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Choosing The Right Yoga Mat

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Did you know that there are numerous different types of yoga mats available? When you’re beginning to practice yoga, an all-in-one mat should prove serviceable. However, as you become more and more in tune with the practice, you may want to graduate to something that’s a little more worthwhile. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of […]

The Best Essential Oils You Can Use Without a Diffuser

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Did you know that you don’t always need a diffuser to get the awesome benefits of essential oils? Another popular way to use essential oils is by applying them topically to the skin or clothing. Doing so could provide a host of health benefits, allowing you to take advantage of the natural healing powers of essential oils.

A Beginner’s Guide to Blending Essential Oils

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Essential oils have been used for generations across the globe for health and wellness reasons. Today, more and more people are returning to natural alternatives to health and essential oils are regaining their relevance. You probably know the basic properties of the popular essential oils, for example lavender helps to relax your mood or aids […]

Top-6 Essential Oils to Keep in Your To-Go Kit

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If you have begun to integrate pure essential oils into your life, then you probably already aware of the vast list of benefits that they have to offer your health. Essential oils are quickly becoming a good alternative to products containing synthetic chemicals, including creams and lotions and even some over the counter medications. So, […]

6 Essential Oils Ideal for Allergies

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It is common knowledge that essential oils can help relieve the symptoms of allergies. However, knowing the right oil to use for the right allergic reaction is critical. In fact, using the wrong essential oil can make an allergic reaction worse. In addition, using the oil in the wrong quantity or application can be detrimental […]

10 Things to Eliminate To Improve Your Health

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There are many household products that can compromise your health. Many people do not notice the toxic elements that come in the form of cleaning products for example. The truth of the matter is that eliminating some items that you use daily can preserve your health significantly. Ultimately, reducing synthetic chemicals in your home is […]

Easy DIY Essential Oil Remedies to Treat Damaged Hair

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These days more and more people have to grapple with damaged hair. If you have split ends, this is certainly a sign of hair damage. However, hair damage is much deeper and widespread than just split ends. Your cuticles will suffer breakage or opening which makes room for more damage. Other signs of hair damage […]

Incense: An Ancient Aromatherapy Tool That is Still Relevant Today

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If you are new to incense, it is a term used to refer to aromatic natural materials that are burned to release fragrant smoke. Incense is made from a range of herbs, spices and plant resins, that varies by culture and tradition. Burning incense has great benefits ranging from health to spiritual and cultural effects.