Utama Spice Brand Story: Twenty Years of Natural Beauty

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Melanie Templer always had an inquisitive mind and when she settled in Bali, Indonesia; her love for nature and curiosity only heightened. In this interview, she shares about her battle with itchy skin and how she found a raw remedy in Bali.

The birth of Utama Spice

Upon discussing with a Balinese local about her stubborn skin issue, they recommended coconut oil and ginger; among others to her. With a deep passion for natural wellness, Melanie found a solution to her problem in nature. From this point, she developed a love for learning about ancient plants and traditional Balinese remedies which ultimately lead to the creation of Utama Spice.

This gradual discovery expanded her knowledge based on holistic healing through natural raw materials. She embarked on making a natural incense for her personal use. This was her first product in which she consulted the Dayu Suci, a woman who had a wealth of knowledge in Indonesian herbal medicine. Dayu Suci provided vital guides for gum resins and flowers and the end product (Temple Spice) was simply amazing. It is this collaboration by two women with a keen love for nature that led to the birth of Utama Spice in 1989. It all started in a simple household kitchen, and the rest is history.

Melanie Templer first entertained the idea of going commercial thanks to a friend from California who had visited her in Bali. This woman was amazed at the high-quality natural massage oil that Melanie had created. She ordered the massage oil for her shop in California and also requested additional fragrances be created. According to Melanie, this was a sign that more people would benefit from natural healing brought about by herbal products.

Utama Spice: A pioneer traditional skincare company

To say that Utama Spice is a pioneer in the traditional skin care industry is an understatement. This company has been passionate about applying and preserving Balinese herbal knowledge. The result is to give people beautiful skin naturally and to promote the ancient practices that are quickly being eroded by modernity. They emphasize the importance of sticking to natural wellness and tapping into the raw power of nature to provide unparalleled healing and wellness. The company prides itself in using 100% pure and natural ingredients to make its skin care products.

Synthetic beauty products seem to have taken over. However, the major downside to the added chemicals in skincare products is the harsh effect they have. Utama Spice is working to fill this gap; to provide an alternative that works naturally and effectively. The company works to remind all people that there is power in nature and natural healing is possible. Through herbs and spices, they have created excellent products ranging from balms to soaps, body butters and essential oils.

The pioneering work started by Melanie Templer and Dayu Suci is evident even today. Utama Spice is a company anchored on the Balinese philosophy Tri Hita Karana. This means that the company is committed to preserving and respecting nature, all humanity and the divine. To this end, the company employs ethical practices that impact the environment positively. The brand has always supported the work of local farmers while undertaking research on best practices. More specifically, Utama Spice continues to empower bee farming and seaweed farming while promoting organic practices for farming.

Local farmers produce all the ingredients that make Utama Spice products. The skin is the largest organ in the body and feeding it with the right food is essential. In this respect, the company truly believes that if you cannot cook it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin.

Utama Spice top notch production facility

In terms of best practices to produce natural skincare products, Utama Spice is a leader. As alluded to above, every ingredient is meticulously produced and selected. The quality must be the best to produce the purest skincare products. The company has a team of workers who pay close attention to every detail. The factory has been compared to a kitchen where a group of chefs gather to create the most amazing products. All surfaces are stainless steel to avoid cross contamination. The surfaces are also kept sterile to the highest standards of hygiene. Most of the team members have worked with the company for over ten years and in this regard; this is one big family brought together by a passion for good natural skincare and wellness.

The team comprises of about 40 people who make every product by hand; giving that personal touch. Every stage is checked to guarantee high standards for optimum quality control. The hand-crafted products are like no other because the quality is assured. The production of skincare products at Utama Spice is done with passion by experienced people who deliver the right food for your skin. The company is also proud to have a youthful workforce mainly made up of women from local villages. These workers have great knowledge and experience with herbal medicine. Team leaders always encourage creativity and feedback. This works to help improve and explore new products for the market. The working environment at Utama Spice is full of learning and fun. The setting is serene and this is one of the secret ingredients to creating a powerful line of natural skincare products.

Utama Spice Brand: A global natural skincare company

From the humble beginnings of Utama Spice in a household kitchen, the brand has really grown over the years. The products have enjoyed more recognition from customers all around the world. The company in the past few years has been led by a youthful management comprising of Ria Templer and Skyler Grant as co-managers. Ria is the daughter of founder Melanie Templer and since she took over from her mother, Utama Spice has reached new heights. With an interactive storefront in Sanur and a shop in Ubud, Utama Spice products are being consumed by more people. Also, the products can be found across many regions of Asia. Now, the brand has gone global through their website, all people, no matter where they are, can enjoy the natural goodness of Utama Spice.

