Everything You Need to Know About the Benefits of Body Mist

benefits of body mist

A few years ago, one of my friends set me up with a guy she knew from her college.

He was charming, and we kinda hit it off the day we met at my friend’s birthday party. He asked me out, and I couldn’t say no. Oh boy, was he charming.

And to this day, I regret that one awful mistake I made on our first date.

Let me paint the picture for you…

Why You Need Body Mist

The weather was slightly hot and humid. As I walked three blocks down to the restaurant, I had started to sweat a little. So I spritzed my neck and wrists with my regular perfume before entering the restaurant. Honestly, I overdid it.

And as I sat across from him, something struck me. I realized the scent was so strong that it made me uncomfortable – to the extent that I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

citrus delight body mist by utama spice

Long story short, I fell out of the conversation, and he never called me again. So silly of me.

I wish I had known about body mists before…

A body mist is softer and less concentrated than perfumes. Most body mists are even lighter than Eau De Toilette. Since they are subtle and can last 2-3 hours, you can use them when you want to smell nice, but don’t want to announce your presence as perfume does.

Benefits of Body Mist

Body mists offer a variety of benefits. Let’s dive right into it.

Skin benefits

Body mist can be directly applied to the skin to keep it refreshed and hydrated for a long time. It is fragrant like perfume and non-sticky, unlike a moisturizer. Win-win, right?

A perfect after-shower treatment, body mist can extend the refreshing effect with a pleasing aroma and feel-good vibes. It makes perfect sense because your skin pores open up after a bath and therefore absorb the mist effectively.

Also, applying body mist before bed can have immense calming effects to help you sleep better. Though there may not be substantial scientific evidence of this, yet some users find it relaxing and sleep-inducing after a long day at work.

Wear your layers

Body mist, if used alone, will fade away in a couple of hours, and you may have to re-apply to maintain the subtle scent. However, when layered with a perfume or body lotion, body mist can offer lasting fragrance.

Body mists should never be advocated as a substitute for perfumes; rather, they are complementary and add an extra layer of scent to enhance the overall effect.

lavender fields body mist

Layering is really helpful for shopping lovers and party animals who wish to retain their scent without having to re-apply between activities. Depending on your mood and the kind of scent you are layering it with, you can choose from a variety of essences, such as citrus, lavender, minty and more.

Some body mists are enriched with pure, natural essential oils, making them more beneficial than the rest. Insisting on using chemical-free body mists is best.


Post-workout encounters can be embarrassing, especially when your body perspires more than usual, and not to mention, the body odor that lingers and often gets worse with perfume.

This is where a body mist can be a savior.

Working out makes your body sweat profusely in a short span of time, leaving your skin dehydrated and underarms unfresh. That’s why always carrying a body mist in your gym bag for post-and-pre-workout application is a great idea. Doing this will help keep your skin hydrated and prevent unpleasant odor. You will smell as fresh as a daisy.

Never leave your clothes alone

When the season changes, a big pile of your clothes go into the wardrobe and never see the light of day over the next couple of months. And when you take them out after what seems like ages, they almost always fail the sniff test.

So, before you stash your woollens away during winters, spritz the body mist around the garment and in your closet to keep them smelling nice and fresh until you need them again.

Body mists have a low concentration of essential oils, making them acceptable to come in light contact with even the most delicate of fabrics.

lady refreshes by applying body mist

Make your bed (smell nice)

If you have a habit of making your bed before sinking right into it, why not make your effort worthwhile? Give your bed a gentle spray and be ready to curl up in scented bliss. The light fragrance will calm you down and will help you get a goodnight sleep, every night.

Body mists are not only great for beds, but you can also spray them on upholstery, curtains and even in your car to make your daily commutes more delightful.

The body mist can stay in fabrics even longer than on skin, which means you don’t have to bother applying it over and again.

Hair benefits

Thanks to their lighter compositions, it’s safe to use body mist on your hair. However, it would help if you used a bit of caution here. Always make sure that the body mist you are buying is suitable for hair as well since not all body mists are created equal. Body mist made from all-natural ingredients are going to be more gentle.

Perfect for your hair care routine, hair mists keep your hair less oily while adding a subtle essence that keeps you going even without having to shampooed. It takes a few seconds and even fewer sprays to give your hair a quick, refreshing treatment.

Misting your hair before heading out is the easiest way to gain a bit of volume and shine. Sprying a body mist on your hair is a perfect pick-me-up for your lazy mornings and post-workout applications.

utama spice has five different kinds of body mist

Body mist as an anti-itch spray

Insect bites can leave your skin itchy for hours and even for the entire day. Spraying body mist over the affected area can ease the discomfort. Not only insect bites, but dryness can also leave your skin itchy and flaky. Body mist hydrates and rejuvenates the skin and locks in the moisture to give you smooth and supple skin.

If you are looking forward to making body mists part of your skincare routine, you can choose from a wide selection available at Utama Spice.


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  1. Laura Lubin says:

    So many uses, and lovely natural scents. I never want to smell like a tutti-frutti salad, so a Ocean Breeze sounds delightful for the summer.

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    I use Lavender body mist on my sheets before bedtime great for getting a good night’s sleep.

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