4 Tips to Help Beat Back the Winter Blues

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Winter is a wonderful time of the year; however, the lack of sunlight during this time can trigger seasonal depression in a lot of people. Today, we will be going through some self-care tips you can use to help combat these negative feelings.

Diffusing stress-busting essential oils, doing yoga, and taking extra care or time for ourselves are just a few examples of self-care routines we will look into below.

1 – Stress-Busting Essential Oils

If you a familiar with the beneficial world of essential oils, then you probably already know the positive effect aromatherapy with essential oils has to offer. Many different essential oils can be used to melt stress and anxiety away – in fact you may find it challenging to narrow down this vast selection to find something that works the best for you. IF hat is the case start with these recommendations:


One of the more popular essential oils for stress reduction and relaxation is lavender. It contains both calming and soothing properties and can be use alone or blended with other essential oils such as chamomile or jasmine.


If you are looking for feelings of contentment to go along with stress relief, then rosemary is an essential oil you can diffuse for just that. This essential oil has been found to help improve your mood and can help reduce cortisol levels.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang essential oil is popularly known for its sedative, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, and antidepressant properties. Not only can this essential oil be used in aromatherapy, but it can also help reduce the symptoms of depression. It can increase your alertness, promote calmness, and help you unwind after a long demanding day.

2 – Harness the Power of Yoga

Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD, can cause the brain to work overtime to produce melatonin. This is the hormone that our body uses to regulate our sleep patterns as well as our body clock. It is also a hormone that has been linked to depression.

If you find yourself without the energy or desire to brave the wintry world outside the house, then yoga is the ideal activity to engage in to bring a bit more of your consciousness back to the body.

10 minute yoga easy pose

When you engage in yoga, you are stirring up your body’s energy while strengthening and working out your physical body. Yoga for thirty minutes a day is a great way to combat SAD and can easily elevate your mood.

The winter months bring around cooler darker weather, making it a challenge to get out of bed and get energized for the day. Staying active is important. It will provide you with that momentum and focus you need to make it through even the toughest days.

Remember to spray your yoga mat with an energizing or relaxing yoga mat spray as well for added essential oil and aromatherapy benefits.

3 – Diffusing Your Essential Oils

If you want to purify the air in your home and freshen things up to improve your mood at home, you can diffuse your favorite essential oils. An essential oil diffuser is one of the more basic ways to use essential oils to your advantage and is also one of the easiest.

4 – Treat Yourself

Self-care is definitely important and is something we all should follow. So, never be afraid to treat yourself. Just because you are spending more of your time indoors during the winter, doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a few things to make you feel better.

Bubble Bath

Sometimes you will find that adding essential oils directly to bath water can cause skin irritation, and they don’t always incorporate well. Remember, oil and water don’t mix. Instead, you can add your favorite essential oils to bath salts, and you can still take advantage of the aromatherapy essential oil benefits they offer.

Combine 15 drops of your essential oil with a couple of teaspoons of a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut oil and half a cup of bath salts. You can then add it to the water.

If you don’t have bath salts, you can mix the essential oils with your carrier oil in the same way, shake the mixture, and then disperse it into your bathwater. You can then rest easy, breathe deeply, and take full advantage of the aromatherapy.

Lotions and Essential Oil Roll-Ons

If you do find yourself on the go during those winter months and want to help beat back winter blues, you can turn to lotions or essential oil roll-ons that allow you to practice positive self-care habits inside and outside of the home.

You can choose a lotion that contains coconut oil to help combat the dry skin winter often causes. Not only are you hydrating dry skin, but you can also find lotions containing lavender to help restore a more youthful glow or mint for a cool scent and refreshing sensation.

Essential oil roll-ons are another easy way to take advantage of aromatherapy on the go. Simply roll it over your skin and reapply as needed. It will help to lift your spirits and beat those winter blues.

Essential Oil Sprays

If you don’t have a diffuser handy and don’t love the idea of lotions. You can also make your own essential oil spray by filling a glass spray bottle with 3/4 cup water, 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, and up to 20 drops of your favorite essential oils. This spray can be used at home or on the go and can provide you with that instant burst of energy to lift your mood and brighten your spirit.

Final Thoughts

In order to balance or elevate your mood and beat back those winter blues, you need to take full advantage of everything aromatherapy essential oils have to offer. You will find yourself melting away the stress of the day and can help get you back on track.


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  1. Riekie Rudman says:

    It sounds like an amazing TLC session, hot tub treatment with a Massage with essential oils and a little yoga. That can work for me!!!

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    I have always loved how soothed lavender makes me feel! I’ll have to give some of these others a whirl. Thanks for sharing!

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    these are great tips for fighting off the flu in the winter months i love the bath tip very helpful.

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    Wow, totally! I’ve always wanted to get an oil diffuser myself. Thank you for encouraging me to make the purchase.

  5. Mallory Bailey says:

    I love lavender it is one of my favorite scents so I can absolutely see how it can help with the winter blues.

  6. Christina A. says:

    Great thoughts and tips! I definitely feel affected sometimes by the colder weather so it’s a great reminder to do some yoga and meditation to center myself during this time!

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    These are all great suggestions. A lot of people suffer with Seasonal Defective Disorder which is feeling down or depressed in the winter.

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    I have been learning about and using essential oils more, especially during these winter months. Wonderful article with such fantastic ideas. These can really help some of my friends, family and myself. I will be passing it on!

  9. Elena Nolding says:

    Great tips! I absolutely love yoga and it makes me feel great. Will try everything on this post whenever I feel the blues.

  10. Elena Nolding says:

    Great tips! I absolutely love yoga and it makes me feel good. I will try the tips mentioned here whenever I feel the blues.

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    Oooh this is some really nice essential oils that are so helpful for these kinds wintery conditions😍

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    Thanks for the great tips! Winter can be especially depressing for folks in northern clients, with all the snow and bad weather on top of the cold and shorter days.

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    I love winter actually but these tips are great for those days when you just wana stay in bed and do nothing (think…snowy days ;))) thanks for the tips.

  14. Jessica Walker says:

    Luckily I dont have the winter blues but the lady I work for does. I think I’m going to get her a diffuser and see if it helps. I love mine.


    These are very good tips for de-stressing. I would try at least a few of them and work to add more.

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    Great info! This time of year is hard on the strongest of individuals. The gray days and lack of sunshine is tough for me.

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    I am so antsy for Spring, this article found me just in time to get through the last couple of months of seasonal depression ahead!

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    I have always had trouble with getting depressed in the winter time, these sounds like some great ideas

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    In addition to the scents mentioned I like to use eucalyptus to clear stuffy noses and and make breathing easier especially when I have a cold.

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