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Benefits of Coconut Oil in Natural Skin Care and Hair Treatments

Benefits of Coconut Oil in Natural Skin Care and Hair Treatments

Coconut Oil is a natural mix of oils and fatty acids just like our skin and hair. The complex make-up of coconut oil gives it many natural benefits that the synthetic oils found in non-100% pure beauty products just cannot offer.

Here are some of the best reasons why coconut oil is an important ingredient in natural skin care and hair treatment products and why it is a favorite here at Utama Spice.

Natural hair treatment

The unique fat composition of coconut oil helps nourish your hair and scalp which means thick, shiny hair. It also helps to condition hair by locking in moisture and reducing protein loss which can make hair look unhealthy.

If your hair is already dry or damaged, or you suffer from dandruff or other dry skin issues, coconut oil is an excellent natural hair treatment. Unlike synthetic oils found in other products, coconut oil is almost certain to be non-allergenic, so it won’t irritate your scalp while it helps to restore the delicate protein balance of your hair and moisturize your skin and roots.

Coconut oil can also help prevent lice, making it an excellent, safe product for your children’s hair.

These many great benefits of coconut oil are why it has been used for generations in homemade hair remedies by women in Indonesia and other tropical regions of the world.

Natural skin care

Coconut oil is an effective moisturizer on all types of skin. Unlike synthetic oils, it won’t react with your skin making it safe to use by almost anyone, at any age.

The oil works to restore and maintain the fatty acid balance of your skin while actively re-hydrating it, helping your skin look younger and more healthy, with less sagging and wrinkles.

It also provides natural anti-oxidant benefits which over time may help prevent various signs of premature aging. It also has mild antimicrobial properties making it a great option when trying to deal with skin problems such as dermatitis and eczema that can be prone to infection and irritation, or as a topical healing balm for use on cuts and bruises where its complex make-up of nutrients can help to speed up the healing process.

It is also a natural sunscreen, and although we strongly advise you to take proper precautions when going out in strong UV light for extended periods, on a day-to-day basis using coconut oil in your facial cleanser, body lotion or Lip Balm gives exposed skin an extra layer protection against sun damage.

Other coconut oil benefits

But perhaps the most overlooked and undeniable benefit of coconut oil is that it simply smells great and feels luxurious and silky-smooth on your skin. The experience of being smothered in Body Butter or massaged with Body Oil is soothing and relaxing, and if we can reduce stress in our lives and improve our mental health, we end up looking and feeling younger and healthier, all completely naturally!

For more great tips on using coconut oil check out this list, and if you have any tips for your own please share them with us on our Facebook page or post them in the comments below.

Benefits of Coconut Oil


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