How to Prevent Dry Skin

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Previously we discussed what dry skin is, and the reasons we are vulnerable to it. Now let’s look at some the best ways to prevent this condition.

Avoid Hot Showers

Hot showers can feel great, but as we discussed previously they have are extremely drying. Try to shower with as cool as temperature as you feel comfortable with.


This step is especially important after showers, or washing your hands with soap. Moisturizing will replenish your skin’s water content, and nourish it. Our line of
moisturizers are made from the finest natural ingredients. Made from carefully selected essential oils, coconut oil, and beeswax, we use only the highest quality natural ingredients.

Lotion: For a lighter moisturizing touch try out some lotions, these are perfect for daytime use when you don’t want to over moisturize and leave your skin cloying.

Body Butter: For very dry skin, try our line of body butter. These are perfect for nighttime usage, allowing your skin to suck in all the nutrients. It’ll leave you soft, and revitalized. Whether you want to smell like chocolate or fragrant flowers, we have you covered.

Face Oils: Making sure your face is well hydrated without leaving it overly oily can be tricky. Use dry oil such as Argan to not only hydrate your skin, but to nourish, and repair damage. Our Face Scrub will brighten and detox your skin to help leave it at its very best.

Lip Balm: Now that your body, and face are well moisturized don’t forget your lips. Crackling lips are especially vulnerable to happen in dry weather. Make sure you stay hydrated, and dab on some lip balm. Our bees wax base means they are safe enough to eat. You can leave your significant other in awe of your sweet cocoa butter kisses.

Wrap Up

When you head out into your day, and especially if you deal with extreme weather make sure to cover up. Gloves during winter season can especially be useful in protecting your hands from the conditions. If you follow all these steps you’ll be sure to remain silky smooth!

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  1. Deb E says:

    I apply my lotion to damp skin after my shower. It takes less and feel it seals in the moisture better. Always a chore to keep my dry feet moisturized!

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