10 Natural Skin Care Fundamentals You Should Know

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Many people are opting for natural living for better quality lives, which includes natural skin care. The skin is the largest organ of the body, so how you take care of it matters greatly. Choosing natural skin care means avoiding synthetic ingredients which may be harmful elements like preservatives and fragrances. However, not all synthetic ingredients are harmful to the skin.

It is also fair to say that not all natural ingredients are safe for your skin and body. Therefore, you should develop a better understanding of natural skin care options. Knowing the fundamentals will ensure that you make the right decisions in your skincare regime.

What exactly is natural skin care?

Natural skin care refers to the use of natural ingredients and agents to enhance the health and wellness of your skin. These naturally-occurring ingredients can include flowers, oils, roots, herbs and essential oils. These ingredients are often mixed or blended with other natural elements like humectants, surfactants, natural preservatives to improve how they work on your skin. Many natural skin care experts believe that this purity of products is responsible for the effective edge in natural skin care.

Are natural skin care products really safe for the skin?

Natural skin care practices are not new, and date back to ancient civilizations. these recipes and ingredients have found their way to modern times through the passing of knowledge from one generation to another. In addition to traditional practices, modern studies have been conducted on various natural elements to really determine both their safety and efficacy.

The good news is that many natural ingredients have been scientifically proven to work effectively. It is good to mention that not all naturally-occurring elements have been studied. Natural skin care is therefore an ongoing area of discovery. Having said this, there are many myths and even exaggerated claims regarding how some natural ingredients work. So, what are the most popular natural ingredients for skin care?

Most popular natural skin care ingredients

There are many notable natural ingredients for skin care; and this varies from culture to culture. Some of the top names include essential oils like tea tree, lavender, rose, patchouli, coconut, jojoba and more. Chamomile, shea butter, algran oil, aloe vera, witch hazel, honey and beeswax are also very popular. It is always wise to look for information or studies that have been done on particular ingredients for more information. Keep in mind that some ingredients will be better suited to some skin types. Therefore, natural skin care demands that you know what your skin is like. Are you prone to dryness or oiliness for example? Do you have very sensitive skin or normal skin? This information is critical to choosing the right product to suit your individual needs.

Natural skin care is not limited to skin care products

Before looking at the 10 natural skin care fundamentals, it is important to state that natural skin care is not just about oils and creams for your skin. It is also about holistic living and what you ingest in your body. It is about an attitude for natural living and wholesome health. To this end, you cannot divorce things like a balanced diet and exercise. Many edible things are counterproductive when it comes to skin health; and in this regard, natural skin care is a way of life.

If you have never tried natural skin care, or you simply want to do things right, the information below with start you on the right track. Learn practical things that you can do to improve your skin naturally. When you master these 10 fundamentals, you will approach natural skin care from a holistic point of view. You will also know what to avoid in your natural skin care routine.

10 natural skin care fundamentals that you should know

1. Quality of ingredients matters the most

The natural skin care product you choose will not help you if the quality is wanting. For example, we know that essential oils are great for the skin. However, how the oils are extracted can alter their quality are reduce their efficacy. More specifically, the use of chemicals to extract oils can compromise their purity. Choose oils that have been produced through cold pressing or other methods that retain purity. When you are choosing natural skin care products, choose those that are labelled raw, pure and organic. Natural skin care is about knowing what you are putting on your skin. If you are not sure whether your products are pure, go back and choose brands that guarantee this. Utama Spice sources pure ingredients and manufactures products ourselves so we can be sure that whatย  we state on the label in correct, with no impurities or unknown additives introduced in the supply chain.

2. Choose natural skin care ingredients carefully

natural skin care fundamentals aloe veraTo be honest, choosing the right natural skin care ingredients and products can be very overwhelming. From the goodness of jojoba oil to the effects of castor oil, almond oil, shea butter and aloe vera, choosing the right products can seem hard. You therefore need to choose your natural skin care products very carefully. There are a few things that will guide you.

First, consider ingredients that are within your reach. For example you can select coconut oil that is more accessible to you instead of shea butter which may be hard to find. You can also choose based on your past experience with natural ingredients. A good example is when you have used raw honey successfully and you find a product with raw honey as an ingredient.

