Frankincense: A Favorite Essential Oil with Far-Reaching Benefits

Frankincense: A Favorite Essential Oil with Far-Reaching Benefits

Native to the Middle East and northern Africa, frankincense is popularly known as ‘olibanum’ in Arabic. This awesome essential oil is derived from the Boswellia tree and today, the Middle East as well as Somalia and Ethiopia are the leading suppliers of this oil to the world. The most common traditional use of frankincense was aromatherapy. It was a staple when it came to incense burning in many religions and cultures. Today, many still use this incense for spiritual cleansing. Scientists have come to learn that the incense has the power to kill off pathogens in the air as well; so, it can literally cleanse your air for a healthier life.

Types of frankincense essential oils

The Boswellia tree has many species and to this end, every species produces a different type of essential oil. Some oils are more potent than others and in this regard, their healing benefits may differ. In fact, different oils vary in chemical composition and the most common type is frankincense carterii. This is a sweet and citrusy oil that has many merits. This oil type is rich in alpha-pinene and monoterpenes. In light of this, you enjoy immune-boosting properties for your body. This is also a great oil for skin health. 

Another type of frankincense oil is one sourced from the highlands of Somalia. It is called frankincense frereana. It is unique and comes with healing benefits as well. In general, frankincense essential oil has many benefits for your health. If you have never used it, this article sheds more light to show you how you can tap into natural beauty and overall health. Below is a more detailed look into the top benefits of using this oil.

Top benefits of frankincense essential oil  

Boost the quality of sleep

If you have trouble sleeping at night, you probably have stress and anxiety. With this reality, it is hard to relax and fall asleep deeply. You can aid your sleep naturally by using frankincense oil. The scent is known to calm your nerves and boost better breathing, making falling asleep easier. At an age where sleeping pills have become the order of the day, choosing a natural sleeping aid is a healthier option. Some people use this oil to eliminate the aches and pains that keep them up at night. If you simply want to enhance the quality of your sleep, try this essential oil and see the natural difference.

Anti-aging and skin healing

Aging skin has many problems ranging from dryness to age spots. Frankincense essential oil will firm the skin and delay the aging process. If you suffer from scars, this is also a good option to fade them. From acne scars to surgery scars and even stretch marks, this oil has been found beneficial. For dry skin that is cracking, the oil acts like a steroid to tackle a myriad of skin problems. Therefore, it is an excellent natural toner for skin with anti aging properties. If you have redness and irritation on the skin, the oil is also great and there is evidence to support this. The structure of frankincense is composed of pentacyclic triterpene which is responsible for this good effect.

Enhance your memory

There are many factors that can cause brain fog. This can impact your memory and leave you vulnerable in many ways. Frankincense oil has been seen to boost both learning functions and memory. You can sharpen your abilities naturally by using this vital oil. More studies are being undertaken to fully understand how this oil boosts memory and learning functions in humans.

Support digestion

If you have stomach problems like bloating and constipation, this is an oil that can relieve the problem. It promotes bowel movements by sparking the production of digestive enzymes. It also boosts the production of urine. It also eases nausea, stomach pains, leaky gut issues, IBS, chronic colitis and so on. Therefore, if you are looking for a natural way to boost your digestive function, this oil has been found effective. With an optimal digestive system, you can be sure to improve skin health as well.   

Other uses of frankincense oil

The oil has antimicrobial benefits and it will kill harmful bacteria effectively. Therefore, many people use it as a natural flu medicine. It can also help tackle colds. If you need to relieve your stress, you can soak in a frankincense bath and get refreshed as needed. It promotes relaxation and you can tap into the aromatherapy benefits therein. Because it is an astringent and can kill both viruses and bacteria, this oil is also used as a natural household cleaner. In addition, there are oral care products that contain frankincense oil. It can prevent dental decay and infections naturally. If you are dealing with any kind of inflammation and pain, this oil also helps. This means that joint and muscle pain can be soothed this way. The list of benefits and uses goes on and on.

How to use frankincense oil

Using this oil is easy when you have good DIY recipes. The best carrier oils to use with frankincense oil are coconut and jojoba oils. Shea butter is also another consideration. Lavender and jasmine essential oils blend well with frankincense.

Does frankincense oil have any side effects?

There are no known reports pointing to ill side effects of this oil. Most people tolerate it well. Having said that, using any essential oil must be done with caution. Because the oils are usually very potent, you have to use the recommended amount. Most times, the oil should be used as a blend or in water. Used wrongly, the oil can burn your skin or cause some irritation. Therefore, be careful; especially when making your own oil blend at home. Otherwise, this is one of the most celebrated essential oils. More people are coming to learn and enjoy the many benefits of frankincense essential oil.


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