Powerful Natural Health and Beauty Remedies e-guide

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5 easy to follow recipes to care for your skin and your home

What are Essential Oils

Methods of Extraction

Essential Oils Through the Ages

Beauty Basics

Household Helpers

Popular Essential Oils and Their Uses

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This beautifully illustrated e-guide contains 14 pages packed with tips and recipes to start enjoying the health and well-being benefits of essential oils

Learn how essential oils are made and why not all oils are equal

5 easy to follow recipes get you started on the journey to exploring the many possibilities of essential oils

Save money by making your own safe and natural face scrub, room deodorizer and more

Be inspired with included quick reference guide to popular essential oils and their uses

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140 reviews for Powerful Natural Health and Beauty Remedies e-guide

Based on 140 reviews
  1. Kristy

    Really helpful! Offers a ton of great advice

  2. Ann K

    Can’t wait to unwind with this advice! I’m excited to try some of the face mask treatment recipes!

  3. Kimberley Hamilton

    love this! very handy and practical guide. great for people just starting to get into a holistic lifestyle. very unique remedies as well!


    Thanks I have to learn how to relax, and Essential Oils may help.

  5. Kathy Lane

    Thanks so much,I’m learning a lot of useful tips on how to use Essential Oils and can’t wait to try some of the recipes. The recipe for the body scrub sounds amazing.

  6. carol clark

    lots of ways to use the essential oils great download

  7. Amy Orvin

    Great tips! Can’t wait to learn more ways to use essential oils.

  8. Samantha Tedesco

    Interesting, I loved these tips! I have to try more ways to use oils

  9. Jessica Matheson

    So many great ideas!

  10. Melanie

    Great advice, thanks so much!

  11. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    I found it very helpful

  12. Beth Carr

    Awesome. Very helpful.

  13. Vickie Gallo

    This is full of great tips!

  14. Deb E

    I’m just getting started with essential oils so this guide is helpful with easy recipes I can use with just basic household ingredients and essential oils. The room spray recipe is one I’ll try, as my goal is to use less chemicals in my life.

  15. Trish F

    If you love essential oils like I do, you will love this guide. I think I will try the floor wash today!

  16. Adella Gonzalez

    Great tips!

  17. Tammy Catterton

    I have to say love a book like this one to show how to do natural beauty remedies

  18. Samantha Tedesco

    The perfect guide if you love essential oils!

  19. Erica Boscio

    Great guide, natural is always the best!

  20. Theresa C.

    Love the history of essential oils – great book!

  21. Viktoriya Manchik

    Very interesting! A lot of good tips

  22. JanR

    Great tips thanks very much

  23. Anna

    I am a fan of essential oils and this guide is very interesting for me.

  24. TJ

    This has information that is very helpful. I honestly did not know about most of these things until I read this. I would recommend it.

  25. Christina Almond

    Great information and really good recipes! Love it!

  26. Sara S

    Great reference for essential oils!

  27. Beth Carr

    This is such a great resource guide. Thank you!

  28. Joana Oliveira Silva

    in love with this! great

  29. susan smoaks

    This is very helpful. I am glad I read it.

  30. Jessica Matheson

    Great products, very informative.

  31. Leanne

    Very helpful guide . Learned a lot about essential oils that I didn’t know .

  32. Jenna Hudson

    Great resource for those starting out with essential oils!

  33. Rachel Beltz

    If you are unfamiliar with essential oils- this is a wonderful place to start! I loved the beauty “recipes”!

  34. Tiffany Tisdale


  35. MD Kennedy

    So much I thought I knew about essential oils – but didn’t! Thank you for a great guide!

  36. Shannon Davis

    So excited to find this guide on here. For beginners like me this is so helpful!

  37. Lynne B

    Thanks for the great facial treatment recipes!

  38. Jeanne Coulombe

    Great info thanks for all the tips

  39. Shanna

    LOVE this!! Very helpful!

  40. carol clark

    Really helpful hints that you need to know love it

  41. Julie Ikeda

    This book is very informational for new learners and advanced learners alike.

  42. Josie

    Great book with great tips

  43. Alexis Forest

    A very helpful guide. Thank you for making it so easy to understand!

  44. Rhiannon Kyle


  45. Kristin Moore

    Awesome tips and tricks!