Ria Templer and the future of Utama Spice

When Ria Templer and Skyler took over, the company was largely dependent on bulk spa sales. The new management however saw the great retail potential the Utama Spice brand had. By changing the packaging and leveraging on their private label, they opened a new shop and expanded their market base. From the late 80s, the company has grown from a small team in a kitchen to employing well over 40 people. Ria is still committed to the vision of supporting and empowering local communities and their families.

Ria and the management at Utama Spice are excited at crafting their own dream by running the company. However, she reveals that balancing all the tasks involved takes work and commitment. She also knows that finding the right solutions to problems is a process and that making mistakes is part of the learning journey. As a youthful spirit in the company, her passion is evident. Regarding the high quality and efficacy of Utama Spice products, Ria attributes this to the use of natural and pure ingredients in every product. No additives are used, and this is solely responsible for the best skin outcomes. She insists that feeding your body with natural ingredients will have better results than choosing synthetic options.

In fact, Utama Spice is different from its competitors because its products are 100% natural. No binders or colorants are used giving every customer the very best that nature has to offer. The company targets all people who are looking for natural alternatives to skincare and wellness. In this regard, the demographic has greatly expanded as more and more people turn away from products with harmful chemicals in them.

Ria is an avid user of Utama Spice products herself. Her favorites include virgin coconut oil, essential oils, Cocoa Love, Begone Bug and its lip balms. When she is not working, Ria loves to traverse the region touring the vast rice fields in Abagan and climbing local mountains. She also loves to see the white cranes in a small village outside Ubud called Kokokan. She loves the idea of lounging on the beach and hiking mountains equally. She is proud to have her mother’s adventurous spirit.

An overview of Utama Spice products

If you are keen on natural high quality skincare and wellness products, Utama Spice products are for you. You can buy these products on Amazon and you can also order directly from the website. More than twenty years ago, the company started off with a bug spray and incense. However, they have expanded their product portfolio to give you a great variety for your needs. The following is an insight into the products sold by Utama Spice.

Bath and shower

For a rejuvenating bath or shower, you can consider the liquid soap options by Utama Spice. You can choose an antiseptic liquid soap, lavender, lemongrass, mint and tangerine liquid soap. The great news is that all these products are worth less than $10 on sale.

Body care

For the wholesome care of your body, you will find body balm, body butter and body oil. Your body butter options include Cocoa Love, Lavender, Lemongrass Ginger, Rose Allure and Tropical Flower body butter. If you prefer body oil, you will find Lemongrass Ginger, Lavender and Aphrodisia body oil. Fresh Soul body balm is a great option for treating dry or damaged skin, such as small cuts, bites, and grazes.

Essential oils

Utama Spice has a whole range of essential oils and oil sets. Consider the Nature’s Aid , Perfect Balance and Revival essential oil sets. For individual essential oil products, you will find Bergamot, Cajeput, Cananga, Citronella, Clove, Lavender, Lemon, Mint, Orange, Patchouli, Rosemary and Tea Tree essential oils. This is indeed a one-stop brand for all your oil needs.

Face care

Most people will want a natural face care product that delivers. Utama Spice natural face serum will work great for dry and aging skin.

Hair care

The company has excellent hair oil that includes Lavender, Wellkiss and Senja hair oil. Tap into the natural goodness of natural hair oils for amazing results.

Other Utama Spice products

If you are in need of natural bug spray, candles, incense sticks and yoga mat spray, this is a great brand for you. They also have a wide selection of aromatherapy diffusers that cater to your individual needs. This is not just a natural bodycare products brand, it is a trusted partner in holistic wellness and beauty.

Natural living resources by Utama Spice

From the onset, this company envisioned sharing information of natural living and wellness through its products. In addition, the company provides resources and guides to help every person tap into natural beauty and health. It is for this reason that they have compiled a comprehensive e-guide with 14 pages of invaluable information. They show you how to make skin care products through simple recipes at home. The guide also delves into the heart of essential oils and what they are. You will also learn about the evolution of these oils, extraction methods and their major uses. This guide is completely free of charge once you sign up for the newsletter.

Take time to look at the reviews by consumers of this brand. Also, check out reviews of the e-guide mentioned above. You will be amazed at the positive feedback. This brand is in the business of transforming your life through natural products and worthy resources. Once you tap into natural beauty and health, you will certainly go through life with confidence in your walk towards acquiring your dreams; while contributing to society positively.

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