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What You’re Doing Wrong When Applying Face Serum – And How to Fix It

If you’re like many people, you probably aren’t getting the most out of your face serum. You might be making one or more of the following mistakes: Applying it incorrectly, not using enough, or not using it regularly. In this blog post, we will teach you how to apply face serum correctly so that you can get the best results possible!

Below are the top mistakes you are making with face serum

You Are Using The Wrong Serum For Your Skin

Like with any skincare product, there is always a chance that a certain type of face serum may be wrong for you. If you have dry skin, using a face serum that is meant for oily skin will not do much to help your skin. It is important to find a face serum that is specifically tailored to your skin type to get the best results. Choosing the best quality serum is key. Then, choose one that will address your skin issues. In most cases, natural face serum is your best bet.

This is because it only utilizes natural ingredients that will add value to the skin. Serums enriched with synthetic chemicals and preservatives are not ideal. Consider your skin concerns, do you want to treat acne, leverage anti-aging, reduce fine lines, tackle dryness, etc…all serums are certainly not made equal and some due diligence is key.

You Are Applying Face Serum Incorrectly

When it comes to skincare, the way you apply a product is just as important as the product itself. Many people make the mistake of applying face serum directly to their skin without preparing their skin first. This can cause the face serum to be less effective. The best way to apply face serum is to first cleanse your skin and then apply a toner.

Once your skin is clean and prepped, take a pea-sized amount of face serum and apply it to your face and neck using gentle, circular motions. Allow the serum to absorb into your skin for a few minutes before applying your moisturizer. You should never rub serum on your face, instead, pat it in gently to allow for maximum absorption.

You Are Using Excessive Face Serum

When it comes to face serum, a little goes a long way. Many people think that they need to apply a lot of product to their face for it to be effective. This is not the case! You only need to use a small amount of face serum to see results. Using too much face serum can be counterproductive. If you use too much, your skin will not be able to absorb it all and it will just sit on top of your skin. This can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. So, how much face serum should you use? For best results, apply a pea-sized amount to your face and neck.

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You Are Not Using Face Serum Regularly

Another mistake people make is not using face serum on a regular basis. To see the best results, you should use face serum every day. Apply it in the morning and at night after cleansing your skin. If you use face serum consistently, you will notice a difference in your skin. It will be softer, smoother, and more radiant.

You Are Mixing Different Serums

When it comes to face serums, more is not always better. Many people make the mistake of mixing different serums together and applying them to their skin. This can cause problems because certain ingredients can cancel each other out. Natural face serum must be used exclusively for you to fully judge the results. This also applies to other serums. Some people are too impatient and end up mixing different serums in a bid to seek quick results.

You Are Not Allowing Enough Time For Serum To Work

Are you one of those people who conclude too early that are serum is not working? Serums do not work overnight. Just like any other skincare product, it takes time for face serum to work. You should use face serum for at least four weeks before you start to see results. For best results, use face serum every day and be patient! If you are using face serum and not seeing the results you want, chances are you are making one of these mistakes. Natural face serum normally starts working within a few weeks. Some serum brands may promise quick results but be aware of marketing gimmicks and do not fall for them.

Why Choose A Natural Face Serum?

Utama Spice 100% Natural Face Serum
Utama Spice Natural Face Serum

When it comes to choosing a face serum, many people automatically gravitate toward products that contain harsh chemicals. However, there are plenty of natural options available that can be just as effective – if not more so. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider using a natural face serum:

They’re gentle on your skin: One of the main benefits of using a natural face serum is that they’re much gentler on your skin. This is because they don’t contain any harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients that can irritate.

They’re packed with nutrients: Another great benefit of natural face serums is that they’re packed with nutrients that your skin needs to stay healthy. This includes vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can help to protect your skin from damage.

They are available: You can find natural face serums in many different places. You can buy them online, at a health food store, or even make your own at home.

Do you use a facial serum? Please share your experience with us by commenting below;

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  1. I have not used face serums as of yet but now if and when I do I will know the correct way. Thanks

  2. Wow! Ok, I’ve definitely been making most of these mistakes! I use a lot more than a pea-size amount for my face and neck. I don’t wait before applying moisturizer and I don’t pat and massage it in enough. I definitely need to start incorporating these tips to get more benefits out of my face serum. Thanks for the info!

  3. I have been using a wrong serum for quite a while. I have oily skin and my previous serum hasn’t been well for it. But now I will be buying this for its unique way of working its way through the skin.

  4. I have a hard time knowing what a pea-size amount really is….. Does that mean 2 drops, 3, or 4? Probably not 5 drops.

    1. These are great tips! If you have dry skin like me you are really missing out but not using a serum!

  5. I am very inconsistent with my skincare. Sensory issues with oils/lotions prevent me from keeping a routine. I’d love to find a good natural product.

  6. Well, that explains why I messed up sometimes
    From now on, I’ll use this article as a reminder

  7. Honestly didn’t even really know about serum. I figure my moisturizer was enough, but now I’m rethinking.

  8. I really appreciate this well put together information. Thank you! I look forward to putting what I’ve learned to use immediately.

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