Moonflower Incense 12 long sticks


Utama Spice’s natural incense sticks are made with locally sourced spices and herbs. Hand-rolled lovingly in Bali, the incense is infused with pure essential oils to make these incense sticks one of the cutest natural dupas
This long-burning incense is a blend of flowers, bark, herbs, oils, nuts and spices and does not use synthetic or endangered plants. Wrap in recycled paper. Handcrafted using Fair Trade and Tri Hita Karana principles.
Bamboo sticks, coconut charcoal, flowers, bark, herbs, pure essential oils, nuts and spices.
A pack of 12 long (30cm/12in) sticks.

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Utama Spice Incense Sticks are handcrafted from locally sourced flowers, bark, herbs, oils, nuts and spices, with absolutely no synthetic chemicals or endangered plants.
These sticks are wrapped and packaged in recycled paper.
For thousands of years, many cultures have burned incense for ritual, meditation, and healing purposes. The fragrant smoke released when burning incense has many pleasing properties.
Made from pure essential oils and locally sourced natural ingredients, the aroma of Moonflower is relaxing and calming. Adding cananga oil gives it a green aroma that relieves tension from everyday stress, while nutmeg oil reduces mental fatigue and calms the mind. Contains no synthetics or endangered plants.
• 100% natural ingredients.
• Warm green aroma.
• Good for relaxing the mind.
• Incense is rolled by hand.
Ingredients: Bamboo sticks, coconut charcoal, flowers, bark, herbs, oils, nuts and spices.
Pack of 12 long (30cm/12in) sticks
We have 3 different, unique and beautiful aromas for our natural incense. Check out Temple Spice and Begone Bug natural incense as well.

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