Insight Into Turmeric For Natural Skin Care

Insight Into Turmeric For Natural Skin Care

In the western world, turmeric is best known as a deep yellow-orange spice. It makes for great recipes and is credited with a number of healing properties. In Southeast Asia where turmeric is native, people have used this spice for natural skin care and beauty for many years.

New research is unveiling promising effects of turmeric when it comes to skin care. To this end, the western beauty industry is playing catch up to incorporate these natural merits into beauty products. To tap into turmeric skin benefits, you need proper information on how to go about it. This article shares some insights on turmeric and how you can use it effectively for natural beauty.

What exactly is turmeric?

Turmeric is a form of ginger that is derived from the root of Curcuma zedoaria. The yellow tinge which is the main active ingredient is known as curcumin. This bioactive component is responsible for the many positive effects of turmeric. Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant; these are just a few properties that are found in this bright yellow spice.

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Benefits of turmeric on skin

Turmeric is responsible for many positive effects on skin and recent studies have confirmed this. From wound healing to acne reduction and sparking a natural glow, you can look forward to the following merits when you choose turmeric for natural skin care.

1.  Turmeric can prevent breakouts and fade acne scars

A study conducted in 2013 showed that curcumin is an effective anti acne agent. It has the power to get rid of the acne-causing bacteria propionibacterium acnes. Combined with lauric acid, the bioactive ingredient in turmeric is a potent agent to prevent breakouts effectively. Keep in mind that most modern anti acne treatments are made with antibiotics. Drug resistance after prolonged use makes antibiotics unsuitable for long term acne treatment. Because of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, turmeric has the power to fade acne scars significantly.

If you cannot wait to enjoy these benefits, look for some high quality turmeric powder and make a homemade mask. You can use apple cider vinegar, honey, yoghurt or aloe vera in your DIY face mask. Alternatively, you can use turmeric essential oil together with a carrier oil. Buying some turmeric essential oil and adding coconut or jojoba carrier oils will help combat your acne problem. If you prefer to purchase a ready turmeric product for acne, Utama Spice is a great place for all your natural beauty fixes.

2. Brighten skin naturally with turmeric

Dark circles and hyperpigmentation can make skin dull. Overall, effects of sun exposure will darken your skin and leave it feeling lifeless. It is therefore important to look into brightening options that can restore natural glow. Luckily for you, turmeric has excellent compounds that brighten the skin naturally to give you that attractive lively skin. A recently concluded study has revealed that turmeric can brighten skin within three weeks and retain the results for a month or so. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions are responsible for the glowing results. You can create your very own turmeric lotion using some turmeric essential oil and a carrier oil like argan. This potent moisturizer will transform dull skin accordingly for gorgeous results.

3. Turmeric for anti-aging

We all want to age gracefully; however, without requisite effort, our aging process may not be too pleasing. In this regard, it is critical to have an anti aging regimen in place. A study has shown that turmeric’s antioxidant action can help combat the signs of aging. UV rays are primarily responsible for early onset of aging signs. From fighting wrinkles to fine lines, sunburns, hyperpigmentation and even skin cancer; turmeric can help you keep skin youthful longer. Antioxidants in turmeric help your skin produce elastin; a substance that gives skin proper structure and a youthful look. A DIY turmeric night cream can work wonders where anti aging is concerned. All you need is a teaspoon of argan oil with 4 tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Add 10 drops of turmeric essential oil and you are good to go. Apply this night serum right before bed time and wash with warm water in the morning.

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4. Treat a host of skin conditions

Turmeric has been found to be an excellent companion for skin health. It treats a host of skin ailments in addition to the ones mentioned above. If you are dealing with stretch marks, dry skin, vitiligo, psoriasis, scleroderma and even skin cancer, you might find this super ingredient very helpful. The main reason why it works is properties that battle free radicals in skin cells. If you are suffering from a wound, turmeric promotes healing by reducing inflammation and swelling. Your wounds will heal faster owing to the boost in collagen production.


Like with any new product you buy for your skin, test it on your forearm first. If you don’t suffer any major reaction, you are probably not allergic. Turmeric is also known for temporary staining and this is a simple problem. Buy high quality tumeric powder or essential oil for your DIY lotions and creams. For expertly prepared turmeric products for skin care, be sure to check out Utama Spice. Here, experts in skincare give you winning blends of natural lotions and products that give you the desired results. Most people can use this spice on skin safely. However, you have to use the proper dosage as indicated on product packaging information. As you look for more natural beauty solutions, you want to make sure that turmeric is part and parcel of your skincare regimen; you will be impressed. 


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      I already cook with turmeric almost daily and it has helped my skin from the inside out. And based on this info, I wouldn't hesitate to try turmeric lotion on my face, as long as I didn't sweat it all off onto my collar. But I would hesitate using it on my neck, arms or legs, for fear it would stain my clothes or seats, etc. Are there ways to prevent it from staining? If there is already an article about that, please let me know!

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    Tumeric is my all-time favorite spice, love it in Jamu and as a spice and natural food coloring :)

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    I am currently battling wounds on my legs that are having a hard time healing. I will have to give this a try.

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    Turmeric is one of the most powerful remedies out there for so many ailments and inflammation. I have been struggling with skin issues lately, and I look forward to trying turmeric as another remedy besides harsh and expensive steroids.

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    I knew it was good for me internally, but did not know about these other properties.

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    Turmeric is really great for treating acne and skin conditions, thanks for the natural essence for providing wellness of the body, plus it has an anti-aging quality too. Win win!

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    I take Tumeric internally as anti-inflammatory together with black-pepper and cayenne to aid absorption and digestion.

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    Turmeric is good for the skin brightening. Tried a homemade diy with it and it did work, but it tinted my hands.

  • Gary T
    by Gary T

    I already cook with turmeric almost daily and it has helped my skin from the inside out. And based on this info, I wouldn't hesitate to try turmeric lotion on my face, as long as I didn't sweat it all off onto my collar. But I would hesitate using it on my neck, arms or legs, for fear it would stain my clothes or seats, etc. Are there ways to prevent it from staining? If there is already an article about that, please let me know!

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