Romantic Essential Oils To Spoil Your Loved One This Valentine’s Day

romantic essential oils for your valentine
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Valentine’s Day is day for celebrating love, whether it’s for your friends, family members, or your significant other. It’s one special day for expressing your affection. This year, do away with clichéd flowers, card, and chocolate. Go all and spoil your loved ones with the gift of essential oils this Valentine’s Day.

5 Romantic Essential Oils

Our sense of smell is linked with our emotions and memories. Fragrances are capable of provoking strong emotions and memories. Essential oils, with their powerful scents, are not only useful in skin care and relaxation, but also in creating a romantic atmosphere. These essential oils, in particular, are great for stirring up a relaxing or romantic and sexy vibe for your Valentine’s Day.

Ylang Ylang – this essential oil has a sensual floral aroma. It is known in aromatherapy as a potent aphrodisiac, meaning it is capable of heightening sexual arousal, amplify the senses, and encourage intimacy. It also boosts confidence so you can initiate intimacy with your partner.

Patchouli – this essential oil is loved for its earthy, herbal aroma. The scent of Patchouli helps establish balance and relaxation for the mind, allowing the heart to open up for deeper bonding with your loved one. It is also an aphrodisiac.

Lavender – this essential oil is popular for its relaxing and calming abilities. It has a subtle scent that will enhance your mood while soothing your mind. Lavender also helps relieve muscle pain.

Vetivert – with a deep woody scent, this essential oil is perfect for romance. Vetivert helps can help you achieve relaxation and tranquility. However, it also helps enhance the senses.  

Clove – this essential oil has a sweet and spicy fragrance. Aside from its ability to relieve muscle pain and upset stomachs, it is also used to improve the libido. It is a reliable aphrodisiac as well as it helps stimulate the sexual senses.

Essential oils are a versatile gift. You could give them on their own as a gift or use them to enhance a romantic plan with your significant other. You could even combine different essential oils to combine their effects and create a unique scent to remember your Valentine celebration by.

Aphrodisia Body Oil

If you are an aromatherapy buff, these romantic essential oil blends may intrigue you:

  • Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Orange
  • Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Orange
  • Vetivert, Ylang Ylang, Lavender
  • Clove, Frankincense, Patchouli

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Aromatherapy Kit

Whether they already use essential oils or not, an aromatherapy kit is a great Valentine’s Day gift that will surely not go to waste. Give your loved one an essential oil kit from our selection or, if you are looking for a romantic route, get a selection of romantic essential oils and pair those with a diffuser.

A Romantic Massage

Valentine’s Day gifts do not always have to be material. If your loved one’s love language is acts of service, a romantic massage would surely be an appreciated gift. Learn the basics about giving a massage. Enhance the massage experience by using the Aphrodisia Body Oil or create your own massage oil with any of the romantic essential oils. These will help your partner relax and loosen up for the evening.


Does your loved one enjoy wine? If so, indulge them with a special wine they are yet to try or buy them a few of their favorites. While you’re at it, why not spend the night trying out these wines with your loved one over dinner as well?

Host A Spa Day

If you have a bathtub accessible, plan a spa day for your significant other or for the both of you. For loved ones, aim for a relaxing bath. Draw a bath with a moisturizing carrier oil and a calming essential oil. If you are preparing a spa day for your significant other, use the romantic essential oils to enhance the bath. Complete the spa day treat with relaxing music, candlelight, wine, and perhaps a scrub or facial masks.

Painting Date

Painting is a fun and relaxing activity that you can do with anyone. Stimulating your creative bones is a great way to bond with another person. The output does not have to be museum-worthy, as long as you enjoyed the time you spent with your loved one.

Love Letters

Handwritten letters are a lost art. Letters are a great way to express your love for someone, whether romantic or not. You don’t have to be a poet to write a heartfelt letter. Get a nice stationery and write things you don’t normally say to your loved ones. For an extra special touch, spray or drop one or two drops of essential oil to your stationery to make it fragrant.

Bake Or Make Dinner Together

Making something with your loved one is a surefire way to create happy memories. Invite your loved one into your kitchen and bake a cake or cookies or cook a special dinner together. If you’re not experienced in baking or cooking, you could take an online class. Whatever you and your loved one make on Valentine’s Day will surely be more delicious than anything you can find in a restaurant. This activity would be a great prelude to a romantic dinner that you can set up with a romantic essential oil and some candles.

Go Camping

If you or your loved ones love adventure, try something out of the box this Valentine’s Day. Go camping for a day or two. There are so many romantic opportunities while camping such as cuddling while talking by a bonfire and stargazing. Don’t forget to bring some romantic essential oils to make the outdoors even more romantic.

This year, choose a Valentine’s Day gift that not only shows your love for your loved ones but will also enrich their lives and your relationship. Whether you give them gifts or an experience, essential oils can certainly elevate those gifts. Have you decided on what to give your loved ones this Valentine’s Day?

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