Easy DIY Essential Oil Remedies to Treat Damaged Hair

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These days more and more people have to grapple with damaged hair. If you have split ends, this is certainly a sign of hair damage. However, hair damage is much deeper and widespread than just split ends. Your cuticles will suffer breakage or opening which makes room for more damage. Other signs of hair damage include extreme dryness, dullness, hair loss, tangling that is extreme, very rough texture, poor moisture content, high porosity and poor elasticity. Thankfully, you can treat damaged hair effectively using essential oils. However, you need to approach this issue holistically. Knowing what caused the hair damage in the first place will help you prevent future damage.

Before looking at the top DIY essential oil hair damage remedies, let us consider the top causes of hair damage.

Use of chemicals on hair

Many people use chemicals for perming and relaxing hair. Those with hair prone to tangling will achieve smoother more manageable hair after using these chemicals. However, the reality is that using chemicals damages the hair cuticle which will lead to weak brittle hair. Use of hair chemicals for a long time or continuously will almost always damage the hair. Chemically altering the hair structure is therefore a major cause of hair damage. You can consider alternative hairstyle options like using hair weaves and wigs to protect your natural hair. If you must use chemicals, do it mildly and not over a long period of time.

Use of hair dyes or hair color

Coloring hair is considered very stylish and people can enjoy the freedom to look as they wish. However, hair dyes are made of chemicals that leave your hair shaft porous. Permanent hair dyes will do more harm compared to temporary dyes. In fact, when you have to use hair color, choose temporary dyes that just coat your hair cuticle instead of altering it completely. Bleaching your hair to change color also causes damage.

Styling hair with heat

From blow dryers to curling irons and flats irons, heat styling can wreak havoc to your hair. Heat will indeed straighten your hair but in the process, your hair shaft will become weak and dry. When heat styling is done too often, you can be sure that the damage worsens and the aftermath will be completely damaged hair. Avoid using heat styling tools as much as possible on your natural hair.

Tight hairstyles

If you braid your hair too tightly or tie up your hair in a tight ponytail, you are at risk of damaging and losing hair. This is how many people lose their hairlines. Heavy extensions are also culprits for hair damage. The damage is worse when you constantly wear the same tight hairstyles.

Over brushing and over shampooing your hair

When you brush your hair too much, you create unnecessary friction which will cause hair breakage. Therefore, avoid excessive brushing and use high quality hair brushes to reduce breakage. When you wash your hair with shampoo or without, avoid overdoing it. Using shampoo too often will lead to the loss of natural oils in your hair. This will result in dryness and brittle hair. Most people shouldn’t need to shampoo hair more than once a week. If you must wash your hair often, just run some warm water over it without using any soap or shampoo.

Using the wrong ingredients

We all know that alcohol and sulfates cause dryness on skin and hair. Therefore, when buying hair care products, be very keen to avoid buying things that will damage your hair over the long term.

Brushing or styling your hair when wet

Wet hair is prone to breakage. Allow your hair to dry out before brushing. If you must brush, be very gentle to avoid hair loss and split ends. Avoid brushing out the ends when wet. Also, avoid using a towel to dry your hair. This will give you frizzes and make your hair look fluffy. Cuticles can be damaged this way.

These are the most common causes, but there are many other causes of hair damage. When you find yourself with damaged hair, there is no need to panic. As mentioned above, essential oils have excellent formulas that will help rejuvenate your hair. However, make sure to use the oils in the right manner at all times. Avoid using other hair products when you are treating your damaged hair with essential oils. Below are great DIY essential oil remedies for you to try.

Easy DIY essential oil recipes for damaged hair

Rosemary essential oil

This is a well known oil in culinary circles. Its sweet aroma is delicious to say the least. But it is not just limited to kitchen use; it can effectively treat damaged hair. The oil is extracted from the leaves of the rosemary plant. It is loaded with antioxidants and other great properties. The oil works well for all hair types. It comes with multiple benefits for your hair and scalp. Research has shown that it improves the circulation in your scalp and triggers hair growth. It also stimulates the development of hair from the roots. Therefore, healing damaged hair is about allowing a healthy crop of hair to replace the damaged hair. Below are the directions on how to use this oil at home for hair that is damaged.

Things you will need

  • Choose a suitable carrier oil like coconut oil – about four tablespoons
  • Twelve to fifteen drops of rosemary essential oil

How to make the remedy

  • In a small container, mix these two oils properly then heat the mixture very lightly
  • Rub the mixture into your scalp before covering your head with a hot towel
  • Leave for about thirty minutes before washing your hair with a very mild shampoo
  • Do this once a week for best results

Tea tree essential oil

This oil is best known for its healing properties. With antimicrobial and antiseptic abilities, this oil is loaded with greatness that can improve damaged hair. Dry hair will be flaky and the oil is able to tackle this problem. In addition, it will help the issue of dandruff. Keep in mind that damaged hair is prone to conditions such as dandruff. Above all, a 2012 study showed that tea tree oil can spark hair growth. In fact, the leading hair loss treatment can be combined with tea tree oil for a better effect. How do you make a damaged hair solution at home using this oil? Read on.

Things you will need

  • Three drops of tea tree oil
  • Three drops of mint or peppermint oil
  • One tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil

How to make the remedy

  • In a cup of warm water, mix all the three oils properly
  • Shampoo your hair as you would do normally before adding the oil mixture into your hair
  • Make sure to massage your scalp and hair completely for a few minutes
  • Finally, rinse using a very gentle shampoo

Lavender essential oil

Lavender oil is known as the multipurpose essential oil. When you buy the purest essential oil, you will be sure to get the most benefits. In addition to its aromatic allure, this oil works on all hair types to reduce flakiness and dryness. It is also used to maintain hair that is already healthy. From promoting hair growth to improving circulation, damaged hair will benefit a lot from lavender oil. Itching caused by dandruff can also be eliminated effectively this way. A study done in 2016 revealed that this aromatic oil can boost hair luster and condition hair effectively while controlling dryness.

Lemon essential oil

If you have oily hair, this will be the ideal oil to use to repair your damaged hair. If you suffer with acne of the scalp and dandruff, this is an ideal oil for your hair as well. It is also known for its anti-fungal properties. Research has also found that this oil will trigger or boost the growth of new hair. Those who have hair pests like lice can solve their problems this way. Therefore, this oil has a holistic advantage when it comes to tackling damaged hair. You can blend it with other oils to get the most potent blend for your hair.

Things you will need

  • One tablespoon of lemon essential oil
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil
  • Half a tablespoon of castor oil

How to make the remedy

  • Start by placing all three oils in a small bowl and mix well
  • Apply the mixture into your scalp and hair and massage for about 20 minutes
  • Leave the mixture on overnight and you can cover your head with a scarf
  • The following morning, wash it off using a mild shampoo
  • Repeat this process weekly for best results

As you can see, you do not have to suffer with damaged hair, essential oils can breathe new life into your hair for the most adorable healthy hair. If you wish to buy high quality essential oils for your body, consider Utama Spice. 100% pure and oils are the best for any natural skin and hair care application.


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