How To Safely Exfoliate Your Face

safely exfoliation of the face

Time and time again you’ve been told to clean your face thoroughly. It’s no wonder if you, like many people who care about their skin, have become obsessed with exfoliating your face. Exfoliation is a great skincare technique, but it can do your skin more harm than good if not executed properly.

What Is Exfoliation, Really?

Exfoliation is simply the process of removing dead skin cells from your skin’s top layer. Exfoliation helps brighten the skin and allows other skincare products to penetrate deeper. There are two exfoliation methods:

  • Mechanical exfoliation – physically removing dead skin cells with the help of tools or an exfoliating scrub.
  • Chemical exfoliation – dissolving dead skin cells through the use of chemicals such as AHAs or BHAs.

Safe Exfoliation For Every Skin Type

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Exfoliation does not always work for everyone. More often, whether or not exfoliation will work for you depends on your skin type. Here is how to safely exfoliate your skin based on your skin type.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin easily gets irritated. You will need to figure out which type of exfoliation works best for you, but the rule of thumb is to opt for gentle exfoliators. Mechanical exfoliation is, thus, discouraged as you can easily over-exfoliate and irritate your skin.

A better option is a clay mask. Clay masks are the gentlest exfoliators. The Temu-Temu Face Mask is made with volcanic clay and Temulawak (Indonesian turmeric) which gently purifies the pores of dead skin and other dirt to reveal glowing skin.

Remember to be gentle and exfoliate only once or twice a week to avoid over-exfoliation.

Dry Skin

People with dry skin often have rough, flaky skin. Exfoliation is important for you as it will keep dry skin build up in your pores as well as encourage cell turnover. However, you also need to be extra gentle when you exfoliate. Mechanical exfoliation may be drying and cause micro-tears for those with dry skin. As such, chemical exfoliators or clay masks, like the one mentioned above, are the best options.

Treat your dry skin like sensitive skin when exfoliating. Exfoliate gently and do so only once or twice a week.

Normal Skin

If you have normal skin, you can use either type of exfoliation. This means that you need to try for yourself which type works best for you. While you don’t need to worry about irritation, you still need to worry about over-exfoliation. Be gentle when exfoliating, especially when using manual exfoliators—use light circular motions during application. Exfoliate only up to twice a week.

Oily Skin

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Oily skin is often covered with a layer of oil, which makes it less susceptible to over-exfoliation. This also means that you need more heavy-duty exfoliation. Experts advise manual exfoliation if you have oily skin as this will remove excess sebum on the skin.

For oily skin, we suggest using the Temu-Temu . This exfoliation regimen will allow you to purify your skin without the risk of micro-tears or over-exfoliation. You simply need to apply the Temu-Temu onto your face, let it dry, then wash with water. This reduces chances of over-exfoliation since you don’t need to rub it onto your face.

Combination Skin

When you have combination skin, you may have an oily T-zone and dry or normal skin everywhere else. This means that you may need a combination of the two types of exfoliation. Naturally, this will depend on your skin. If a manual exfoliator is irritating parts of your face, consider using the Temu-Temu Face Mask for those areas.

Inflamed Skin

As mentioned, not everyone may benefit from an exfoliation. If you currently have inflamed skin from cystic or chronic acne if you have an open wound on your face, or if you are sunburnt, you should skip exfoliation. Exfoliation may only worsen your condition and leave hyperpigmentation.

If you have any of these conditions but still want to purify your skin, consider the Pore Cleansing Facial Wash with Clay. This is a gentle facial wash that contains kaolin clay that will remove dirt and excess oil without irritating your skin.

Do’s And Don’ts When Exfoliating

Consider The Time

Exfoliation may leave your skin vulnerable to environmental pollutants and UV rays, which will certainly do more damage on your skin. This is an important consideration. However, expert advice on when to exfoliate is mixed. Some experts advise exfoliating only at night to avoid environmental stressors. Meanwhile, others say that you may consider gentle exfoliation in the morning if you are using stronger skincare products at night.

Be Gentle

We mentioned that you need to be gentle multiple times. But how do you ensure this? Use small, circular motions when applying the exfoliator. If you are using an exfoliating tool, use short, light strokes.

Always Follow With A Moisturizer

Exfoliation is a drying process for all skin types. As such, it is important to always follow-up with a heavy duty moisturizer. Applying moisturizer post-exfoliation is also ideal since moisturizers penetrate deeper into the skin thanks to the absence of dirt and dead skin cells in the pores.

Protect Your Skin After

As previously mentioned, exfoliation leaves the skin vulnerable to environmental stressors. This means that you need to protect your skin after. Wear your sunscreen to protect from the sun.

Don’t Exfoliate If You Have Acne Breakouts

Even if you regularly exfoliate, if you suddenly experience an acne breakout, do not insist on exfoliating. Even the gentlest exfoliator may irritate your acne. Wait until the breakouts have dried out before exfoliating again.

Don’t Coarse Particles As Exfoliators

There are tips and other products out there using sugar, fruit pits, nut shells, and other coarse particles. These are not advisable as exfoliators for anyone since they will surely cause tears in your skin due. It is best to stick to gentle exfoliating products to ensure smooth, soft skin.

Exfoliate Your Skin Safely

Exfoliation is a crucial part of skincare. Removing dead skin cells and dirt helps in achieving and maintaining soft, glowing skin. Use gentle exfoliating products from Utama Spice and follow these tips for exfoliating your face safely so you achieve your desired results.


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