  46. Cassandra G.

    I love it – so much information, straight forward and very helpful. Thank you for putting so much work into this!

  47. Darcy L Koch

    I am glad I found a new essential oil. I sure learned a lot. I frequently read the downloads, etc, while using my oils.

  48. Darcy L Koch

    I enjoyed reading this download and will refer to it as needed. I do use oils and am always looking for new information.

  49. Cooper Lu

    Great book and tips, very useful

  50. Jo Fowler

    Really helpful, thanks

  51. Jessica Harrington

    Well-designed, well-organised and easy to read.

  52. Collette SR

    Loved the way it gave a very brief history and explained various methods of obtaining oils. Cannot wait to try out those recipes!

  53. Tandi Cortez

    Has AMAZING tips! Thank you! 100% recommended!

  54. Tabitha

    I can’t wait to get my eguide!! I am needing some guidance with essential oils!

  55. Jessica Cotton

    Everything you would need to live a healthy and natural life. I can’t wait to try the recipes for face and body scrubs as well as the room spray.

  56. Charlette Bond

    Easy to read and follow. I am excited to try something new.

  57. Lynne B

    Thanks for showing how essentiL oils can replace harmful chemicals in everyday products.

  58. Lamar Bowen

    Interesting recipes, looking forward to trying some of these out.

  59. MD Kennedy

    Fantastic resource if you are looking to keep your home clean and fresh without phony smells!

  60. Amber Burke

    Very helpful for beginners!

  61. Billie

    I have been using essential oils for my anxiety for many years and I always love to read new information about other oils and their uses and benefits – love this e-guide!

  62. Shelby Coffman

    Great Read!

  63. Cathy Burnett

    I know essential oils have been a hot item for a while now, but I have never joined this bandwagon. Reading about your oils has helped me to understand a little more about them, and I hope that I win this giveaway so that I am able to give them a try. Thank you for this generous offer.

  64. Czarina Alicea

    I love essential oils and this gave me more insight on oils. I was all about using them for their amazing smells not knowing theres so much more to it.

  65. Kathleen Stevens

    This ebook gave me basic information about essential oils. That was great because I don’t know much about them. It was nice to learn that essential oils not only have physical uses but also can be used to affect our emotional needs. Wow!

  66. Amanda

    Very helpful!

  67. Colleen

    Great tips! I definitely need to use some to unwind more.

  68. Trish F

    Love the essential oil recipes, I can’t wait to try them.

  69. Collette SR

    love essential oils and its nice to know the background! There are some lovely recipes to try the only problem I have is which to choose first

  70. Rosanne

    I’ve used essential oils for a dozen years. It was interesting to read the history of them. I really had thought it was somewhat of a newer fad until I read this.

  71. Mary

    Essential oils have so many great uses. This guide is so helpful.

  72. dana

    Already knew most of this … but it’s great to have it re-inforced

  73. Brigitte Walsh

    There are some really great tips and helpful advice in this e-guide!

  74. Elaine Douglas

    wow lots of great info!

  75. Michael

    Wow great stuff

  76. Lindsey

    I love essential oils. They have so many uses, and last longer than candles!

  77. Lindsey

    This e guide is awesome! I love essential oils. They have so many uses, and last longer than candles!

  78. kayla sheehan

    incredibly helpful in teaching me different ways to use my oils and to cut toxic chemicals out of my life

  79. Elisse

    Love the guide and saved it- I love using essential oils, and it gave me lots of new ideas for things for me to try!

  80. Teresa Henson

    There is some very helpful information in this guide. When I get off here I am going to check and see if I have all the ingredients to make the room spray! Thanks!

  81. stephanie caddick

    Great advise – Thank you

  82. Robert Teich

    Just from reading the item…Im in love and need to try for myself one day soon. Love the feedback from everyone

  83. Patricia Hoffmeister


  84. Wendy Browne

    I’m a skeptic but I do like the nice scents.

  85. Robyn Bellefleur

    This is great! Offers tons of great advice.

  86. Anneka Avery

    Essential Oils are making a huge come back and this is an area of interest to me in particular as I have Fibromyalgia and M.E. CFS – this guide has helped me identify oils that are of interest and also given me some history! I’d highly recommend it!

