4 Reasons You Should Be Using Face Serum

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Soft, sexy, and youthful skin bursts with hydration and nutrients. While a day cream can seal moisture onto your skin’s surface, you need another solution that can deeply nourish your skin to make it more supple. This secret step occurs right after you wash your face and put on your topical moisturizer— applying an oil-based face serum.

The fussiest of beauty aficionados know that going the extra mile does wonders for the skin. While others may view a face serum as just an additional moisturizer, the skincare world acknowledges it as a vital step to lock in more moisture and nutrients that keep your skin sultry and smooth.

What is face serum?

Utama Spice 100% Natural Face SerumIf we’ve piqued your curiosity but you don’t know where to start, let’s get down to the basics. What is face serum? It’s your secret weapon against aging and skin damage. Serums can either be oil or water-based, however, both types are packed with moisture and nutrition that penetrate your skin.

People usually apply water-based serums after washing their face and before they use a moisturizer. Oil-based serums, on the other hand, have larger molecules, so they are applied after the moisturizer to lock in nutrients and hydration. The type you use will be based on your personal preference and individual skin care needs.

Why you should use Utama Spice Face Serum

Utama Spice’s 100% Natural Face Serum is an oil-based facial serum that is designed to lock in moisture all day while supplying vital nutrition to your skin. Here are four reasons why you should be using this product.

It Contains Only Natural Ingredients

Not all serums out there are good for your skin. Many products contain harsh chemicals in order to skimp on costs, but the reduction of quality is obvious with the minimal results or irritated skin. However, Utama Spice Face Serum uses only natural ingredients that benefit your body.

By eliminating any synthetic fillers and scents, this serum is highly concentrated with active ingredients that pour nutrition into your skin. Our Natural Face Serum’s three main ingredients are Argan Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, and Coconut Oil which, when combined with other natural oils and extracts, leave your skin refreshed and glowing.

It Has Anti-Aging Benefits

Utama Spice 100% Natural Face Serum targets the two pain points of aging skin: dryness and hyper-pigmentation. Our serum improves your skin’s elasticity by hydrating it, which is the key to youthful looking skin. When skin ages, it gets dry and starts to sag. The Argan Oil in our facial serum promotes the production of cells that keep your skin supple, hydrated and plump, which reduces the appearance of fine lines. Meanwhile, Jojoba Oil fades age spots while restoring a youthful glow to your skin. Natural Virgin Coconut Oil adds another layer of softness by allowing more moisture to nourish your skin.

You Get A Brighter & Healthier Complexion

According to Dr. Carlos A. Charles, an expert in skin care, using a serum regularly will result in firmer skin, smaller pores, and a smoother texture. Dryness is another aspect of distressed skin that the regular application of serum can mitigate.

No matter what your age, your skin can always use some pampering, and serum does just that by restoring a glow to tired skin. Face serums are great companions to heavier moisturizers so that your skin gets all the support it needs to stay youthful, and gorgeous.

Your Skin Looks Better in Makeup

Healthier skin simply looks good bare, so it looks even better in makeup. You don’t need pounds of makeup to get a naturally beautiful look when you work on the canvas that is your skin. After all, the fewer problems you have with your skin, the less you have to conceal.

Your key to getting great skin is to make it healthy and hydrated with the support of Utama Spice 100% Natural Face serum. The natural components of this serum can reduce your need to use concealers and foundation because your skin won’t need much intervention to look healthy and even-toned. Serums also reduce the size of your pores and lighten dark spots, two reasons why people wear a lot of makeup.

Look great by doing less by getting great skin!

Get Utama Spice Facial Serum

You have nothing to lose and only beautiful skin to gain when you try Utama Spice 100% Natural Face Serum. It’s packed with vital skin nutrition and free of any synthetic ingredients, designed to soothe your skin and guard it against premature aging and damage. To find out more about our facial serum and our other excellent skin care products post a comment below or contact us.


20 thoughts on “4 Reasons You Should Be Using Face Serum

  1. Sandy Klocinski says:

    I’m 70 and I’ve battled redness since about I was about 20. Then I discovered Face Serum. Seriously it is amazing.I have been using it for only a few days, and the change is starting to show.

  2. Jennifer D Raska says:

    I am 39 and I have began using a anti-aging routine a couple of years ago. I start after I wash my face in the morning with applying my Retinal cream then at night using my coconut oil with a lock in serum. I have wasted alot of money as they can be very expensive and all promise the same thing, but the essential oils seemed to work better for me.

  3. impreza says:

    Using serums is another way to help feed and sustain my skin by giving it extra nutrients and support. It’s easy to pop a few drops on in the morning and night.

  4. Amanda says:

    I have a new found opinion of facial serums – I never realized they were necessary when I already used a moisturizer

  5. Ri says:

    Serum has really helped me even though I have young skin. It has helped restore the moisture loss that I didn’t even recognise I had. Great article.

  6. rebecca foster says:

    Serum isn’t something I haven’t used in the past but I think it is about time that I did use on a daily basis anti ageing properties who doesn’t want to look younger for as long as they can!

  7. Maggie Karner says:

    Very informative. I knew about the rehydrating, nourishing and anti-aging but I didn’t realise it assists with make-up. I tried it after reading this and it actually works. Thank you

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