Choose ingredients that work with your skin type. If you have oily skin for example, you can consider raw honey as part of your regimen. If you have dry dull and flaky skin, lemon essential oil can be beneficial in exfoliating and brightening your skin tone. When choosing, make sure to consider a natural cleanser, toner, moisturizer and exfoliant. You will find many natural ingredients that perform these roles. Above all, you have to experiment for some time; this is to see what suits you best. There is no simple or singular answer for all people – you have to find your customized regimen that works for you.

3. Always use natural skin care ingredients correctly

If you opt for DIY natural skin care, chances are that you will have to weigh your ingredients to determine the right quantities. Using the wrong dosages for your homemade recipes will certainly have bad effects on your skin. To be more specific, essential oils should be used correctly and with the right frequency. They must be diluted and mixed with carrier oils to avoid hurting the skin. Always patch test new ingredients first before using them all over your skin. Follow the instructions and guides when making skincare recipes at home, but also don’t be afraid to experiment once your become confident in your experience.

4. When buying natural skin care products, choose ones with fewer ingredients

The more the ingredients in any skin care product, the more you have to deal with the effects of each ingredient. As a rule therefore, the fewer the ingredients, the better. This will help you avoid reactions. Also, buy products from trusted brands like Utama Spice. Go through reviews and independent opinions from users and customers. This should give you some insight into the products sold.

5. Aim for healthy beautiful skin and not just beautiful skin

natural skin care fundamentals fiberBeautiful skin is not always healthy; however, healthy skin is always beautiful. Healthy skin will give you more sustained beauty. To this end, you must approach beauty holistically. What you feed your body will therefore come into play. Did you know that a poor functioning gut can cause acne? Psoriasis and rosacea can also be made worse by this. What is happening in your gut can show on your face or skin.

These problems can be solved by simply adjusting your diet. The first thing is to have enough fiber in your diet. Adult women should take about 25 grams of fiber every day according to a 2002 report by the National Academy of Sciences Food and Nutrition Board. If you are not sure which fiber-rich foods to eat, start with whole grains like brown rice, apples, nuts, avocado seeds, prunes, beans, legumes and cauliflower. To get your gut going, you also need to drink enough water. Spread your water intake throughout the day. Aim for more than five glasses when you are starting out and increase as you go along. This will effectively detox your system naturally for healthier skin.

6. Using high quality supplements can promote natural beauty

Supplementation with probiotics, vitamins, omega-3s and protein can enhance your health from within. Just make sure to buy them from a trusted supplier. These supplements work especially when you do not fulfill your daily recommended nutrient requirements. For example, many people do not get enough omega-3s from their diet. A good supplement of fish oil will fill this gap to give you good health.

7. Natural skin care means that you have to get moving

The skin being the largest organ, it is responsible for eliminating waste and toxins through sweat. If you do not sweat, chances are that you are not working out enough. Through sweating, your skin is able to expel waste and give you better health from within. You don’t have to join a gym if it is not convenient. Just get walking in neighborhood. Physical activity also reduces stress hormones to improves your state of mind. When you are stressed, your skin does not glow as it is supposed to.

8. Sun protection is a must

natural skin care fundamentals sun protectionNo matter where you are, investing in good sun protection is vital. Choose a product with zinc oxide as the main ingredient. This is a natural element that helps block UV rays from the sun. It is important to wear sunscreen properly on all exposed parts of your skin. Some natural oils such as coconut oil have sun protection factors and you can take full advantage of this. UV rays can damage skin and cause the onset of premature aging, so the sooner you start the better.

9. Avoid jumping from one natural skin care product/ingredient to another

Natural skin care products and ingredients will not give you overnight results. Therefore, you have to give a product time to work. Some people will change products even weekly owing to impatience. This can harm your skin and its balance. Try a product or ingredient and see what happens after three months or so. This will give you a clearer picture on the suitability.

10. Natural skin care should not be a fad

Fads are short lived and they come with many promises that are seldom delivered. Natural skin care is a lifestyle that is governed by principles. If you are looking for a silver bullet for ultimate beauty, this is not it. However, with patience you can achieve a natural beauty that will last.


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