  87. Barb Monarch Townsend-Batten


  88. Rikki marsala

    great advice. learnt alot more than expected actually

  89. Amy Donahue

    Very nice guide for someone who is just learning about essential oils. I enjoyed the recipes and want to make the room spray in particular.

  90. Richard Hicks

    Filled with lots of useful information!

  91. Rajee Pandi

    so helpful

  92. Felicity Massey

    Have just tried your rosemary, tangerine and ginger face-scrub. I love it!

  93. Debo Berard

    lemon very refreshing

  94. Darlene Howard

    Very informative, will definitely be put to good use.

  95. Michael DeFren

    Wow great stuff

  96. Amy Donahue

    Would be great for a beginner!

  97. Jessica Matheson

    Really amazing

  98. mara

    i use few essential oils, and have some basic knowlage about it. i mostly use lemon, mentha and rosemary. i like the looks of this guide, size of letters are big which i like since my sight is a bit blury. i learned oils can be used for more things then just enjojing their smell, like. face scrubs or masks. all in all its interesting.

  99. Este

    Amazing how your life can be change with essential oils. This guide gives a great introduction.

  100. Blaire Ruch

    This guide looks awesome

  101. Rebecca O.

    A lot of great information packed in here.

  102. Tracy B

    Great guide. Very informative and I particularly like the recipes. Looking forward to trying them out.

  103. Marianna

    Great advice 4 natural living

  104. sandra

    you wont be disappointed the information is very useful

  105. Scott Lowery

    I’ve seen these oils do amazing things. Very beneficial.

  106. Andy

    Wonderful book for everyone who wants to know more about essential oils

  107. Alan Parratt

    Smells good in fact I have not smelt better in a long time.

  108. Donna Kozar

    Great info

  109. Kimberly Bryan

    Very helpful information. I’ve never used essential oils or a diffuser before but sounds like something I’d benefit from using.

  110. Dennis Swanson


  111. Nabil Magdy

    Nice and looks elegant too.

  112. Diana M Scholz

    Such a great, informative guide!

  113. Sharon Schoepe

    Very helpful with tons of great advice

  114. Gayle Watkins

    Thank you. Very informative and interesting.

  115. Pamela

    Great tool to gain some significant knowledge! Love it!

  116. Trish F

    Ridding toxins in the home are a must these days and this little booklet will help.

  117. Victoria Sparrow

    Great little guide which is perfect for beginners. Like the recipes. Can’t wait to try the facemask!

  118. Alice S

    I can’t wait to dive into this guide! I need chemical free ways to improve my life.

  119. Vera S

    This is my first chance to learn about Essential Oils. What a great chance to learn the tried and true ways.

  120. Christina Gould

    This is the first I’ve heard of your company. What a great guide. Thanks for posting!

  121. Lisa Green

    Very informative, loved the great recipes .

  122. Trisha McKee

    This was an amazing help in my introduction to essential oils and holistic treatments. Thank you for sharing this guide.

  123. Devona Fryer

    Wow what a great guide on the benefits of oil aromatherapy!

  124. Irena Matković

    Thank you for these tips!

  125. MD Kennedy

    I continue to refer back to your guide when I am using essential oils. Thank you so much!

  126. andie

    First time hearing of your particular brand but I’m very happy to have something to reference while at home.

  127. Annelore

    Love the product, would recommend.

  128. Shira

    Tons of great advice! Using aromatherapy turns my home yoga practice to a whole new experience. Thank you.

  129. julie r

    love the household helpers great book

  130. Ani F Isaac

    Super helpful for a novice like me.

  131. Trisha McKee

    Such amazing information! This is the place you need to go to know everything needed.

  132. Susan Marina Brown Lane

    Informative and easy to read! Would be great if there was more content!

  133. Deb E

    I like the easy to do recipes. I’ll have to look for the charcoal tablets since it’s so much cheaper to do myself.

  134. Carrie Lancon

    So very helpful and very easy to understand.

  135. Jacqueline

    Absolutely sensational!! It truly is remarkable I will most definitely recommend this to my family and friends!!

  136. Kathy Lane

    This e-guide has lots of useful tips. I want to learn more about how to relieve stress with aromatherapy.

  137. Kay Z

    Great tips and useful information about the benefits of essential oils.

  138. Nicholas Miller


  139. katie k

    I love that it has both general practical advice and specific guidance for how to use oils

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