.
Temple Spice Incense is Utama Incense’s first product. After two years of development, it has inspired more visions of nature, humanity, and the magical creation of divinity.
The incense is a blend of flowers, bark, plants, oils, nuts and spices and does not use synthetic or endangered plants. Wrap in recycled paper. Handcrafted from Fair & Trade Tri Hita Karana.
Bamboo sticks, coconut charcoal, flowers, bark, hemp, oil, hemp and feathers.
A pack of 12 long (30cm/12in) sticks.

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Utama Spice Long Burn Incense Sticks are made from locally sourced trees, bark, herbs, oils, nuts and hemp, never synthetic or dying plants.
These sticks are wrapped and packaged in recycled paper.
For millennia, people have consumed incense for habit, meditation and healing. The fragrant fumes released during incense have many pleasing and pleasing properties.
Temple Spice Incense is made with pure essential oils and locally sourced natural ingredients for a warm and soothing aroma. As the first product developed by Utama Spice, it continues to assist with meditation due to its ability to improve concentration and concentration. Added Vetiver Oil
• Relieves anxiety and calms nerves.
• 100% natural
• Warm, spicy attention.
• Good for meditation and concentration.
Ingredients: Bamboo sticks, coconut charcoal, flowers, bark, herbs, oils, hemp and spices.
Pack of 12 long (30cm/12in) sticks

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  1. Clarissa (verified owner)

    thank you for my timely delivery.

  2. Alycia (verified owner)

    These are the best stick incense I’ve ever used. The fragrance is unique and magical – a wildly ambitious and carefully balanced blend of spicy, sweet, almost floral, a hint of amber/resin and a bit of nuttiness. I found these at the Chalice Well gift shop in Glastonbury, UK, while on a holiday, and now I order them to my home in California. I threw out my other incense because it smells cheap/fake compared to these. I give the smaller boxes as gifts as well. While the Moonflower scent is nice, the Temple Spice is superb.

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