The Seven Best Uses For Natural Body Butter

The Seven Best Uses For Natural Body Butter

If you’re looking to shift away from using chemical-laden products on your skin, one of the most natural products that you can start using is body butter. Body butter is a 100% natural product that’s incredibly versatile.

Because it’s natural, body butter is a safe alternative to numerous products that you currently use as part of your cosmetic routine.

Curious about the benefits of body butter? Below, we’ve provided a brief overview of body butter and the seven best uses for it.

What is body butter?

Body butter is a skin nourishing agent that typically acts as a moisturizer, protecting against dryness. Body butters use a vegetable-based oil as the primary ingredient. Cocos nucifera, or coconut oil, is one of the most commonly used oils.

Do you know the difference between body lotion and body butter? Body lotion contains more water than oil, which means body butters are ideal if your skin needed long lasting hydration.

Body butter is also different than lotion because of its versatility. For instance, people often buy expensive under eye cream lotion and then purchase a separate lotion as a hand moisturizer. However, you’ll quickly find that you can use body butter for both of these areas and more.

All-in-one moisturizer

Body butter serves as an incredible all-in-one moisturizer. Not only can you use the product on your hands, but you can also use it on your feet, ankles, elbows, and face. Since body butter is thicker, it  will last longer than moisturizing lotions. Many people find that putting body butter on before bed leaves their skin feeling refreshed.

To further lock-in moisture, use body butter within five minutes of getting out of the shower. Using warm water in the shower will help open your pores, allowing the body butter to seep in so that the natural ingredients can help heal your skin. This should help your skin if you’re suffering from extreme dryness or cracking.

Natural skin protection

If you’re expecting a bit of sun exposure, you may want to consider body butter for skin protection. We don’t recommend body butter if you’re planning to sit underneath the sun on vacation, but it could help in cases where you need mild sunscreen. Researchers believe that body butter can improve blood flow to the skin, thus helping protect against UV rays.

Similarly, because body butter increases blood flow, it could help repair sunburn. Using body butter as soon as you get out of the sun could potentially reduce the effects of a sunburn. Some body butters may also contain aloe, which would further help this cause.

Use when shaving

If your skin is prone to irritation after shaving then consider using body butter. It can help heal broken skin and could reduce razor burn. You could also try using body butter on your face, legs, and other sensitive areas as a balm before you begin to shave. The body butter serves as a natural alternative to shaving creams that are often full of chemicals.

Healing stretch marks and other skin conditions

Many mothers have found that applying body butter to their baby bump during pregnancy helped reduce the chances of getting stretch marks. You should also apply body butter after pregnancy to help your skin heal. If you’re looking to use body butter for this purpose, we recommend using one that contains cocoa oil.

Researchers have found that body butter is useful when fighting skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. However, you should make sure that your skin is not broken or bleeding when using body butter if you are looking to treat these conditions. We recommend trying a patch test by applying a dab of butter on one part of the affected skin to see if a reaction occurs after a few days.

Lastly, many body butters contain anti-aging properties. Try using the butter as an under-eye solution to reduce wrinkles. You won’t need more than a pea-sized portion to do so.

Lip balm

Body butter is safe for use on mucous membranes, which means it is an excellent option for chapped lips. When you’re moisturizing your body at night, try applying a thin layer to your lips before bed. You’ll likely find that you wake up in the morning to lips that feel refreshed and healthy.

Makeup Remover

Many people have found that body butter is a safe, natural way to remove makeup. To do so, gently apply the body butter to the areas of your face where you’ve applied makeup. Rub the butter in a circular motion, and then let it sit for approximately three minutes. Wipe everything away using a damp cloth. You’’l find that the makeup comes right off, and you won’t ruin your healthy skin in the process.

Hair Moisturizer

Instead of using conditioner to moisturize your hair, you could use body butter instead. In order to do this you may want to make your body butter lighter and easier to spread, as a thick butter could be challenging to get through your hair. Lightly heat your body butter in warm water and whip the butter so that it is light and fluffy. Apply this product to your hair after the shower as a leave-in conditioner.


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