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5 Benefits Of Burning Incense and How To Enjoy it Safely

5 Benefits Of Burning Incense and How To Enjoy it Safely

We all have our own ways to chill out and relax when life’s challenges get a bit much. Some of us like to kick back with a glass of red wine, while others may put on their running shoes and hit the pavement for a long run to clear their mind. However you choose to relax, we have another way for you to put your feet up and unwind and we just know you’re going to love it at any time of the day!

In this article we’ll talk about the benefits of burning incense sticks to boost mind, body and spirit, as well as ways to enjoy them safely.

So put on your favorite tunes, make yourself a soothing cup of herbal tea and keep on reading!

Burning incense reduces stress and anxiety

Incense sticks are infused with essential oils and herbs, both of which have a powerful effect on the mind.

By simply inhaling them you can feel the effects immediately, and they will help to clear your mind, reduce your heart rate and leave you floating on a cloud of pure bliss.

Incense boosts your creativity

Ever had writer’s block? Or perhaps you’re an artist and are experiencing a lack of inspiration. Whatever the case may be, we all need a boost of creativity sometimes, and incense sticks can help you with this!

Enhances mental focus

When your mind is running in circles or feels like it just won’t “switch off” try lighting up some incense sticks and allow their soothing and grounding blend of essential oils, herbs, flowers, barks, nuts and spices to relax your mind and enhance your focus.

Incense Can Help You Sleep

Just as burning incense can sharpen your mental focus, it can also help you to drift off when your mind is just too busy. Dim the lights, brew up some chamomile, and light some incense as you get ready for a peaceful night of slumber. Do this 15-30 minutes before bedtime so your room is filled with the soothing aroma by the time your are ready for bed, and always make sure the incense is burned out and any embers are extinguished before sleeping.

Purifies the air

Not only do essential oils make your house smell wonderful, many essential oils and herbs contain antibacterial properties too, meaning that burning incense is an effective way to help purify the air from any harmful pollutants or dust that may contribute to allergies.

Why all-natural, high-quality incense is essential

Toxic additives can be found in cheaper incense brands and can fill the air with harmful toxins that can put your health at risk.

Always read the label and look for non-toxic incense brands such as Utama Spice incense sticks which are available in 3 amazing scents!

Safety tips when using incense

Of course you should always practice safety when burning incense and these are our most important tips:

  • Be sure to always light your incense in a ventilated area
  • Keep incense sticks away from anything flammable, such as bedding, clothing, or curtains to prevent fires
  • Never leave your incense unattended or near young children and pets
  • If you have any respiratory issues or asthma, you should consult with your doctor before burning incense.


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    I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that burning incense is a physically purifying.

    • Karina Herman
      by Karina Herman

      Scents can improve your well-being

      • Deborah Beyer
        by Deborah Beyer

        I love burning incense and candles for all of the above reasons.

  • Mary W
    by Mary W

    This advises burning incense to help you sleep yet warns to burn in a well ventilated area. Camping maybe?

    • Nicole
      by Nicole

      Just open your window and keep your bedroom door open. That’s probably enough ventilation

  • Tam Burden
    by Tam Burden

    Who knew how beneficial burning incense is!

    • Denise Farlow
      by Denise Farlow

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  • Joe
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      by Deborah Beyer

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  • Dawn D.
    by Dawn D.

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  • Calvin
    by Calvin

    lol been burning incense all lunar new years.. didn't know they had benefits

  • Lisa
    by Lisa

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  • Tony T
    by Tony T

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  • Kevin Carl Linkie
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    by B.J. Bernal

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  • Tammie Manis
    by Tammie Manis

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  • Cheryl
    by Cheryl

    I've enjoyed burning incense since I was a hippie teen.

  • kelly tupick
    by kelly tupick

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    by Catherine Lewis

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  • April v Monty
    by April v Monty

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    I use to burn incense all the time and I stopped. I will be using them again . I want to try some for destressing and relaxation.

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