5 Reasons To Use Natural Deodorant

5 reasons to use natural deodorant
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When it comes to products you use daily, safety is very important. This is especially true when the product is ingested or topically applied because regular use of unsafe products can cause issues. Most of the time, people don’t think about what ingredients are in their products. For example, many people never think about what is in their deodorant. Deodorant is applied to the skin everyday. So it makes sense to use a natural deodorant. If you’ve never used a natural deodorant before, here are five reasons to consider trying one.

1. No Harsh Chemicals

A lot of skincare products use ingredients that can cause damage to the skin, negatively impact your health, and harm the environment. This is true for many types of deodorant as well. Many of the most common brands of deodorants use these harmful chemicals as their active ingredients. Making the switch to natural deodorant is a great way to avoid these damaging ingredients.

Unlike chemical deodorants and antiperspirants, natural deodorants use natural ingredients. These ingredients include plant-based extracts and essential oils. In our natural deodorant the active ingredients are arrowroot and baking soda. Both ingredients are sourced naturally and both work to absorb oil or moisture, leaving you feeling refreshed. Our deodorant also contains essential oils like lemon, rosemary, and fennel. These help kill the bacteria that causes body odor.

2. Avoid Skin Irritation

Many drugstore brand deodorants use artificial fragrances. Some of these may smell good but they can cause skin irritation. For people with sensitive skin, there’s also a risk of an allergic reaction. People with skin sensitivities can often develop redness and inflammation from the application of chemical-based deodorants. Even for those without sensitive skin, they can block pores causing dryness and itching.

Natural ingredients on the other hand like coconut and essential oil, nourish the skin. They are full of heavy fatty acids that can help add nutrients and create glowing skin. They are safe and gentle on skin, but very effective against odor. Natural deodorants also impart moisture and help keep your underarm skin soft. Using natural deodorant will help prevent any skin irritation that can be caused by synthetic ingredients.

3. Lasting Protection Against Body Odor

Many people believe that natural deodorants are ineffective. However, that could not be further from the truth. The most common active ingredient in synthetic deodorants is aluminum. Although aluminum does work to help stop perspiration and body odor, there are numerous peer-reviewed studies on the negative impacts of aluminum in the body. Aluminum essentially acts to kill the odor-causing bacteria that can be found when we sweat. However, there are numerous natural ingredients that have the same effectiveness.

For example, essential oils like lemon, lavender, and fennel have antibacterial qualities. They not only smell fantastic, they can help reduce odor from these bacteria. Further, when applied topically to the skin they impart essential nutrients and moisture. Natural ingredients also help combat things like clogged pores and itchiness.

4. Better For The Environment

Unfortunately, many of the health and beauty products we use everyday are terrible for the environment. They are made with ingredients that require heavy mining or with other damaging sourcing practices. Many of these synthetic ingredients can cause pollution and enter our water systems when we shower or wash our clothes. This is especially troubling when it comes to products we use every single day like deodorant. Being mindful of the ingredients in your health and beauty products can help you do more to protect the health of our planet.

Natural products derived from plants are a natural and renewable resource. Many are farmed on local farms using eco-friendly practices. Plant extracts are also safe for humans and animals. They don’t cause any environmental damage. So not only is natural deodorant safer and more effective, it can help you do more for the planet.

5. Avoid Damaging Your Clothes

Finally, one of the most annoying issues with synthetic and chemical deodorants is they can cause staining. These ingredients mix with our natural sweat and body oils and become discolored. As we sweat into fabrics, the fabrics hold the mixture. This can cause staining like yellow underarm stains on a bright white cotton shirt. These stains are often also very difficult to get out and require soaking and specialized cleansers. Sometimes they can even be permanent, ruining the garment.

Natural deodorant on the other hand does not cause any staining on fabrics. The oils are natural so they do not have a chemical change when mixed with moisture. Thus they will not cause discoloration. Natural oils are also very easy to wash out of clothing because they do not cling to the fibers. Using a natural deodorant doesn’t just protect your skin and the environment, it also protects your wardrobe.

How To Choose A Natural Deodorant

Once you’ve decided to make the switch, it’s important to know how to choose a natural deodorant. There are many options on the market that each have pros and cons. When you do a simple Google search you will find natural deodorant rocks, creams, and sticks. When choosing, make sure to look at the active ingredient. Many of these natural deodorants still use aluminum. Instead, look for active ingredients like baking soda or arrowroot. You’ll also want to look for a product that has a natural antibacterial agent like lavender essential oil. Finally, make sure that the deodorant contains a natural moisturizer like grape seed or coconut oil. This will help keep your skin supple and soft without blocking pores.

If you are looking to try natural deodorant for the first time, consider the deodorant from Utama Spice. Available in two delicious scent profiles, our natural deodorants are extremely popular. They work to fight odors, replenish the skin, and use naturally sourced ingredients. We know that once you make the switch, you will see all the benefits and start exclusively using natural deodorant. Give it a try today!

52 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Use Natural Deodorant

  1. Shirley O says:

    I have not tried natural deodorant but it is something I will consider soon. I prefer to use natural products when I can.

  2. LaMar says:

    I go back and forth between natural and more conventional deodorant/anti-perspirant. I find that the effectiveness is about the same for me.

  3. Sandi Tymchuk says:

    I have to admit that I am still not convinced: tried a natural deodorant once, did not work as well for me, so now very hesitant. However, maybe if I had a teenager they would start off with these natural products.

  4. Mishelle G says:

    I tried the crystal ones years ago and it didn’t work at all. I was wet thru my tee, and sweater I eventually put on to cover the tee.. and it was feb!!!

    Mishelle G

  5. Kristin W. says:

    I’m hesitant about natural deodorants because I much prefer antiperspirants. But I have heard good things about the Native brand. Something to consider!

  6. JeanD says:

    So much controversy about deodorants – I am skeptical.
    I wish I could try before I buy. I have tossed quite a few.

  7. David Hollingsworth says:

    I think I need to start using natural deodorants then, because they won’t harm under my arms.

  8. Elena Braccio says:

    I actually never thought about changing from my current deodorant to natural. Thanks for the information!!

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