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5 Beauty Benefits of Argan Oil

5 Beauty Benefits of Argan Oil

There is a reason why argan oil is also known as ‘liquid gold’, and it has little to do with the color of the oil. Argan oil has been used in a variety of cosmetic ways for thousands of years, and it’s an ingredient that we reach for regularly in our natural body products.

Here are 5 beauty benefits of argan oil:


Argan oil is naturally abundant in Vitamin E and fatty acids, which give the skin a much needed nutrient boost while providing easy to absorb moisture. Argan oil is known to absorb into the skin without feeling greasy, so it can be used just about everywhere it is needed on the body.

Shine boost

For hair, taking a few drops of argan oil, rubbing the oil between the palms, then working the oil into the hair will give you a shine boost that is friendly to any style. Either before or after blow drying, you’ll find that the hair is not only shiny, but less frizzy and more manageable as well.


When it comes to acne treatment, an oil is usually the last thing people consider. While many oils exacerbate acne breakouts, argan oil isn’t one of them. Applying a couple drops of argan oil to acne afflicted skin can help to soothe blemishes, regulate the skin’s oil production, and combat scarring from past breakouts.

Sagging and stretch marks

Sagging skin and stretch marks are difficult skin concerns that too many feel that they simply have to live with. With argan oil, you have a simple solution. The Vitamin E in the oil helps to increase the elasticity of the skin while lightening scarring, so current stretch marks can be lightened while developing additional stretch marks is less likely.

Anti-aging benefits

Argan oil also provides natural anti-aging benefits, with both its anti-oxidant and Vitamin E properties working hand-in-hand. With regular use, the oil works to combat the signs of aging by protecting the skin from further damage while repairing past damage and bringing the skin’s natural elasticity back.

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  • Lynne B
    by Lynne B

    While I haven't experimented much with essential oils, I have done so with carrier oils, like argan. I love it.

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      I didn't know all of this!!

      • Stephanie Bennett
        by Stephanie Bennett

        This is so interesting...I am so tired of synthetic stuff

  • Daniella
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    Just got a bottle of Argan Oil in my collection. Love the stuff.

  • Jessica H
    by Jessica H

    Love argan oil for my hair! Never tried it for acne learn something new every day :)

  • MD Kennedy
    by MD Kennedy

    I so agree! I have been using argan oil for several years for my face (moisturizer) and hair (after drying - use VERY sparingly!).

  • Carl G
    by Carl G

    I did not know anything about argon oil . Nice article with information on it's benefits.

  • natasha manchester
    by natasha manchester

    I agree! I love argan oil- been using it for a few years now!

    • Eileen Royal
      by Eileen Royal

      It definitely is a great oil.

  • Amy Welling
    by Amy Welling

    I use argon oil on my skin more than my I may be missing out!!

  • lindsay
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    love argan oil for my skin!

  • Lucinda Beckett
    by Lucinda Beckett

    ive always used argan oil for my over bleached hair, lol, works wonders for the dryness!

  • Valerie Schlicht
    by Valerie Schlicht

    Its great for your hair!

  • amber hinely
    by amber hinely

    i really want to start trying oils

  • Rosanne
    by Rosanne

    I have used Argan Oil for my frizzy hair but have not thought to use it for sagging skin another side of aging

  • Rachel Moliere
    by Rachel Moliere

    I just started using oils and I love it!

  • Wilson McArthur
    by Wilson McArthur

    This is an excellent product

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    Argan oil sounds like it has some great benefits. I'd like to try it.

  • Melissa
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    i love that this oil has so many uses! one of my faves!

  • Jennifer M.
    by Jennifer M.

    I think I will by some Argan oil,,,sounds very good!

  • Elizabeth Brooks
    by Elizabeth Brooks

    Will have to try for achne

  • Jill
    by Jill

    I started using argan oil on my face a few months ago and it really helps with the dryness.

    by ANNA NGO

    Such helpful info. Thank you.

  • Cheryl Burns
    by Cheryl Burns

    great information I would love to try oils but had no idea how until now

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  • Mel B
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    It helps my hair grow.

  • Amber
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    I love my oils!

  • Amina zafar
    by Amina zafar

    love Argan oil for my hair

  • Michelle Fiorelli
    by Michelle Fiorelli

    Argon oil has helped revive my skin.

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    Love argan oil.

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  • Sandra J Lebeau
    by Sandra J Lebeau

    I purchased some of this on a trip at the factory where it was made, I loved it and use it all the time.

  • Trish F
    by Trish F

    Thanks for all of the benefits of Argan oil. I was not aware of all of them. I knew about the shiny hair benefit which I have experienced myself after the very first use, but I didn't know it worked on scares, acne, skin elasticity and anti aging. I'm going to start adding the oil to some of my other self care routines.

  • liz BARR
    by liz BARR

    I'm a beginner trying to learn as much as I can.

  • Joyce Hill
    by Joyce Hill

    I have a small jar of Argan oil, I've been using it mostly in the bathroom for hair and face moisturizing, want to try it as a massage oil one day.

  • Donna Clifford
    by Donna Clifford

    I never knew Argan oil has so many uses.

  • Tracey L
    by Tracey L

    I love argan oil! It has so many uses and it's so hydrating! I'm obsessed!

  • Lisa Gavin
    by Lisa Gavin

    Argan oil did wonders for my mom! Unfortunately I am unable to use due to my rosacea. Darn rosacea!

  • Sandra Watts
    by Sandra Watts

    I really like how argan oil feels when I use it. It is one of my favorites.

  • Sandy Klocinski
    by Sandy Klocinski

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  • MelodyJ
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  • Taiyyab Jamali
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  • Lynn Tereba
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  • Taiyyab Jamali
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  • Laura
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  • Joyce
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  • Kerry P
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  • donna Ouimette
    by donna Ouimette

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  • Sabrina Zehner
    by Sabrina Zehner

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  • Karen Travis-Eaddy
    by Karen Travis-Eaddy

    Quality essential oils have many uses and it's great that you have so many articles about uses a lot of people haven't heard of.

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